CBS is well underway prepping the high-definition launch of Star Trek: Enterprise on Blu-Ray. As we previously reported, Enterprise was the only Star Trek series to be filmed natively at high-definition 1080p resolution (although FX shots were rendered at 720p), so CBS has a far easier job putting the show out on Blu-Ray in comparison to the monumental remastering of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

A number of sources have informed TrekCore that Season 1 of Enterprise should be released in mid-late March 2013. Whilst the show was by no means as popular as The Next Generation, CBS have decided to commission another slew of brand-new bonus features to accompany the episodes on the Blu-Ray release. VAM [Value Added Material] Maestros Roger Lay Jr. and Robert Meyer Burnett – responsible for the great work on the TNG Blu-Ray special features – have been brought on board to give fans a candid, honest look at the show’s troubled inception. Here’s what we know so far about the Season 1 bonus features:

  • The Season 1 set will boast a brand new 3-part documentary (similar to TNG Season 1’s “Stardate Revisited”) which we’ve been told is both epiccompelling and incredibly candid.
  • The Season 1 set will include a number of new audio commentaries (expect around 4 episodes to feature commentaries). Furthermore, the show’s Executive Producer Brannon Braga has revealed that Season 1’s fan-favorite episode “Shuttlepod One” will feature a commentary with BrannonConnor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) and Dominic Keating (Malcolm Reed). This is very exciting news, hearing of a commentary featuring the two stars of that particular episode along with the episode’s writer and producer.
    [UPDATE: We’ve confirmed there are in fact five new audio commentaries included with Season 1]
  • The Season 1 release is also set to include an unprecedented special discussion piece between executive producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. The lengthy piece, entitled “In Conversation” is described as refreshingly candid and “will be watched by the fanbase for years to come” according to Robert Meyer Burnett.

Lay and Burnett have heavily engaged Enterprise‘s Executive Producer Brannon Braga with these features, and Brannon himself is actively asking the fanbase for suggestions to guide his input into the bonus features. If you have a particular request, an episode you want to hear audio commentary for or any burning questions you have about the show – post them below and we’ll make sure they get passed on!

We’ll be featuring a special interview with VAM producer Robert Meyer Burnett soon, where he further discusses working on Star Trek Blu-Ray bonus features. We’ll also be bringing you a very special video interview we recorded with Brannon Braga back in October at the huge Destination London convention where Brannon spoke to us candidly at length about his time working inside the Star Trek franchise.

Be sure to keep checking back at TrekCore for the latest news and developments relating to Enterprise‘s launch on Blu-Ray!

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  • jips1993

    I’d had hoped that they would have had a sit down with the cast much like what they did with the TNG cast. Would have been great to watch as I’m a big fan of Enterprise. Still I’m very excited about this and will be buying it as soon as it is released.

    • trekcore

      Ah there’s still time for that! Three more seasons of the show with new VAM for each one, and I’m sure if it’s at all possible, CBS with Roger & Robert will make it happen!

      • archer923

        I hope they expand on the bloopers. I remember in interviews the cast talked about some goofs they did. But we never got to see. Like Dom keating hitting the TOS bridge doors in Mirror Darkly.

  • Meh

    “Shuttlepod One” is an average episode, at best. And pretty much that entire announcement is hyperbole.

    • trekcore

      I loved “Shuttlepod One”… along with “Dear Doctor”, the best episodes of the season! Hyperbole implies exaggeration – there is none in the article, the Enterprise features are shaping up to be simply wonderful!

      • Ashley Williams

        Agreed. For me its more of a question of which episodes did I not like in season 1. After looking just now, there really isn’t any thing. Its just a question of ordering them by how much I like them (which isn’t easy)

  • M. Wright

    Lay and Burnett continue to really impress 🙂

  • Bloopers and the original tv previews.. i couldn’t care less about commentaries…. perhaps a full length music video for the main theme considering it’s the only trek theme to have words

  • Captain Bradley

    I want to see a Doug Drexler extra that talks about his input in the Post TNG era productions as well as some on the Music/Musicians/Composers, Sound Effects, Prop Makers, Model Makers… Etc… I would put that at a higher priority than the commentaries… they are only worth something to me if they had commentaries for each episode… now there’s an idea!

    • M. Wright

      Agreed. I really like Doug and his insight into all things Trek since he is both a life-long fan and a Trek production insider.

  • Quinn

    Boy, I barely recognized Braga in that photo.

  • Leon

    I’d love to see a future on the music of Enterprise, since it’s the first post-TOS series that had some remarkable music with a bit more freedom by the composers.

  • Leon


  • Quinn

    I’d like to see that History Channel documentary about the 2006 Christie’s auction included on one of the ‘Enterprise’ sets. Maybe the ‘Weakest Link’ Trek show, too.


