Three years ago Star Trek fans were delighted when Film Score Monthly released the full expanded soundtrack from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Since then, there has been a whole renaissance of new Star Trek soundtrack releases from a number of different specialist record labels.

One of the leading forces in releasing these much sought-after soundtracks is La-La Land Records who this year put out the critically acclaimed limited edition 3CD release of the soundtrack from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Hot on the heels of that release, La-La Land astounded fans with news that a complete soundtrack collection of the full archive of music from Star Trek: The Original Series would be released in a deluxe 15-CD box set in December 2012.

Our friends at La-La Land have provided TrekCore with some special high-resolution images of the boxset and its contents. We’ll also be working closely with La-La Land to bring you a series of exclusive features on the collection to tide you over until release date on December 4th 2012. Scroll to the bottom of the article for some exclusive samples from the set!

The set is broken down into the three separate seasons of Star Trek: The Original Series.
Each season gets its own special disc casing.

The 15-CD boxset will contain all episode scores as heard in all three original seasons of Star Trek. This special collection has been newly remastered from studio elements and features hours of material previously unreleased in any format. The set is limited to 6,000 units and will be available exclusively from at 1pm (PST). The retail price will be $224.98.

There are five discs per season, each one embellished with wonderful cover-art featuring a character from the series. Seasons are color-coded for easy identification.

Original series composers Alexander Courage, George Duning, Jerry Fielding, Gerald Fried, Sol Kaplan, Samuel Matlovsky, Joseph Mullendore and Fred Steiner are all represented in this deluxe collection, their historic work meticulously assembled, restored and remastered. Four CD booklets featuring over 100 pages with in-depth liner notes from film music writer and Star Trek historian Jeff Bond, complement this set, which is housed in a hardcover slipcase.

The accompanying booklets contain a wealth of information – everything from Jeff Bond’s in-depth liner notes to original composer biographies and lists of musicians, all sumptuously illustrated with classic Star Trek imagery.

This release marks the kind of authoritative collection of original Trek series music that fans have desired for decades. Album producer Lukas Kendall states:

For 45 years, those like me who love this music could only dream about having it all. This is the major, historical piece of sci-fi music, television music and pop culture music that we have always wanted to release in a definitive form for the collector.

It’s also particularly note-worthy that the set will contain a whole chunk of music which has never been heard, as mentioned by La-La Land President MV Gerhard:

A majority of the music featured in this set has never been released. Of that unreleased music, there is a fairly large percentage that no one has ever heard because it was written and recorded for the show, but never featured in the episodes.

TrekCore is able to bring you some exclusive sample tracks from the release for your listening pleasure! You can stream the tracks directly or save them to your computer by right clicking on the links.

Salty Cat – Dressing Down (from “The Man Trap“, Alexander Courage)
Meet Andrea – Android Kirk (from “What Are Little Girls Made Of?“, Fred Steiner)
Mace Fight (from “Catspaw“, Gerald Fried)
It’s Her – Loveliness (from “Metamorphosis“, George Duning)
Battle Music (from “Elaan of Troyius“, Fred Steiner)

Stay tuned to TrekCore for more exclusive news and previews of the set over the coming weeks. Be sure to guarantee your order by ordering from at 1pm (PST).

  • Truly astounding, a definite purchase. Many thanks for these pristine samples!

  • Shatoupee

    Wow, that battle music from Elaan…finally! Thanks, TrekCore, and to the brilliant team at LLL.

  • archer923

    I didn’t think anyone would release all the music from TOS. Now we just need this for the other composers.

  • Neill Stringer

    I would love this but its a little expensive with my current funds. Did anyone get the Generations expanded CD lately? It was awesome.

    • archer923

      Had no idea they did a generations one. Kind of stopped following them, after FSM finished Ron Jones and ST 2/3 discs. Gotta pick it up.

      • ScottDS

        Yeah, the first eight scores have now been expanded and remastered:
        -TWOK and TSFS by FSM
        -TMP and TFF by La-La Land
        -TVH and TUC by Intrada (Intrada also reissued TFF after the La-La Land edition went out of print)
        -GEN and FC by GNP Crescendo

        • There was also an expanded release for the Trek 2009 score by Varese Sarabande in 2010. Insurrection and Nemesis by Jerry Goldsmith are the last two scores awaiting an expanded release.

          • ScottDS

            I was just counting the first ten. 🙂 The Deluxe Edition of the 2009 score is sold out and I don’t see it being reissued anytime soon. It’s safe to say GNP will revisit Insurrection one of these days but the question mark is Nemesis. Varese Sarabande (who also own the rights to the 2009 album) kinda marches to the beat of its own drum.

