After the quick action of CBS to resolve the anomalies with the Master Audio track in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-Ray set, replacement discs are due to start shipping shortly to those customers who have called the hotline. UK customers who purchased their sets through Amazon should have already received notification of replacement stock being sent, and in Australia Season 1 was given it’s official release today – with corrected sets.

TrekCore can also now reveal that in addition to the corrected audio, CBS also took the opportunity to fix a small handful of SFX mistakes that crept into the first season. Amongst them are a missing phaser beam from the Klingon-heavy episode “Heart of Glory” – now reinserted into the fixed Season 1 sets. CBS have really gone out of their way to make these sets perfect in every possible way, going to the additional expense of re-editing the masters to fix these small FX issues that crept through.

If you haven’t already requested your replacement discs, you can do so by contacting the disc replacement companies in your region:

  • North America: email OR call 877-335-8936
  • Europe: email OR call 01992 657 739 (UK)
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  • SFC3

    I sent my details to the email long ago — will I get my disks?

    • trekcore

      Did you also send them the serial number on the disc? If yes, then you should be receiving your replacement discs without any problem

      • Matt Littledyke

        Recieved my email from Amazon earlier today and i am looking forward to getting back to watching them.

    • jasonbw

      I sent a request to the email nearly a month ago, got a return email and submitted my info. never got any confirmation or receipt. is it worthwhile to call back or re-email?

      • trekcore

        No, you should be ok. The company does NOT send confirmation emails. If you sent everything off to them, your name should be on the list for replacement discs.

        • jasonbw

          mine showed up today, same basic white package, same thoughtful apology letter.

  • Chris

    I emailed SONYDADC to see when will be issuing replacements. Apparently HMV should have already contacted their customers in regards to this situation. I for one can say they haven’t and I’m feeling slightly hard done by by HMV. I have the awful feeling they are going to ask me to return my discs by recorded delivery at my expense before they send me my new discs. Hopefully it wont come to that but if this is the case, it will be the last time I support HMV with my custom and wont give two monkeys if they go under.

    • Chris

      HMV have finally gotten in touch with me. I need to send them the boxset recorded delivery. Once they receive them they will send my replacement discs out. Then within 28 days I will receive a refund for the postage. I can’t just return them to a highstreet shop for replacement as this is against their T&Cs. It feels they’ve made their returns procedure as awkward as possible to put people off returning items. I wish I had just stuck with Amazon.
      This is the last time I ever shop online at HMV.

      • I’m through HMV and haven’t received anything but the original standard email. I guess I best email HMV themselves or attempt the original DADC email again. Yeah if I wasn’t still getting a student discount (somehow) from HMV I’d be swearing off them too.

  • Dan

    makes u wonder if they rushed the first shipments out to fast. i wonder if the bluray editor fell asleep while watching the final cut!! LOL do u know why this happened in the first place?

    • Chris Jay

      Human mistake, it happens, all that matters to me is they fixed it. 🙂

      • Dan

        your right 🙂 i doubt that any other studio does fixes like this. CBS wants us to have the best bluray product ever 🙂

  • If you can call, rather than email, I would do so…as with the call, you will talk to a real person, with an email, who knows if it will ever be read or processed.

  • chris tyler

    Waiting for Season 2 to come out.

    • Chris Jay

      It’ll be a shorter wait than what you had to do for Season 1… after the sampler pack came out… since there are only 4 months left this year… and it’s due out later this year. 🙂

  • Mark Ward

    Are there any more details on the SFX fixes? I’m curious to know what else they have tweaked!

  • Chris Jay

    Awesome, CBS I give you 2 thumbs up. 😀

  • Neill Stringer

    Any word on the notification through for those who purchased through them?

  • adamclark83

    On the Australian corrected set, there’s a slight hiccup with “Encounter at Farpoint”.
    In the scene where Riker is requesting beam-up to the Enterprise from Farpoint station, his line splits between centre and right.

    • Chris Jay

      Is that the ONLY problem you’ve seen so far?

      • adamclark83

        The Phaser beam in “Heart of Glory” is intact.

  • captain neill

    If amazon uk have announced the replacements then why have not said anything yet?

