Reports have surfaced that the missing 13 seconds of original film elements from Season 3’s “Sins of the Father” has now been located. We originally reported on the missing footage back in November when the remastering team were forced to use upconverted SD material to fill the void in the episode which was featured on January’s “Next Level” sampler release.

Answering a question on his Facebook page, Robert Meyer Burnett (responsible for creating documentaries on the 1st Season TNG Blu Ray set) has stated that the remastering team have now tracked down the missing elements which will be edited back into the episode for the release of the Season 3 Blu-Ray boxset. According to Burnett,

“It was indeed found and replaced. For the season three box set, SINS will be intact. We deal with this in a documentary for Season One.”

This is indeed excellent news – we remain hopeful that any further missing elements will have a minimal impact on this project. We have been unable to validate Burnett’s statements with CBS, but it would seem as though they are credible given the source.

We also have word that CBS are starting to prepare for pre-release publicity for the first season, so expect official news to start emerging soon!

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