Fresh on the heels of the announcement that CBS have produced a new extended-cut of the classic season two episode ‘The Measure of a Man’, TrekCore can now confirm that plans are in place to include a new audio commentary on this episode for the Blu-Ray release of Season 2 later this year.

Fans have long since been clamoring for new audio commentaries on some of the more famous episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, so this latest news should be well received all-round.

The audio commentary will feature the episode’s original writer, Melinda Snodgrass, who will be speaking alongside episode director Robert Scheerer and TNG Remastered Consultant Mike Okuda (Mike was also a Scenic Artist during TNG’s second season, before being promoted to Scenic Art Supervisor & Technical Consultant in season 3).

In other news, now that CBS have finished piecing together the extended edition of ‘The Measure of a Man’, a copy has been dispatched to original writer Melinda Snodgrass who will be watching it for the first time whilst simultaneously tweeting her feedback from tomorrow (Friday 17th) at 8pm Pacfic. Be sure to follow her reactions by locking on to the hashtag #extendedmeasure or visiting her feed at Big thanks to Robert Meyer Burnett for persuading her into doing the Trek tweetathon! TrekCore will of course bring you a full summary of her comments as and when they are published!