First images from TNG Season 2 Blus!

With just over a month to go until the second season of Star Trek: The Next Generation hits shelves, two new images from the set have been posted at Amazon's German store.

The first image shows the Enterprise orbiting Drema IV from the episode 'Pen Pals'. As was the case in Season 1, the planet had to be digitally recreated using CGI as the original elements were rendered at sub-HD resolutions.

This new render is one of the first examples of work we've received from the second remastering team working on the Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-Ray project. Whilst Max Gabl's work on the first season planet recreations was always very faithful to the original designs from the standard-definition source, the render of Drema IV seems to have used more artistic license. A new cloud-layer has been added and the continent/sea outlines are far less obvious. The tectonic activity shown by the exposed lava fault-line has been reproduced accurately. The planet as a whole seems to be less defined than some of the work we saw on Season 1, perhaps even slightly blurry, however this may simply be down to the choice of frame presented here.

The second still comes from the extended edition of 'The Measure of a Man' in one of the re-inserted deleted scenes showing Riker interrupting Picard during one of his fencing sessions.

The extended episode (over 57 minutes in length, with 13 minutes of brand new footage included) will be premiered in the Celebration of Season 2 Star Trek: The Next Generation cinematic event (read details here), and will of course be included in the Season 2 Blu-Rays you can pre-order below!

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