We’ve got hold of a brand new exclusive today for everyone eagerly anticipating Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-Ray. As a fan I’ve been intensely curious about how the remastering team will improve upon the infamously low-resolution “bitmap” planet shots from the first season, especially the notorious “Green Planet #1” which cropped up first in the episode as Angel One in “Angel One“, only to reoccur in “The Arsenal of Freedom” as Minos, “The Royale” as Theta 116 VII and in “Sarek” as Legara IV.

Today TrekCore can exclusively reveal the transformation done by the remastering team on one of these appearances – the orbital shot of the Enterprise approaching Minos in Season 1’s “The Arsenal of Freedom“.

The shear contrast in these two shots is simply mind-blowing. Perhaps it is worth pointing out that this beautiful comparison illustrates yet again the team’s shear determination to remain as faithful to the original show as possible. The remastered Minos uses the same green-white colour, and the areas of continents/cloud cover seem to be roughly in agreement with the original… However, gone are the awful jagged-edges around the Enterprise, a result of compositing the original orbital shot of the ship onto the planet background. The planet truly comes alive in the remastered shot – we can see variations in the colour of the continents indicating mountain ranges, topped by realistic cloud cover and all surrounded by a new halo of an atmosphere! It remains to be seen whether or not there will be any differences with the stock shot of this planet in the other three episodes in which it appears.

But wait! There’s More!! We couldn’t just bring you one new remastered shot – so here’s another brand new Exclusive to Trekcore remastered shot, this time from the episode “Where No One Has Gone Before“, part of an intense scene on the bridge where the crew are confronting Kosinski about his modifications to the warp drive:

The comparison illustrates yet again the night-and-day difference between the original SD version and the new HD master. I never get bored of seeing these shots! “Where No One Has Gone Before” always came across to me as incredibly over-exposed and bright. This has clearly been corrected in the remastered edition – with natural colours and flesh tones coming through just beautifully.

Stay tuned to TrekCore for more exclusives as we approach the release date of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-Ray set!

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