TNG-R Season 2: Second Audio Commentary will be for ‘Q Who?’

New rumors have surfaced today that in addition to the new audio commentary recorded for "The Measure of a Man" (see our earlier article), the second season Blu-Ray set will sport another brand new commentary track, this time from the fan-favorite episode "Q Who?".

Fans have long-since been clamoring for new audio commentary tracks on some of the more popular episodes, so it's wonderful to see CBS taking fan opinion on board so much!

If the "Measure of a Man" commentary is anything to go by, we can most likely expect Mike Okuda to be participating again, bringing his wealth of knowledge of the Star Trek universe with him. Any predictions about the other participant(s) would be pure guesswork, however as work progresses on Season 2, we expect CBS will eventually issue a full listing of bonus features where all these details will be confirmed.

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