      This documentary you mentioned is available in box Star Trek – Season One – Remastered Edition – Disc 8! And also on Blu-ray!

  • Chris Freeman

    I like all this talk of “candid.” Cause while Enterprise had its moments, overall is was a pretty weak and bland show that missed a lot of opportunities. It could have revitalized Trek, shed the baggage of canon, dealt with social issues in a deeper way than its preceding series (especially since it was post 9/11), tied in with TOS better, mixed up the formula of 7 people and a bunch of extras on a space ship, and I’m sure a lot of other stuff. I am very interested in what opportunities the producers think they missed now being able to look back 10 years.

  • Klaag

    Forget Enterprise, we need remastered Deep Space Nine! The Prophets demand it! (Pretty much the only reason I’ll be buying all the TNG blu ray releases is so CBS will have the cheddah to make DS9. Though sadly, I don’t want it enough to buy Enterprise again. If I ever get the inkling to watch how to run a show into the ground I’ll can just pop in the DVDs.)

    • Ashley Williams

      They will, but it has to go through the same process as TNG. That means it can’t be done until after TNG season 7 is complete. I believe they are planning on that being out in 2014 (a good year since windows XP will officially be dead). So I would count on DS9 season 1 being out in 2015. Possibly even 2014 depending on how TNG goes. Unfortunately that means that voyager won’t be out till around 2018 =( (Yes I love all 5 trek series).

      The good news is that when it does happen, that the team already had 5-6 years of SFX work before they filmed it, so it should (at least the non CG parts) look a lot better. As for the CG parts, well that all depends on the quality of the models they use.

      • archer923

        DS9 stopped using models in the 6th season. VGR was season 3. So the effects work will be more longer for those seasons. I think Doug Drexler tested out the original CGI VGR model and said it still holds up.

        • Ashley Williams

          Depending on how faithful they are to the original DS9 work, it won’t take long at all. Most of the shots were the shot from the last 2 shows + 1 new one. If they go with that, it will cut the requirements. If not, it will take longer. However computers are better today and will be even better in 2015 than they were back in 98. So the rendering time will be essentially “free”.

          • kadajawi

            There is still some modeling to do though. And the animations etc. I don’t know what they used back then, and if they still have all the files (and even then they’ll probably have to work on the models etc. to get them BR ready). But just look at B5. They actually intended to simply rerender it for HD… and it just didn’t work out. Companies went bankrupt, files went missing, and what was there was a mess.

          • archer923

            They have to animate a lot of ship battle shots in HD. And maybe even at 4k. To prepare DS9 for that. That will be a lot of work still. It’s easier now. But still a long process.

        • Ashley Williams

          One thing to this day that I can’t figure out is the claim that the voyager in the opening credits is missing textures. I’ve looked for it and one time I even thought I found them on the stripes on the side, but no the same strange gap is on the physical model as well. I have absolutely no idea what is actually missing from the opening credit’s model. (maybe when they fix it i’ll see it for the first time)

    • Billy Morris

      DS9 deserves the same attention as TNG. This in mind as how long it takes to get that kind of quality. ENT is an amazing stop gap. I underestimated the show way back when and to me it’s one of the best Treks out there -even with it’s 4 seasons. I’m almost certain it could have beaten VOY and DS9 should it have had a full 7 seasons.

      Alas it wasn’t meant to be, partly down to me 🙁

    • dub

      @Klaag – My thoughts exactly!

    • hypnotoad72

      Given all the VHS and DVD releases, which were at very high prices in the past, they’ve enough “cheddah” to sell at prices so low they’d wipe out all the other “cheddah” producers…

      In short, the owners of the Trek franchise have plenty of money already, thanks to all the double-dips in the past.

      Then again, the copyrights and ownership had changed from Paramount to CBS, but who knows… using that cheese analogy, eventually there will be only one media company. Competition has a monopolizing effect; the sooner one gets more cheese the more they set out the traps…

    • archer923

      Dude don’t worry. DS9 and VGR require a lot of work. ENT and TAS don’t. And can be released fairly quickly. At least they are doing it for star trek. How many shows out their will even bother completing an entire line of shows in HD like this? We still don’t get all modern releases of TV shows on bluray still. I’ve lost count to all the shows I bought on bluray. To only get screwed for most of the later seasons.

  • Guest

    What were their plans for the Romulan War storyline if the show had continued? How would they have fit it into the established canon?

  • archer923

    They should make a second version of the opening. Restoring Dennis Mccarthy’s original theme for it. It’s was acher’s theme. Play the complete version of that song cue from the CD soundtrack over the credits. It completely lines up with the title credits.

    • M33

      It would be great if they could do a version with the credit without any vocals at all… just wishful thinking.

      • Ashley Williams

        Did you ever listen to them? They are very appropriate for the show. After getting over the jarring contrast with the other shows, I realized just how well it fit in with the show.