        • archer923

          That’s really great to hear. I was hoping the other films had gotten their expanded treatment. And the 09 movie expanded score is really great too. That book it came with, is worth it. I hope Nemesis gets done. The score is one of the good parts of the film.

      • hypnotoad72

        I’m tempted by Generations, only because the original release had low volume. There doesn’t seem too much added, but if the volume issue is fixed then that’s great… I loved the score to Generations… but it’ll have to wait; the TOS movie score comes first.

        As was said, VI came out, and has the proper soundtrack (including Kirk’s fight, which was finally nice to hear.)

    • Xavier_Storma

      It was awesome! The album release was missing the best tracks like “Picard’s message” or “Soran kidnaps Geordi” or “Soran’s plan revealed”. And we finally have the filmversion of “Prisoner Exchange”.

      I am listening to it, since it’s release!

  • Dan

    Freaking Awesome, I can’t wait!!!

  • Dave R

    Absolutely FANTASTIC – LaLa Land Records and Jeff Bond, really the best Trek release since Blu Rays of the series and the Solow/Justman back in ’96. Thank You!!!!!

  • trekker670

    They should follow the color scheme from the DVDs and Blurays: S1 = Yellow, S2 = Blue, S3 = Red.

  • Yep, this is pretty much what I’ve been waiting for since the Carter Administration.

  • Greg Price

    As much as I’d love to have this, I think it’s WAY overpriced and the whole “limited edition” thing means that there’s little chance of it ever coming down in price.

    I’m tired of these things becoming “boutique projects” (“Federation: The First 150 Years” being another example). Times are tough, and not all of us can afford $50-100+ for this sort of thing.

    Put them out in a simpler, mass market format and drop the unit price down to $20-30 dollars and I’d be all over it.

    • trekcore

      The set is certainly not overpriced if you break it down per disc… $15 a disc plus all the beautiful liner notes. As we’ll be covering in some upcoming interviews with the producers, the deal only allowed for it to be released as one complete boxset, precluding a “mass market format”

      • hypnotoad72

        Thank you much for the interviews, which are ALWAYS great reads!

        And, at $15 per disc, that’s pretty much on par with mainstream/pop stuff in stores. That’s a pretty good deal, in any estimation.

        Especially adding in the artwork and detailed liner notes, $15 is pretty darn good.

    • hypnotoad72

      Target markets… this isn’t the same camp as the Britney Spears fans.

      Never mind licensing costs, which do add to the price immensely… Trek has always been a higher profile commodity, so it’s inevitable.

      And the restoration work – especially for the customer base being a smaller audience – means higher prices.

      It sounds like the effort put into restoration was top-notch, with the interviews telling enough detail to get me to splurge. And good work should be rewarded with good money. IMHO.

      The same gets to be said for the inestimable Ron Jones collection (Film Score Monthly), and licensing issues prohibited them from getting “The Best of Both Worlds” into the set… and the Jones set was roughly $220 as well.

      On the plus side, the 6 CD Devo remastered set is available only as an import, and costs $250… and Devo is far more pop and general audiences than anything Trek…

  • GarySeven

    Cool! Thanks for posting this. Glad you guys have the scoop. I am so waiting for this to come out. I really hope the limited 6000 printing is enough.

    • trekcore

      Glad you like it GarySeven! More preview tracks coming 🙂

      • GarySeven

        Dig it!

  • GarySeven

    And by the way, I think I’ve just found a new Trek site to come to.

    • hypnotoad72

      Trekcore seems pretty much definitive for me as well! 🙂 Thanks to it, I’ve found out about the TOS CD set, far more blu-ray details than from all other sources combined, and a ton of good stuff.

  • GarySeven

    “The accompanying booklets contain a wealth of information – everything from Jeff Bond’s in-depth liner notes to original composer biographies and lists of musician”

    Lists the musicians…..that’s something I’ve wanted for years. Some of my heroes growing up and I never knew their names.

  • GarySeven

    And dig it! “The Mace Fight”. Never knew that’s what it was called. Always loved that cool piano beginning and platform for the whole piece. Too cool. Man! I can’t wait for this to come out and just listen, study and learn.

  • trekcore

    Did everyone enjoy the preview tracks?? More are on the way!

  • PianoPlayer

    Thanks for the excellent sample tracks, from all three seasons! Less than a week away now. Any more samples before then?

    • trekcore

      Good timing! Watch out for a special update in the next few hours!