  • Dan

    for those of u that got your discs (some have)…. how is it being delivered? us post? fed ex? ups?

    • Dan

      here is a guy the shows off how u get the discs in the mail and an unboxing:

    • Comes USPS, in a white, slightly padded, mailer. Nothing special, really. Surprised really that they just didn’t send out a whole new set. Being that 4 out of the 6 discs were bad.

  • M33

    I did call them to check on the status. They are still working on it, but will send everyone who contacted them an email that their discs are being shipped out. They seem to be on it.

  • Billy Morris

    The people on the above email were Amazing, and so were Amazon. After a single email I got a replacement set in days. No return required say Amazon, which is very nice of them (no delivery costs for me).

    CBS assured my loyalty anyway with the heart & soul put into these, and for me this followed through into their customer service too. Very rare, and i’m very grateful!

    Roll on S2-7 and DS9, VOY, ENT sets too!

  • Guest

    Very surprised that Amazon UK have sent out new sets to all customers and not asked for the faulty ones back. Now I have two blu ray sets, surely that means that they could be re-sold losing CBS money? I did not even ask for a replacement. Very good service.

    • Riker

      Maybe finally companies realized that money was long enough “everything”! Now they maybe customers well feeling becomes more important! The mistakes are bad enough! There better don’t force people to do more inconvenient things like the sending stuff and so! Very good way!!!

  • minimodelmaker

    I received my discs today and they are perfect. Hats off to CBS for responding so quickly.

  • I am in Australia and buy my Blu-Ray discs from Amazon USA as I have done for the last 12 years. I sent my details and serial numbers into the “ByDeluxe” email address. Do you know if they will be sending replacements internationally?

  • I sent in my replacement information (US versions but shipped to Australia) and they responded with an email telling me to contact the person from my region, and provided a list of regions that does NOT include Australia, even tho the discs were from the US… I’m very confused right now.

    • Looks like you’re in the same boat as me. i would send your details to the USA email address as I did and hope TrekCore can follow up for us. You should send in an email to the US email address anyway. You never know, they may send them out!

    • Tried contacting them again explaining my problem, their responce… sending me the exact same useless email with no information for my country. I’m at a loss, who do I contact to get US replacements sent to Australia 😐

      • apogee

        I got a similar problem, I ordered from Amazon US to Hungary (the set won’t even be released here ever), but PHE keeps bouncing me to UK or other regional offices where the faulty sets were released. 🙁
        At the end I got tired and contacted Amazon directly, after explaining my problem they initiated a replacement in 2 hrs after first contact.

  • shodan

    My sound system is not capable of DTS MA how can I check if my discs are bad?

    • 1) Does your “system” (assuming you’re talking about your Surround Receiver) have analog inputs (RCA jacks for Multi-Channel Inputs)?

      And 2) Is your BD Player capable of decoding DTS-HD MA?

      If “yes” to both of those, then you can get DTS-HD MA out of your “system”. Just hook up your player to your receiver using at least 3 sets (for 5.1 sound) of L/R (red/white) audio wires (4 sets if you have 7.1 speakers).

      Now, if by your “system” you mean you don’t even have a Surround Receiver, well, then, disregard what I said. But, regardless the fact, ALL initial released copies had the defect due to an authoring error. But if you bought a re-release copy, the best way to check to see which version you have is to look on Disc 5 at the Episode “Heart of Glory” when the escaped Klingons fire a phaser at a crewman in the corridor. The old version was missing the phaser beam effect, the new ones have that phaser beam back in where it should be. Sorry, don’t have a time stamp as to when this occurred.

  • David Raid

    Season 2 is now available for preorder on Amazon. Release date is apparently the 10th of December.

  • Jon1701

    My replacement copy arrived today from Faultless customer service to all involved!

    • Matt Littledyke

      Mine arrived today can’t wait to start viewing it.

  • Quinn
  • If I happen to buy these in the future, how willI know if I got the original or corrected sets. I probably won’t notice the problem at first, but I want a perfect viewing experience. Is there perhaps a different UPC code, or something like that?

