First Details of Enterprise S1 Blu-Ray Bonus Features

CBS is well underway prepping the high-definition launch of Star Trek: Enterprise on Blu-Ray. As we previously reported, Enterprise was the only Star Trek series to be filmed natively at high-definition 1080p resolution (although FX shots were rendered at 720p), so CBS has a far easier job putting the show out on Blu-Ray in comparison to the monumental remastering of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

A number of sources have informed TrekCore that Season 1 of Enterprise should be released in mid-late March 2013. Whilst the show was by no means as popular as The Next Generation, CBS have decided to commission another slew of brand-new bonus features to accompany the episodes on the Blu-Ray release. VAM [Value Added Material] Maestros Roger Lay Jr. and Robert Meyer Burnett - responsible for the great work on the TNG Blu-Ray special features - have been brought on board to give fans a candid, honest look at the show's troubled inception. Here's what we know so far about the Season 1 bonus features:

  • The Season 1 set will boast a brand new 3-part documentary (similar to TNG Season 1's "Stardate Revisited") which we've been told is both epiccompelling and incredibly candid.
  • The Season 1 set will include a number of new audio commentaries (expect around 4 episodes to feature commentaries). Furthermore, the show's Executive Producer Brannon Braga has revealed that Season 1's fan-favorite episode "Shuttlepod One" will feature a commentary with BrannonConnor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) and Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed). This is very exciting news, hearing of a commentary featuring the two stars of that particular episode along with the episode's writer and producer.
    [UPDATE: We've confirmed there are in fact five new audio commentaries included with Season 1]
  • The Season 1 release is also set to include an unprecedented special discussion piece between executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. The lengthy piece, entitled "In Conversation" is described as refreshingly candid and "will be watched by the fanbase for years to come" according to Robert Meyer Burnett.

Lay and Burnett have heavily engaged Enterprise's Executive Producer Brannon Braga with these features, and Brannon himself is actively asking the fanbase for suggestions to guide his input into the bonus features. If you have a particular request, an episode you want to hear audio commentary for or any burning questions you have about the show - post them below and we'll make sure they get passed on!

We'll be featuring a special interview with VAM producer Robert Meyer Burnett soon, where he further discusses working on Star Trek Blu-Ray bonus features. We'll also be bringing you a very special video interview we recorded with Brannon Braga back in October at the huge Destination London convention where Brannon spoke to us candidly at length about his time working inside the Star Trek franchise.

Be sure to keep checking back at TrekCore for the latest news and developments relating to Enterprise's launch on Blu-Ray!

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  • Curious

    I love Enterprise. I just found out about the Blurays and will purchase as long as there are many bonus features. TNG is amazing and always will be but there was something about Enterprise – it’s hope in humanity. I would love to hear as much as possible and more audio commentaries years 2,3 and 4. But please don’t let the commentaries be about people slapping people on the back – it needs to be informative – people behind the scenes, writers, producers but also the actors if they cared about the episode (and I think they did care about this show). I am very excited about this!! Thank you CBS. I live in Canada and will purchase this as soon as it is available and of the other seasons.