        • archer923

          Yes. But faith was added at the last minute. Archer’s theme was clearly meant to be the original opening. Cause It perfectly syncs. It’s used as the end credits. And for the ship montage in TATV. It just be a nice bonus option to the episodes. Have both faith and the original one.

    • Ashley Williams

      the really wierd part is that I notice 3 different ending credit themes. The first episode had an instrumental “faith of the heart”. The second episode had a variant of what was eventually used in episode three and beyond.

  • Mike C.

    Question to producers: How are they addressing the lower definition FX? Thanks.

    • Quinn

      I recommend reading this post on the forums, quoting Doug Drexler on the “it’s ‘only’ 720p” issue (part of which was quoted by TrekCore in the first Enterprise-on-Blu-ray report):

      The issue is that if the CGI stuff becomes TOO sharply focused, it begins to look “wrong” to our brains. Leaving it at 720p, where it’s blended well on a more “natural” level, will be just fine. The VFX of “Battlestar Galactica” was done in 720p (“Stargate Atlantis” was done in 480p!), and both look fine on Blu-ray

      • Ashley Williams

        I’ve heard that before, but I don’t think Star Trek 2009 was even as low as 1080p. I suspect it was 4k or even 8k. They actually said the way to make it look real is to warp the hull plates just slightly so that the lighting becomes just slightly altered as it moves past each hull plate. Granted I suspect the good old NX-01 probably doesn’t have that level of detail.

        • Quinn

          Well, there’s a difference between a movie meant to be viewed on movie screens and a weekly television show! I’m sure it’ll all look fine, though 🙂

          • Ashley Williams

            Personally I wouldn’t mind spending a little more if it meant movie quality. TNG is getting full 1080p resto. My only concern of redoing the ENT effects is delaying TNG. (I can’t get all 28 seasons of star trek fast enough)

        • archer923

          ENT was done in 2001. Nowadays they preblur CGI to make it match film. They don’t have to downscale stuff to fake blurring anymore.

          • Ashley Williams

            Actually as a programmer who has programmed my own graphics functions in the past. Thats basically how blur works. Or at least one of the blur functions. For all I know they are all essentially downsampling followed by upscaling.

          • archer923

            I actually add blur layers to my composites shots. To blend in better. No down-sampling.

      • M. Wright

        Interesting that comment keeps getting attributed to Doug Drexler, when it is actually his co-worker Adam “Mojo” Libowitz that made it:

  • Billy Morris

    Never have I regretted panning a show so much after giving them a chance again, so I could claim ‘i’ve seen every Star Trek episode’.

    This is actually one of the best series of them all imo. Not quite TNG but definitely chomping at DS9 & VOY’s heels!!

    #I request commentary by Connor & Jolene about the 2nd to last episode where they both put in absolutely stellar performances over their loss, which actually felt symbolic of writers loosing their baby. One of THE MOST emotional TV moments of ALL TIME and must be addressed! #

  • If given the chance, would Brannon make any changes to the final episode? What changes would he make? How would the final episode have looked had the show run 7 seasons?

    How would the relationship between T’Pol and Trip have evolved beyond season 4?

    • Ashley Williams

      Unfortunately you can’t just decide to put them together now. Also unfortunate removing trip’s death would throw off the show a bit as well. It would just be easier to say it doesn’t count as canon since it wasn’t actually 2161 and therefore can just be thrown away as if it was never filmed.

      • Agreed. Just more of a hypothetical question to Brannon Braga.

  • Juan Pablo – ARGENTINA

    Please make packs that have audio tracks and subtitles in Latin American Spanish!!! The Bluray has plenty of room for them in addition to Castilian.

  • Tre


  • James

    I went to Destination Star Trek London, for an unbiased review, click the link:

  • Lee Neville

    Enterprise Season 1 Blu-ray Special Features ideas: Original Episode Previews, Bloopers, Featurette on all Enterprise ships in Star Trek (from the original ocean ship as featured in 1986 Star Trek IV The Voyage Home all the way to the Enterprise-J in Enterprise), Featurette about bridging the gap between Star Trek: First Contact and Enterprise, Featurette on force fields in Star Trek (as developed by Lt. Reed), Featurette on the Prime Directive, The Temporal Cold War Part 1 Featurette, The Vulcan/Human Relationship Featurette, The Klingon/Human Relationship Featurette, Nausicaans in Star Trek Featurette, The Vulcan/Andorian Relationship Featurette, The Vulcan Mind-Meld Featurette, Risa Featurette, Cast Roundtable…

    • M33

      Great suggestions…

      I’d love to see for the season 4 set, what would have the Romulan War storyline been if the series had continued, and how would they have made it fit into the established canon?

    • archer923

      The temporal cold war one is a really good idea. They need to have the reveal of “future guy” in a doco. And not just in text interviews.

