After the huge success of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 theatrical event earlier this year, Fathom Events and CBS will be teaming up once again for a special “celebration” of Season Two. In our interview with CBS executives Ryan Adams and David S. Grant earlier this month, Ryan was unable to reveal the exact episodes which would be featured as the event was still in the process of being finalized, however we’re now fairly certain at this point that one of the episodes will be fan favorite “Q Who“, the pivotal episode which first introduces us to the Borg.

Several theaters in the U.S. are now stating that the Season 2 special (entitled “Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Celebration of Season 2″) will hit the big screen (in selected theaters) on Thursday, November 29 (for one night only). The Season 2 Blu-Ray set would then be released just a few days later on Tuesday, December 4.

We expect Fathom and CBS to issue a full press release soon about the event! In the meantime, lock in your pre-order for the Season 2 remastered Blu-Ray set below!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-Ray today!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-Ray today!

  • Mark Ward

    No love for TNG from the UK cinemas then? 🙁

  • Quinn

    The caption on your headline says “November 27”. Just an FYI.

    • trekcore

      Thanks Aaron, fixed!

  • Come on what about us in the UK we pay more then the US for a season but no love

    • Quinn

      Right now, the UK price for the S2 set is about $60 USD, compared to the current US price of $114.

      • trekcore

        Yes! The Amazon UK price is the CHEAPEST of all them all at the moment:

        • David Erickson

          Does anyone know if there is a difference between the US and UK set? (Other than UK being region free and US being region locked?) I’ve got preorders in for both currently and intend to keep the cheapest assuming the content/format is the same.

          • trekcore

            As far as I know, there are NO differences. They should be identical 🙂

  • scarecroe

    I’m going this time!

  • Chris

    I’m backing up the love for a UK cinema Release!

    • trekcore

      Yes!! I really wish they’d do this in Europe…

  • ThunderBlade

    Which theatres in Germany will show TNG-R?

  • Chris Jay


  • James

    How do we start a campaign for UK cinemas? One on one night only and I’d travel to London!

  • Guest

    The other episode HAS to be “The Measure of a man”, considering that it is considered a classic not just for TNG but for the whole franchise. If that episode, I hope it’s the extended cut!

  • Stockslivevan

    The other episode HAS to be “The Measure of a Man”, since that’s considered not just a great TNG episode but overall one of the franchises’ best shows. If so, I really hope it’s the extended cut.

  • Mawazi

    Fun watching them in a theater, but the quality is really not that great. At least in my theater, the sound seemed to be just stereo. The video quality was a bit suspect as well, due to it being 1920×1080 on such a large screen and the compression that comes with DirecTV transmission. I’ll wait to watch it at home this time.

  • Guest

    Looks like it’s definitely “Q Who” and the EXTENDED “Measure of a Man.” There’s more details and small version of the S2 theatrical poster up here: