Box Office Data site has published some initial sales figures for the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 on Blu-Ray. According to their estimates, the set sold a massive 95,435 copies in the first 5 days after release – and those figures are just for the U.S. market. These figures would seem indicate an initial income of well over $5.5m, a large chunk of the $9m which CBS invested in the first season remastering process.

Fans (and indeed the writing staff and stars) of Star Trek: The Next Generation often state that the show didn’t ‘find it’s feet’ until the third season, and so there was some concern that the first season would not sell as well due to many fans having a luke-warm attitude to it. These sales figures, thankfully, seem to contradict that prediction and are incredibly encouraging. CBS has been saying for a while now that the possibility of future Trek HD remasterings would be dictated by how strongly fans received the TNG sets and how many units they were able to sell… hopefully these numbers bring us all one step closer to HD transfers for Deep Space Nine and Voyager!

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