TNG Remastered – ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ Comparison Video & Analysis

CBS have released a new video showcasing the differences between the SD and remastered HD versions of Star Trek: The Next Generation's pilot episode, "Encounter at Farpoint". The video was released through and is mirrored here on TrekCore's YouTube account for you to stream below. Unfortunately, the video was released in poor 320p quality, so whilst you can't get an appreciation for the HD quality, you can clearly see the differences in colour timing which are quite remarkable!

Watch at TrekCore's YouTube channel | Download original flv file (14.7 MB)

Exclusive SD/HD Analysis FeatureWe've compiled another quick comparison feature to show the differences in colour timing of some of the live action shots presented in the trailer.

In addition, improved compositing is demonstrated in the Groppler Zorn shot against the viewscreen.

Click here to head over to the comparison feature page (archived at TrekCore TNG)!

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