TNG Remastered: Ask Your Questions for CBS Digital!

Next week CBS has invited TrekCore to talk with the CBS Digital team responsible for the stunning restoration and remastering of Star Trek: The Next Generation in high definition.

Creative Director Craig Weiss and his team will be discussing the entire remastering process beginning with retransferring 35mm negatives and ending in authoring brand new Blu Ray masters. Along the way we will be talking about all of the different techniques they employ to produce the finished product, including how they are rebuilding visual effects from original elements, the color correction methods they use as well as artistic choices they have to make along the way.

I'd love to hear about any questions you may have for the CBS Digital team. They can be as technical and specific as you like - directed to any member of the team responsible for the remastering process.

Send in your questions by posting a comment below, tweeting us @TrekCore, posting on our Facebook portal or emailing me directly ( I can't promise to ask every question that is submitted, but hopefully we'll be able to cover a good number of them!