TNG Remastered Season 2: Blu-Ray Trailer

With Star Trek: The Next Generation's second season Blu-Ray release less than 2 months away, we take a look at the epic trailer that CBS have released for Season 2.

The trailer was first seen as a special bonus feature on the 1st Season Blu-Ray release and showcases scenes from several Season 2 episodes including 'The Child', 'Where Silence Has Lease', 'The Measure of a Man', 'Contagion', 'Time Squared', as well as the epic fan favorite which introduces us to the Borg, 'Q Who'. The trailer also features a sneak preview of some of the bonus features which will be included on the Season 2 set, namely a roundtable discussion featuring the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation!

Watch the trailer below in full 1080p high definition!

CBS has - without a doubt - managed to produce one of the most epic trailers for a Star Trek DVD/Blu-Ray release yet. Even though many fans will have seen these episodes dozens of times before, they manage to come across as fresh, exciting and new again after 25 years.

We've got a selection of HD-screencaps from the trailer available below:

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