Welcome to our Awards page.  Directly below are awards we have given away, the criteria for winning an award, and a form to submit your site.  The bottom of the page shows awards we have received.
Ex Astris Scientia STNET Project V
Forgotten Trek

Utopia Planitia Yards
Computer Core Dump
Star Trek Games
USS Enterprise Tribute
Section 47

ST Inspirational Po...

Gill's J/C Pages
B'Elanna's VOY Page
Delta Story Trekker...
Golden Media
Star Trek Freedom
Laura's Spiner Site
Star Trek Gamers
To Boldly Go
Classic Trek
Frontier Fleet
Cygnus X1
Final Frontier Media
Adge's ST Site
Steve's TOS Site
Starbase One
Orion Press
Star Trek 1701
ST New Worlds
ST TNG Mini Reviews

Ship Schematics

Star Trek MIDI
USS Excalibur
USS Mercury
Mriana, Daughter...

This award cannot be applied for, but are awarded as we see fit to sites that preserve the online Star Trek Community...  Congratulations and our continued thanks to:

Star Trek Australia
Computer Core Dump

HAVE A STAR TREK SITE? If you wish to be considered for an award from TrekCore, you need to fill in the form at the bottom of the page.  Within a few weeks we will review your site and award it either a Bronze, Silver, Golden, or Platinum award.  See this page for all the awards samples.  We will also list your site on our page of award winners!

Things we look for when awarding sites:

  • Aesthetics: Is it well designed? Does it have a custom look? Are things easy to read?
  • Functionality: Is it easy to navigate?  Can we easily figure out what the site is about?
  • Creativity: Is it original?  Does it go further than other Trek sites covering the same material?
  • Information Quality: Is the information on the site reliable? Is it comprehensive?
  • Updates: Is it updated frequently?  Has it been abandoned?

Please keep these guidelines in mind before submitting:

  • Please Note: At this time we are unable to review non-english based websites.
  • In rare cases we may not review a site if it doesn't meet our minimum criteria.
  • You may resubmit your site to be re-evaluated for a higher award, but only after 6 months from the last submission.
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