  • none

    why enterprise? the dvd is al ready at hd 720….sorry i wont buy this. i prefer a new star trek series or voyager on bluray remasterd

    • Quinn

      No DVD is recorded at 720p. DVD is a standard-definition media.

      • King Chung Huang

        As archer9234 wrote, DVDs are 480i/p (ie: standard definition). 720p and 1080p are both HD resolutions.

    • archer923

      DVD is always 480i/p resolution.

  • As someone who’s looking forward to these Blu-ray boxsets, I’m really pleased to hear there’s going to be audio commentaries from some of the actors. How about some for “Broken Bow” (the pilot) and “Shockwave” (the season finale)? At least one of the commentaries should have Scott Bakula on. A definite must-have would be Jeffrey Combs for the episodes Shran is in, as well as long-time guest actor Vaughan Armstrong (perhaps you could even do a documentary about the many characters both actors have played across the franchise?).

    • trekcore

      We understand that “Broken Bow” is one of the episodes with a new audio commentary recorded.

      • archer923

        That’s cool. So now Broken Bow has the DVD commentary. And a second blu-ray commentary for it?

  • Ursus1970

    A commentary track on Season 1’s “Desert Crossing” would be interesting given that episode’s obviously high production value – Bakula, Trinneer, and guest star Clancy Brown together would be ideal (but I won’t hold my breath)!

  • darkpassenger

    I’d love an isolated music track. Enterprise had the strongest score, esepecially in seasons 3 and 4.

  • Aaron

    It would be great for the Season 4 release to have a short documentary about the potential future season/s and the stories that were not made. Aside from interviews, perhaps a little CG teaser from each story? Refit? Romulan War? Shuttlepod flyby towards the Cloud City? That sort of thing.

  • Will Bueche

    In the US, each season of Enterprise on DVD had a BestBuy retailer exclusive bonus disc with more bonus features. I hope they will be included (and not be retailer exclusive this time).

    • archer923

      They shouldn’t be doing that anymore. Will find out when season 4 comes out. That was when the BB exclusive interviews started with TNG. Plus, the exclusive interviews from the 20th anniversary set for season 7.
      If ENT S1 has the Klingon documentary at comic-con. They got them in the set.

      • Will Bueche

        I seem to recall that for Enterprise, the BestBuy bonus disc content was included on all UK sets — and it was only in America that a few extras were transferred to BestBuy bonus discs. I managed to get 2 or 3 of the BestBuy seasons of Enterprise at the time.

        • archer923

          One way I’m glad Best Buy isn’t popular anymore. I’m sick of companies buying exclusive bonus features.

  • Nathan Manro

    I’d love to see a documentary on the costumes, from design to shots of the staff cutting and sewing, etc. I’d be willing to loan out my screenused collection for this. I’d also like to see some propmakers talk about designing props and some on-set video behind the scenes. And not using the people interviewed for other Trek discs who didn’t even work for Trek but actual production people like Penny Juday. We desperately need some works on this series for fans, books, too.

  • Will Bueche

    The Borg episode deserves a commentary track by the writers, since it took a lot of effort on the part of the writers to work in the First Contact timeline into the past. And it was a daring episode in the way that it did not have any of the regular actors in the first act.

  • archer923

    I’d like an entire cast commentary on TATV. It be only fair. Since the final episode was using fakes of them. Sirtis and Frakes too. And please tell me the text commentaries won’t be removed. CBS/Paramount have been failing with those hard.

  • David K

    so many features I would love to see with Enterprise, especially an ending idea I had, but being that it just my ideal ending it be nice to see features on the characters and cast commentary on the final episode

  • scarecroe

    I would love to see some discussion about NASA and how it has influenced and been influenced by Star Trek. They’ve done featurettes about real science on previous sets, but a whole documentary dedicated to NASA and the space industry would be excellent.

  • Ian Edwards

    Enterprise has been one of my favourite of the Trek shows since it started, so I am very excited by the blu-ray releases. Like other commentators, I would love them to do an informal sit-down with the entire cast, as with ST:TNG.

    I’m curious regarding the justification of sub-HD 720p for the effects and that the inherent blurring is essential. How would this be equated with the new 48fps movie filming pioneered by Peter Jackson for The Hobbit and to be used by James Cameron for the Avatar sequels? The primary point of that format is that it REMOVES motion blur.

  • Curious

    I love Enterprise. I just found out about the Blurays and will purchase as long as there are many bonus features. TNG is amazing and always will be but there was something about Enterprise – it’s hope in humanity. I would love to hear as much as possible and more audio commentaries years 2,3 and 4. But please don’t let the commentaries be about people slapping people on the back – it needs to be informative – people behind the scenes, writers, producers but also the actors if they cared about the episode (and I think they did care about this show). I am very excited about this!! Thank you CBS. I live in Canada and will purchase this as soon as it is available and of the other seasons.