With still over a week to go until the sampler TNG Blu-Ray “The Next Level”, TrekCore brings you some exclusive 1080p Full HD screenshots of the sampler’s only new bonus feature, a preview to the Season One Blu-Ray set out later this year.

The preview mostly contains footage from “Encounter at Farpoint” but interestingly includes a number of behind-the-scenes shots showing blue-screen filming from the pilot. The inclusion of this footage in the trailer may well be an indication of new special-features to be included on the Season One collection. The only other footage included is a very short scene from the later Season 1 episode, “The Arsenal of Freedom” which would appear to be the only episode other than the pilot that is featured in the trailer:

We’ll be bringing you another EXCLUSIVE look at the sampler disc this weekend and guarantee that all our screenshots will be original, full 1080p resolution and – unlike other review sites – unwatermarked! Stay tuned!!

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