Last month we broke news that CBS were prepping Star Trek: Enterprise for a Blu-Ray release. Now the team who are designing the cover-art for the Season 1 and 2 releases want your help in choosing which variant to go with.

The official site is now polling three separate options on it’s Facebook channel and you can vote on your favorite! You can see all three designs below:

Little more is known about the release of Star Trek: Enterprise on blu-ray, but it’s nice to see CBS engaging fans on the project so early on! We’ll of course bring you all the latest news as we get it regarding the Enterprise blu-ray project, so watch this space!

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  • Chris Jay

    I voted for the top set.

  • Quinn

    Voted for the crew photos for sure. Also, it’s interesting to note that the covers have the show named “Star Trek: Enterprise,” and not just “Enterprise”.

    The top set does look like the Bajoran logo, though!

    • Chris Jay

      Well, that is what the show is called ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’

      • Myself

        Only in the later seasons.

        • Chris Jay

          Well, it’s officially known as “Star Trek: Enterprise.” Be it Wikipedia, Memory Alpha, etc.

  • aconitumnapellus

    I like the middle ones best.

  • Impressive. I like all three. Voting for the top batch with the crew images, but not sure how Trip didn’t make the cut for the first two seasons.

  • Wes

    The middle ones are awesome, but so are the third row ones. too. I’m glad they are considering the fans input in their designs. I wish they had done that the TNG-R season boxes. Oh well. That’s good.

    • hypnotoad72

      I suspect they’re also using fan input to determine how much money they might make. Who said the adoration of greed circa the 1980s was outdated?

  • I voted for the top ones with the crew.

  • Matthew

    Like all three, though the second is best.

  • Data

    I would have liked to choose the TNG Cover!

  • Neill Stringer

    I like the top two, seem similar to the TNG remastered design, that being the captain with two diff regulars from the main cast each season

  • I voted for the top one, just because it matches the TNG designs more. The bottom one looks too much like the designs of the DVD sets, with the massive Enterprise logo.

  • Koralatov

    Definitely the middle ones. The top and bottom look a little generic.

  • DATA2007

    It has to be the second option, the ship. It is called Enterprise after all.

  • Bottom one = BETTER! =D

  • archer923

    The middle. The third set is too similar to the DVD inside cover. First one sucks.

  • Quinn

    I’m ready to vote for the DS9 covers anytime, CBS… 🙂

    • Wes

      And the VOY covers too 🙂

  • Jaffa1978

    The middle one

  • Rob

    Anything but the middle designs. Why is Enteprise on fire?

    • hypnotoad72


  • trekker670

    I’m not a big fan of the middle one. I like the more “minimalist” design of the bottom, but I also like the top that somewhat fits with the TNG design.

  • dnn1314

    The top one, I just wish they would include a booklet inside detailing the episodes and DVD features instead of the terrible guide in TNG Blu-Ray set!!

  • TomR

    shame they wouldn’t produce a fifth season to follow this!

  • hypnotoad72

    Only season 4 piques my interest, but the third cover (the bottommost one) fares best (IMHO). It’s simple, straightforward, has a solid feel… the lens flares are a bit much, but everybody with access to Photoshop uses those…

    The middle one just looks wrong with the nacelles looking like rockets…

    The top one is too busy, and is reminiscent of TNG when ENT is more a prequel to it all…