Free Enterprise director Robert Meyer Burnett may be a familiar name to those of you who have been scrutinizing the internet for news on the TNG Remastered project. Burnett tweeted a number of comments last year regarding the aspect ratio debate, mentioning how he thought TNG looked fantastic in a widescreen 16:9 ratio transfer. Fast forward to 2012 and Burnett is now working on creating documentaries for the TNG Season 1 Blu Ray set and has been tweeting once more, this time from the TNG Blu-Ray edit suite. He has released two separate stills from the Season 1 set – the first showing a remastered Crystalline Entity in “Datalore” and the second a still from Ligon II in “Code of Honor“.

The most impressive shot out of the two is clearly the new digitally rendered Crystalline Entity. The work on show here is truly impressive, and the newly created Entity looks arguably far more realistic than the original version we are all used to. Compare this shot to the SD DVD screencap of the same scene – somehow the remastered version looks far more realistic: the reflection from the crystalline shards and the beautiful blue-purple palette brings it to life. Other tiny details also surface such as the tri-color stripe on Wesley’s uniform, muddied and lost in the original SD version but brought to life again in HD.

The shot from ‘Code of Honor’ once again draws our attention to the huge differences in color timing between the original SD version and the remastered HD. Details in the outfits of Yareena and Lutan pop off the screen, and smaller elements such as the golden goblets and jug in front of Lutan seem to come to life for the first time. The superior color timing seems to bring the sets to life like never before – the Ligonian courtyard somehow buzzes with a new found realism and grandeur with stunning onyx/marble floors and sumptuous furniture all set in a twilight oasis. I can’t believe I’m actually excited about seeing “Code of Honor”!

TrekCore will of course keep you up to date with any more stills that Robert releases alongside all the latest news from far and wide!

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