The countdown continues to the release of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 on Blu-Ray, and to further whet your appetite, we’ve got hold of a brand new trailer promoting the set!

The new trailer features footage from a variety of season 2 episodes, with iconic scenes from ‘Contagion‘, ‘Q Who‘, ‘A Matter of Honor‘, ‘The Dauphin‘ and ‘Time Squared‘ as well as a very brief preview of a previously unseen segment of the extended edition of ‘The Measure of a Man‘ where Data starts to understand why Shakespeare famously wrote “let us kill all the lawyers”.

The trailer also features a wonderful line from the new interview by John de Lancie (“Q”) where he reminisces about his character, claiming he can be a “psychopath with a sense of humor!”. Finally there’s a brief shot of the much anticipated new gag-reel showing an overly anxious Michael Dorn taking out his frustration on the tactical station!

Be sure to watch it in 1080p HD for the full remastered effect!

Be sure to keep visiting TrekCore over the next few weeks as we feature even more previews, teasers and analysis of the upcoming Season 2 release as the final release date rapidly approaches! If you haven’t already – pre-order Season 2 below so you get it on release date in your country. All Amazon stores have significantly discounted the title – at the time of writing it’sunder $65 in the U.S.£47.00 in the U.K. and under 57,00EUR in Germany!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-Ray today!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-Ray today!

  • Chris Jay


  • Quinn

    Really want a 1080 cut of that trailer – hope it comes soon!

    • trekcore

      Will try to source a higher-res copy, although it’s not long to wait until the set now!

    • trekcore

      1080p cut uploaded 🙂

      • Quinn

        That’s awesome, you’re awesome

  • 0:25 explosion and 1:05 romulan warbird look very blurry. hope this isn’t the final stage 🙁

    • Quinn

      The Blu-ray footage here is pretty noisy and messy due to the post-processing and compression used on the promo. It’s not the full BR quality – don’t panic yet!

      • if that would be the case then why is the rest of the effect shots ok in sharpness and quality. compression affects all scenes.

        • Quinn

          Sure, the rest looks “okay”, but the close-ups of Pulaski, etc., are certainly not full-quality. Way too much noise and artifacting.

    • Chris Jay

      This trailer is not representative of the full quality, YouTube really botches the quality.

      • hypnotoad72

        It’s not YouTube per se, but the amount of compression needed for storage guidelines. The trailer is a relative example – colors are vibrant, the overall look IS much crisper, but the compression is putting the kibosh on it.

        Florian should take another look at the scene where they compare original vs remastered side-by-side, with the blue bubbles. The difference is massive – and impressive what original f/x were kept in the vaults. The “after” side on the right still has issues, but they’re all due to the compression for streaming purposes.

        Now is not the time to panic. 🙂

        • Chris Jay

          Well, I’m the one creating the SD to HD comparisons for YouTube, and I can tell you the videos look a lot better before they’re uploaded to YouTube, even if you watch it in Full HD on YouTube, they still have quality loss from the original video files…

          Even the 1st Season 2 trailer released a while back, I’ve got the original video, it’s in M4V format it’s 144MB it has a total bit rate of 0.91MB/s, and it looks a lot better before it’s uploaded to YouTube… YouTube is known for terrible compression quality…

    • hypnotoad72

      Compression is usually dynamically used by the encoding mechanism’s temporal algorithm: For rapidly moving scenes, more compression is applied as – when in motion – the human eye won’t see the artifacting. More compression can head to more blurriness and less detail.

      Every clip shown, from the classic “Contagion” to “The Dauphin” and from other classics like “the Measure of A Man”, “Time Squared”, and “Q Who”, everything looks fantastic, or as can be from the source material — the grain on the film can even be seen in this streamed source, and the grain adds to the detail that has to be taken care of during the compression phase as well.

      True, the in-house staff would have applied extra touches and details, but I’ve seen nothing that’s truly sub-par yet, and my one nitpick is the highly debatable claim that the Enterprise’s nacelles now glow a bright turquoise instead of a bluish/turquoise. It’s a minor nitpick at best.

      But to finally see the lettering on the Yamato as the saucer explodes – yum! It’s clear the outsourced firm has placed enough attention… (okay, the final product we see will say it all, but I think there’s precious little TO worry about. What’s been shown definitely allays any number of concerns, and the bit from “Time Squared” has NEVER looked better. The vortex cloud effect really packs a punch, and the reflection of the ship’s colors no longer flood the whole thing thanks to the wider color gamut. Blu-Ray ROCKS!

      Even getting these episodes at all is a treat,

      • For an example of BAD compression artifacting, watch any HD broadcast when confetti dropping from the ceiling is in the shot, say at like the finales to talent/singing shows…the picture jusat goes massively blurry and pixelated. Over air broadcasts just can’t handle the complexity of thousands of pieces of confetti falling thru frame.

        • Chris Jay

          The artifacts, smudging, etc. in this video mainly due to the terrible quality of YouTube compression, even when watching videos in Full HD… the actual quality is astronomically better.

          I’m the one doing the comparison videos of SD to HD, for each episode of TNG for TrekCore, and I can tell you the original videos before they’re uploaded to YouTube look very good.

  • Ivan Ofitserov

    I can’t believe how much worse the FX in second season are compared to S1..

    • Chris Jay

      I think they look good overall from what we’ve gotten to see for this season…

      • Ivan Ofitserov

        I guess, we’ll see it when it’s released, but I’m just upset with the quality drop.

        • Chris Jay

          From what I’ve seen so far, the planets are the only big let down… the rest of the FX looks fine.

    • hypnotoad72

      The one screencap from a few days ago was less-than-stellar, but the video clips shown in that advert above more than make up for it. I can handle a half-blurry planet, and I don’t think it’s going to be THAT bad.

      Especially as this also exemplifies why I loathe streaming video – the compression needed for streaming “hi-def” kills half the quality in the process. The actual video quality on the Blu-Ray discs use much lower compression and WILL look much better.

  • Matthias Currat

    Outtakes! Oh wow! Full of win. 🙂

  • pittrek

    Just came here to say : WOW 🙂

  • Data

    WHAT? H-TV is NOT a FX but a post company?? Why da hell they give FX work to a post company???

  • hypnotoad72


    The clips shown definitely show some time and care were put into the proceedings. Including the Borg slicer beam.

    Loved the bit with Data reminiscing on Shakespeare’s line, even if there is a contraction.

    One still image of a CGI planet is just that. The visuals shown here are definitely 1080p crisp, and remaining true to the source material.

    • Kreg Roenfeldt

      What contraction?

  • Data

    Were the other company doing color correction and everything on it’s own as well? What does post company actually mean? And why does a post company do the FX and not a FX house?

  • Data

    I thought the Okudas overviewed season 2 as well? So they are really satisfied with S2? Ok, I let supprise my self for the release..!

  • trekker670

    Hmmm, did anyone else notice that YouTube is offering a 3D version of the trailer? I wonder if CBS is trying to hint at something?

    I kid, I kid…