After the quick action of CBS to resolve the anomalies with the Master Audio track in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-Ray set, replacement discs are due to start shipping shortly to those customers who have called the hotline. UK customers who purchased their sets through Amazon should have already received notification of replacement stock being sent, and in Australia Season 1 was given it’s official release today – with corrected sets.

TrekCore can also now reveal that in addition to the corrected audio, CBS also took the opportunity to fix a small handful of SFX mistakes that crept into the first season. Amongst them are a missing phaser beam from the Klingon-heavy episode “Heart of Glory” – now reinserted into the fixed Season 1 sets. CBS have really gone out of their way to make these sets perfect in every possible way, going to the additional expense of re-editing the masters to fix these small FX issues that crept through.

If you haven’t already requested your replacement discs, you can do so by contacting the disc replacement companies in your region:

  • North America: email OR call 877-335-8936
  • Europe: email OR call 01992 657 739 (UK)
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