    • Jon1701

      The catalogue number on the UK version has an /2 at the end which I presume indicates the revised version- also the disks now have the tng star fleet emblem on them which the originals did not.

      • Thanks. Do you know about the US version?

  • Jim2386

    Disc 2 has an error. 9:10in episode justice. There is a noticeable echo in the audio track. They didn’t replace this disc…oh well. Good job CBS! I bet they will be more careful on season 2.

  • Dan

    UPDATE: you can call 877-335-8936 (US customers) now to make sure your on the list. just say weather u called or emailed for the discs and your name you said or typed when you applied for the discs. They couldn’t tell me if my discs were shipped tho 🙁 but im on the list YAY!!!! (i did this myself just now so it works) 🙂

  • M33

    Received my replacements in the other day. I contacted them to let them know also that there is an obvious dent in the underside of the saucer section when it passes by slowly when seen from the underside. It really takes away the believability of it and makes it just look like a slightly damaged model. I strongly suggested that they fix this shot since it is used constantly throughout the entire series, and would be a very simple fix. If they act on it, it would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone else noticed it? It looks like a slightly wavy ripple.

  • Neill Stringer

    I have to say I am really upset by’s service in regards to the replacement sets. Amazon customers are receiving the sets and us who ordered from play are being left to dry.

    I am ordering from Amazon from now on

  • Futural

    If I buy the set today on amazon, Must I order the replacement discs?

    • When I ordered mine it didn’t ship for weeks, I assume because they were waiting on replacement stocks. So I think you’ll be safe, but don’t quote me on that, as I’m still awaiting it’s arrival. Once it gets here I’ll let you know.

      • Futural

        Thank you so much I’ll be waiting for your comment.

        • Bear in mind that I’m in New Zealand so it may take a few weeks for it to get here. Just don’t want you to think I forgot.

          • Futural

            No problem, I´ll be patient. Do you expect it from Australia, UK, or USA?
            I think I’ll order from USA but not now, later.

          • I ordered it from the US because all the problems with recalls had pushed our release date back to November.

          • Of course it shows up 5 minutes later haha, all discs have the little starfleet logo that apparently means they’re the new issues. I watched Encounter at Farpoint with no audio problems.

  • Chris

    Discs are going out. I just got mine today. 9-7

  • Guest

    Got mine yesterday – and a nice wee postcard with a nice wee postcard of the ‘animated’ people in the observation lounge shown on the Season 1 extras, which had a very nice apology on the back.

    Tiny wee TNG emblem on the disc so you don’t get it mixed up with the old ones!

  • Stephen

    Got mine yesterday – and a nice wee postcard with print of the ‘animated’ people in the observation lounge shown on the Season 1 extras, which had a very nice apology on the back.

    There’s also a tiny TNG emblem on the disc so you don’t get it mixed up with the old ones!

  • Huw Watkins

    I ordered mine from Tesco Entertainment and out of the blue today a replacement set arrived.

  • Adam

    It wasn’t clear that the Canadian version qualified for replacement, and never announced or mentioned the problems like did (shame on you, Amazon!), but I sent my serial numbers in, and just today received my replacement discs 1, 3, 4, and 5 in Montreal.

  • Cordanus

    I am considering buying this as a gift, is there any way to tell if the copy at a store will be a newer fixed version or the bad one. I am buying it in Canada.

    • tigana

      There is Star Trek Delta logo on the box spine and on the discs themselves.

  • Neill Stringer customers should be getting their replacements this week

  • Scott Vela

    I just got my Blu ray replacements Monday. I called last week not hearing anything after e-mailing weeks ago they told me their was a a slight backlog and apologized and If I didn’t see them in three weeks call back. All I have to say is really good customer service. Wasn’t worried glad they came.

  • ac

    Have these issues been fixed in the replacement discs?
    In S1 bluray ep “Too Short a Season”, at 33:53 when the now young
    admiral stands up to shoot and is shot, the visual effect of him
    getting shot is missing.
    Another issue I noticed is that in “Code of Honor” 7:50 the holodeck
    entry scene is extremely fuzzy all over the picture. It’s like this
    has not been redone or was forgotten.