Box Office Data site has published some initial sales figures for the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 on Blu-Ray. According to their estimates, the set sold a massive 95,435 copies in the first 5 days after release – and those figures are just for the U.S. market. These figures would seem indicate an initial income of well over $5.5m, a large chunk of the $9m which CBS invested in the first season remastering process.

Fans (and indeed the writing staff and stars) of Star Trek: The Next Generation often state that the show didn’t ‘find it’s feet’ until the third season, and so there was some concern that the first season would not sell as well due to many fans having a luke-warm attitude to it. These sales figures, thankfully, seem to contradict that prediction and are incredibly encouraging. CBS has been saying for a while now that the possibility of future Trek HD remasterings would be dictated by how strongly fans received the TNG sets and how many units they were able to sell… hopefully these numbers bring us all one step closer to HD transfers for Deep Space Nine and Voyager!

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  • testers test

    So they could earn additional $$$ if they would give option to digital download
    series for $$$ most ppl out side USA don’t have bluray but thay have 2-10 mb connection so after quality compression it would be possible to sell movies
    that additional way, more over amount of ppl that have internet connection is biger than amount of ppl owning blueray drive just imagine! 0_0 that potential

    • trekcore

      Yes – I’ve had a lot of people inquire about the possibility of digital downloads. I’m quite sure these versions will eventually make their way to NetFlix and even iTunes, however at the moment the best way to see them is on blu-ray!

  • Nemesis

    it’s not even released here yet… 🙁
    by the way, price is too high. Waiting for the full package with all 7 seasons.

    • trekcore

      Which country are you in, Nemesis? I think – considering the amount of work that has gone into the project, and the amount CBS have had to spend – the price is very reasonable! A package with all 7 seasons won’t be around for probably 3-4 years.

      • Kowal

        Well, in Poland it will probably never be released. I’m waiting to the moment when british amazon will put the TNG blu-ray back to sell after this all sound issues.

        • trekcore

          Don’t they release Trek home entertainment products in Poland, Kowal?? Yes – you can always order from Amazon UK when they get the replacement discs in stock!

          • Kowal

            Only of Trek’s have been published in Poland were movies on dvd, ST XI also on blu-ray and one book (ST Insurection), almost all seasons of ST series were in TV but not all (for example DS9 until this moment were never aired more than 5 seasons, same with VOY) – that’s all. Me and my friends from fandom are wondering why? But get back to TNG 🙂 I haven’t buy it from premiere, becouse haven’t money in that particular moment (poor student with many other priorities) but now when i’ve got payback I’m waiting to the moment when it will become again available. If some of the text is wrong, I’m sorry for my english 🙂

  • Mark Ward

    Considering the big up-front cost that was incurred on this project they should be able to rake the dollars in on the remaining series!

    • trekcore

      Theoretically, yes! And that’s what will hopefully propel CBS to undertake the remastering of the other Trek spinoffs.

  • Andillo

    Great to hear that. Here in Switzerland, I wasn’t able to buy it yet (I guess it has been recalled until replacement disks are available), but I’m certainly going to buy all 7 seasons and also all DS9, Voyager and Enterprise as soon as (or if) they are out. Thank you CBS for bringing my favorite franchise to wonderful quality.

    • trekcore

      Yes! Hopefully Season 1 will be back on shelves for you soon, Andillo. I’m sure you will love it. CBS have done an incredible job.

  • Frank B.

    The estimated sales figures sound good. Is CBS / Paramount happy with these?

    • trekcore

      I imagine they must be! Especially for the first season which – as I mentioned in the article – was arguably the worst from the show

  • geo

    The day it came out here in Chicago, all 3 of my local best buys were out by 5 pm and target only had 2 copies left. I would imagine that would translate to some great sales figures.

    • trekcore

      Wow, that’s wonderful news. I think the set has certainly sold well in all markets from the feedback I’ve been getting.

  • James A

    Can’t wait for the Australian release !!!

  • Billy Morris

    Count me in for every single remastered set. CBS deserve their money back for the love which has gone into this, and the TOS seasons.

  • Chris_tuffer

    The first season is amazing. It’s like I’m watching it for the first time again. The old and early look of the first season is completely gone, and not only that, but some of the most memorable episodes of the whole series are in this season!