Just last week we brought you a brand new exclusive still from the upcoming Blu-Ray release of Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2. CBS have now sent us a further collection of stills to further whet your HD appetite! Some of the stills have been seen on other sites, however we bring them to you for the first time uncompressed and in their full HD resolution so you can fully appreciate the remastering done!

Original SD (DVD) Remastered HD (Blu-Ray)
Troi releases the alien lifeform from TNG 2×01 ‘The Child
Note – This shot is unusually blurry due to the way it was filmed, in a 2.35:1 ratio and then panned and scanned to follow the light effect.
Teri Hatcher guest stars from TNG 2×04 ‘The Outrageous Okona
Guinan listens to Riker’s smooth lines from TNG 2×10 ‘The Dauphin
The Enterprise attempts to escape the vortex from TNG 2×13 ‘Time Squared
Worf’s Klingon Age of Ascension ceremony from TNG 2×14 ‘The Icarus Factor
The Enterprise face-to-face with the Borg Cube from TNG 2×16 ‘Q Who
Guinan faces off with Q next to Picard in TNG 2×16 ‘Q Who

We’ll have more images coming very soon, so stay tuned! If you haven’t already – pre-order Season 2 below so you get it on release date in your country. All Amazon stores have significantly discounted the title – at the time of writing it’s under $65 in the U.S.£47.00 in the U.K. and under 57,00EUR in Germany!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 1 Blu-Ray today!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 2 Blu-Ray today!

  • Data

    Looks great!!!

  • Quinn

    Glad to see these up uncompressed. I don’t really understand why other sites post 1/4-size shots and expect them to be “show-off” images.

    • Chris Jay


  • Justin Olson

    Wonderful images! “The Child” cap is unusually blurry because it was another anamorphically lensed shot (that is, filmed in a 2.35:1 ratio and then panned & scanned in post to follow the light effect).

    • trekcore

      Thanks Justin! I thought it must have been something like that – I remember the same being true for a shot in “Code of Honor” from the first season. I will amend the article appropriately.

  • Xavier_Storma

    They should have replaced that close up of the 2 foot model with the CGI Enterprise… looks really strange in HD. You can see the low detailing of the deflector, and the much simpler lines around it.

    • Chris Jay

      I agree, plus, to me; the hot spots on the bussard domes are too noticeable…

      • archer923

        That’s not the goal of the blu-ray’s.

        • Chris Jay


          • archer923

            All footage that has HD sources will be used. CGi won’t replace shots. Just because it doesn’t hold up. That’s the goal for them. Maybe in some future release. They’ll do a modern pass. And replace all exterior shots with full CGI. Like TOS R.

          • Chris Jay

            Well, I know that, but still… the 2 foot model just looks not up to par for HD… the reason they did TOS in CG is precisely that, it didn’t hold up…

          • Adam

            Except they’ve already done that all over the place. The CG enterprise has been used whenever they had to adjust a shot beyond what 2D image manipulation could accomplish, or when they were missing a model shot. And they replaced stuff like planets everywhere.

          • archer923

            That’s what I said. All shots that are available in HD are used. Except for 2 planets, they’re all SD. So they’re replaced like they should be. The CGI Ent has only ever been used when the footage was missing. Never any other time to replace a shot. And it’s only been used in 3 shots. The neck shot of the saucer separation sequence. The shot for the side of the ship during warp, which was found later in season 1. And the drop out of warp, 4 footer in inner light.

    • Guest

      That’s not the goal of the bluray’s.

  • I continue to be amazed at the level of quality in the remastered shots, especially the ship shots. That one of the Enterprise and the Borg Cube is beautiful!

  • Mawazi

    The HD Guinan-Picard shot from Q Who is *so* much better. The new color balancing is excellent.

  • Neill Stringer

    The still from The Child is slightly blurry for the same reason as the shot from The Last Outpost where Riker stands on edge of presipice, a pan and scan shot.

    These pics look awesome. Season 2 is going to be a great set.

  • hypnotoad72

    Wider color gamut, more detail, more accurate color… definitely a big improvement!

    Pity that “Time Squared” had the makers using the 2′ model in the first place, as the lighting on the Enterprise is poor (and that is not the fault of the team doing the restoration). They’ve done wonders with the original footage. Still, would CGI really look better?

    Pity there are no planet shots, but with motion video, any concerns of “blurriness” won’t be as noticeable. The pics here and in the clip the other day definitely show some superb restoration work, and blurry or not, the new CGI is going to look far better than an upscaled Betamax VT source…

    The Borg cube shot is fab as well… I do wish the green glow was a little more prominent, and I think the impulse engine could be a bit more orange and not red/orange, and the bussard collectors almost glow with too much saturation, but that’s a grossly minor nitpick. The Borg green glow was oversaturated in the original, and it’s not shrouded in the remastering… and the horrible amounts of chroma noise were eliminated as well. That Cube pic, with the clip I saw a couple days ago, look FANTASTIC.

    Could CBS-D do better? Possibly or arguably, only for the issue of planet textures. But based on the goal of this project as it stands, the outsourced firm’s work is absolutely competent where it’s needed the most.

    Much thanks for this update!

    • agreed with borg cube missing green colors. besides i believe that cbs-d would have made it less static via new cgi. at least its stays true to the original. starfield also looks not like “hd”. don’t get me wrong, i’m glad that tng gets an overhaul at all, even that the quality level went down compared to season one.

      • Jaro Stun

        starfields looks like they just upscaled whatever was on DVD. Even black level is much worse. I have a similar concern for planets. This S2 is getting me more bitter feeling with every new pic.

        • Chris Jay

          I still love Season 2… the trailer’s have great looking shots…

  • pittrek

    Oh my God, some of the shots look so BAD 🙁 And am I the only one who hates the new colours ? I mean, season 1 had wonderful color correction, so why does season 2 look WORSE ?

    • Chris Jay

      I don’t see any color timing issues… looks the same to me…

      • pittrek

        Honestly ? For example the last set, do you really see let’s say the wall behind Whoopi Goldberg in the same color on both pictures ?

        • trekcore

          The HD is the correct color for the wall 🙂

          • pittrek

            Maybe, but I prefer the DVD colors 🙂

          • trekcore

            And actually the colors of the DVD stills are slightly tweaked. When we took the DVD caps back in 2004, we applied a color-correction to them to give them a warmer look… on some episodes it worked well, on some it didn’t, but it was the first time we’d experimented with it. So the SD image is definitely NOT the color it’s supposed to be!

    • Neill Stringer

      As per season 1 I think the colour correction works here. The shot of Guinan and Picard infrom Q Who in HD looks beautiful

    • Giuseppe

      I’m pretty sure in many episodes what we got on TV or even DVD was not exactly what the director of the episode actually shot in terms of lighting and colours. To me it’s pretty obvious that with BD we can finally see the episode in a manner more consistent with each director’s vision for the episode. I think the more ‘cinematic’ look in some episodes is what was originally intended and for the most part I’d say it looks brilliant.

  • Matthias Currat

    The transporter chief is such a cutie. In Full HD even cuter. 🙂

  • James

    Fantastic! I always liked it when the Enterprise spun on its axis as it does in Time Squared. Is this the only time in which the 2 footer ship was used? I’m glad they kept it in and did not replace it with CGI as it is part of Trek history.

    • Chris Jay

      No, the 2 foot model is used in several shots, like that Borg Cube shot…

  • teri hatcher looks amazing! unbelievable that this is the same person