CBS has provided us with a nice high-resolution look at the artwork on the gold-colored Season 2 release of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Remastered Blu-Rays, set to hit stores on December 4. Click the image below to view the art in high resolution.

TNG Season 2 Blu-Ray Cover Art

Whilst the wording of an official press release is still under wraps, CBS has sent us a revised “teaser” description of the box-set contents:

  • All 22 second season episodes, brilliantly retransferred from original film elements into Hi-Def
  • Also includes an extremely rare, extended version of “The Measure of a Man,” widely regarded as one of the best Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes.
  • Long lost first cut of episode reconstructed in high definition with extended scenes including new visual effects and audio mixes.
  • “Hybrid extended cut” using the high-definition version of the original television episode, plus rough VHS video of deleted scenes and different camera angles from that episode’s “lost” first cut.
  • Amazing visual effects, painstakingly re-created from original film elements.
  • A wealth of exclusive special features

As we teased in the last article, the set will include some incredible surprises which we can’t reveal just yet, however expect a great collection of original never-before-seen content from 1988 to the present day to be included!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-Ray today!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-Ray today!

  • Tiago

    Is next generation going to be released all the seasons in just one blu ray boxset?

    • Chris Jay

      As in one big box set? Probably eventually, once all the seasons have been remastered…

      • Guest

        Also going to be shown on TV.

  • Matt Littledyke

    Excellent I have already preordered mine last week so roll on December 4th although Amazon UK has it set as being released on the 10th they may change that though Can’t wait for episodes such as Measure of a man and Q who

  • DPC

    Teal and orange – gotta love it!

    There are MANY eps in season 2 that are top-notch, and even some of the “lesser” episodes go above and beyond even the best season 1 had to offer.

    I’m impressed by the quantity of extras, including hybrid extended cuts and the rough cuts/SD material to give an impression of what a story might be like if TNG was accorded more than 43 minutes (in a 60 minute slot). I am hoping “The Measure of a Man” is completely HD, but it would have been a miracle to find any additional film in the first place… even an extended cut with SD material won’t grate on the eyes too much…

    I’m amazed how many eps they can fit onto a single disc and keep compression as low as they do; artifacting hasn’t been much of a problem – of course, the granier film stock helps shroud any artifacting as well… but the show’s treatment has been nothing less than superlative and sublime… I wish all TV shows got this treatment, because the behind-the-scenes stuff is rather cool…

    MUCH thanks to all involved!

    • Chris Jay

      Blu-ray discs have a huge capacity… the BDXL format supports 100 GB and 128 GB write-once discs and 100 GB rewritable discs for commercial applications.

      • DPC

        Thanks for the info!

        I hadn’t known there were formats beyond dual layer (50GB)…

      • But can all the players support such discs? I’ve not come across any in my collection more than dual-layer.

  • scarecroe

    Everything I’ve been reading hasn’t been clear. Are we getting 3 different versions of “Measure of a Man”?

    • Matt Littledyke

      Not quite sure but it looks that way. i think that there is 2 versions of the extended cut but i think the hybrid version has something to do with the camera angles from that episodes original televised cut. We will soon find out when the boxset come’s out in December.

  • DreamerOutThere

    There are three versions of Measure of a Man. The 1080p broadcast cut, a 1080p extended 1st cut, and then a hybride version which is the broadcast cut, except in the right places, different camera angels of extended scenes in VHS quality will be inserted. In the VHS scenes, the VFX will be unfinished as well, since it comes from a 1st cut VHS from 25 years ago. In the 1080p version of the extended cut, all the VFX will be finished and complete. Hope that clears things up for people.

  • Frank B.

    Does this have anything to do with Rod Roddenberry’s participation in the remastering project?

  • Fernando_Solas

    How about some DS9 1080P remaster trailer when TNG season 3 hits sometime next year. I am loving the rate of TNG getting done on blu ray. At this pace we might get 2-3 seasons next year. I am guessing as they perfect the process they might become increasingly quicker to produce. So we might have season 5 by xmas 2013. And DS9 season 1 concurrently with TNG season 6 by early 2014? That would set the releases almost in parallel as they were broadcast back in the day. Absolutely wonderful stuff!

    • hypnotoad72

      Maybe for the later seasons, as the budgets had been cut… some f/x (e.g. the one where Riker sees his world shatter literally around him) wouldn’t be hard to do thanks to even simple effects I’ve done in After Effects…) might still be a little time consuming, but III-V would be the most difficult IMHO. Lots of screens showing CGI (of the time) would need replacing…

  • M33

    There is a problem with the shot of the enterprise’s saucer section when seen from underneath heading into the starfield. Look at the first image in the Haven screencaps. Find the windows along the right side of the phaser banks and go directly down to the edge of the saucer where the escape pods are. The model clearly shows some waviness, some damage. This shot of the enterprise is used constantly and every time I see it, it takes away the believability of the model. I contacted Digital media about it and I think it is an easy enough fix for the future season releases. They have corrected other mistakes like this, and it would only be to the show’s benefit if they do. We need others to pass this along to them, just like we all did with the Heart of Glory missing phaser shot.

  • M33

    A major flaw in the model. This needs correcting.

    • Guest

      Yeah I noticed that as well, looks like the ship is made from cotton lol. I cant see someone missing that, no doubt it was left in place on purpose so that the episode would be the same as the origianl?

    • Maybe the escape pod hatches were damaged during a previous mission?

      /nerd explanation

      • Corran

        Never trust the docking clamps at a Pakled supply station.

  • David Erickson

    $115 Amazon pre-order, ouch.. that is twice what I paid for Season 1

    • Go to, it’s a website where they have tons of DVDs and Blu-Rays, including Star Trek, and they have season 2 for $76.67

      • David Erickson

        Hmm I don’t see the second season, do you have a link?

    • hypnotoad72

      I bet the price will drop… season 1’s MSRP was around $120 as well… then it went down to $80… I doubt it will get down to $60, but $80 would be a sweet spot for most…

      The Bond 50 Blu-Ray set went from $299 to $149 as well…