New rumors have surfaced today that in addition to the new audio commentary recorded for “The Measure of a Man” (see our earlier article), the second season Blu-Ray set will sport another brand new commentary track, this time from the fan-favorite episode “Q Who?“.

Fans have long-since been clamoring for new audio commentary tracks on some of the more popular episodes, so it’s wonderful to see CBS taking fan opinion on board so much!

If the “Measure of a Man” commentary is anything to go by, we can most likely expect Mike Okuda to be participating again, bringing his wealth of knowledge of the Star Trek universe with him. Any predictions about the other participant(s) would be pure guesswork, however as work progresses on Season 2, we expect CBS will eventually issue a full listing of bonus features where all these details will be confirmed.

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  • Wes

    I can imagine it will probably be John de Lancie (that would be cool) and also Maurice Hurley, who wrote the episode.

    • Frank B.

      John de Lancie’s participation would be omnipotent. Hopefully the audio commentary will provide some more insight into what they had in mind regarding that relationship between Q and Guinan. And maybe we learn if it had been the mysterious “Q drive” which made the Borg change their mind and course (after they hadn’t found Federation and Romulan technology to be that interesting in “The Neutral Zone”).

      • trekcore

        John de Lancie would have been fantastic for the commentary, but don’t get your hopes up about actors participating – those arrangements are very difficult to make.

  • Mike C.

    i want all episodes commentated by Frakes. Drinking wine – like the DVD collector’s edition of Insurrection. He sounded plastered (IMO) and I love it.

  • Quinn

    While I was really hoping for a cast commentary on “Encounter at Farpoint,” I’m dying to hear at least one or two cast members on the “All Good Things” finale.

    • trekcore

      Yes! I’d love to hear commentaries with the actors, but I think they are very difficult to organize. Who know? By the time AGT comes around we may even get *multiple* commentary tracks. Anything’s possible!

  • archer923

    I really hope more episodes get something. I’d like to hear Michelle Forbes on here episodes. Especially in The Next Phase. Dwight Schultz, any Barclay episode. Disaster: The kids coming back to do commentary. Or Marina Sirits talking about her first command moment. And my personal favorite: Cause and Effect. I’d love to hear what the effects team had to do for that episode.

  • Dan

    Did CBS make the DVD in 2002 – 2007 also? i ask cause i wonder why they waited til now to do commentaries…… is it cause this is more of a definitive set (the blurays)?

    • trekcore

      The Bonus features this time are being made by Robert Meyer Burnett & Roger Lay Jr. They are experienced independent documentary filmmakers who happen to be hardcore Trekkies. That makes all the difference!

    • archer923

      It also cause CBS is listening to fans. We went on for years of asking for commentaries. And we only got a few, in Enterprise. Till those annoying theme sets.