Amazon’s German site – – have released a new trailer for the complete first-season Blu-Ray set scheduled to be released this year. The trailer features new footage from the first season including several interesting scenes showcasing new digital effects. We’ve got hold of a higher-quality version of the trailer you can watch below through our YouTube channel. The audio is in German, however we’ve provided a translation for you below the video!

Watch at TrekCore’s YouTube channel | Download original mp4 file (8.14 MB)

English translation:

Experience Star Trek The Next Generation in a quality that no one has seen before. Remastered in full HD.

Mike Okuda: We love the approach that CBS took for this project. We take the original film elements and put them together in a new way. The material still has all the details and they are beautiful. And the new visual effects are really the old visual effects but a lot more beautiful than you have ever seen them.

Craig Weiss: Now, with HD TVs, the resolution is really incredible and so the fans will now finally be able to see all the details as they were actually intended to be seen.

Rod Roddenberry: If my father could see what is possible today and in what quality he would be thrilled and would say “It is finally how we’ve always imagined it to be.” I believe he would shake everyone’s hands and thank them.

All episodes of the first season, remastered from the original negatives with 7.1 surround and the original stereo sound track and new bonus features.

Star Trek The Next Generation the fully remastered first season on blu ray.

Also available Star Trek: The Original Series – all three seasons on blu ray.

A few points of analysis:

  • The fact that new interviews with Okuda, Weiss and Roddenberry are included is a good indication that the team are already preparing new material for bonus features to be included on the first season set.
  • The new cover art featured in the trailer is different to the Region 1 artwork we previously released. It should be noted that ALL artwork is provisional at this time. TrekCore has been in touch with CBS/Paramount who have confirmed that the red artwork we posted last week is not the final version. We will post the finalised artwork once we receive it!
  • Breaking down the clips included in the new trailer: The exploding Batris and the reaction shot of Tasha are both from “Heart of Glory“. The reaction shot of Data is from “The Naked Now“. The shot of Worf getting up is from the floor is from “Conspiracy“. The shot of Geordi on the bridge whilst the Enterprise is taking fire has already been featured and is from “The Arsenal of Freedom“.
  • Perhaps of most interest is the shot of the Batris exploding in “Heart of Glory“. This explosion has been completely redone and looks far more realistic than the trademark small cloud-like explosions associated with TNG.

We shall have more analysis and coverage of the blu-ray project this coming week. Stay tuned!

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