2012 has been a wonderful year for fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation. After years of debate, anticipation and rumors, the remastering of the show into high definition kicked off thanks to a huge restoration project by CBS. The first two seasons of the show have already enjoyed this meticulous remastering are now available on Blu-Ray. For a lot of fans, the show’s third season is when things really start to get interesting. With this fan-favorite season next-in-line to enjoy a Blu-Ray release thanks to CBS-Digital, we’re taking a look at some of the most anticipated scenes from Season 3 that we can’t wait to see in high definition. Here’s our Top 10:

John Doe’s evolved state in “Transfigurations“. This effect was largely created in-camera using a special filter and a special costume that glowed with a special film stock, and it will be interesting to see how much of a digital touch-up will be needed for the remastered episode. [Update: we’ve received clarification that this effect was NOT created in-camera. In both the original and the remastered, it used an actor in a body stocking, which was used as a matte for the glowing effect.]
Roga Danar’s imaginative escape sequences in “The Hunted“. This episode is full of wonderful shots, we can’t wait to see Danar’s Kamikaze run against the Enterprise in the opening act and his unique escape from the transporter beam later in the episode!
The Enterprise orbiting the red giant star in “Evolution“. This has always been one of our favorirtes, but the brief glimpse of the recreated scene in the Season 3 trailer has mouths watering for more of this amazing effects shot!
The Valley of Chula holodeck simulation from “The Defector” – this was our first ever look at Romulus. The obscured detail of the village in the misty valley should be beautiful when remastered in high-definition.
The Enterprise hiding in the Paulson Nebula from “The Best of Both Worlds, Part I” – the smokey model shot already looks amazing in standard definition, and the quick shot seen in the Season 3 trailer is just breathtaking.
The Barzan Wormhole from “The Price” – the first, but hopefully not the last wormhole we’ll get from the 24th century on Blu-ray!
The Enterprise’s harrowing escape from the asteroid field in “Booby Trap” – another sequence seen quickly in the Season 3 trailer; this is some pretty amazing model work which should look just wonderful in high definition.
Gomtuu’s energy defense from “Tin Man” – this is one of the most unusual effects in the whole seven seasons of the show, and we just can’t wait to see it recreated with modern CG techniques.
A very close contender for the top spot, the Enterprise‘s atmospheric entry sequence from “Deja Q” is a magnificent scene. Even in SD, this scene impresses on so many different levels, but glimpsing a short preview of it in the Season 3 trailer was jaw-droppingly incredible. The full shot is going to look simply beautiful.
The Enterprise-C and famous Klingon battle sequences from “Yesterday’s Enterprise“. The episode is arguably one of the best in the season, and seeing the whole Klingon engagement in HD is going to be epic. One of our sources has described seeing the Enterprise-C in HD as “starship porn”… we totally agree. “Let’s make sure that history never forgets… the name… Enterprise.”

Let us know which moments you’re most looking forward to in the remastered Season 3 Blu-Rays… leave your comments below! Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 on Blu-Ray is due for release in April 2013 (subject to change). Order Seasons 1 and 2 on Blu-Ray using the links below!

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  • Quinn

    Must… preorder…

  • Daniel Shock

    Hmm… I always thought that #3 was a modified version of this effect from TMP – see at 25 seconds into this clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpWyLeKUrtk

    • hypnotoad72

      Ditto. Looked like the same effect, sans Earth.

      Thanks for the link – I had no idea Vger looked like that. Now it makes TMP even more chilling (not an easy task), as the interior cloud shots show how tiny the Enterprise is by comparison to THAT…

    • Bjoernar Dohm

      Quite correct.

  • Simon

    You are correct Daniel, it’s a clever re-use of the VFX from V’Ger’s metamorphosis from our dimension into another.

  • I’m a sucker for great ship shots and Season 3 is full of them. I don’t know if it’s planned at all but I was wondering if the remastering team are going to slightly modify a few things I’ve always noticed throughout the years. In “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, the Enterprise-C model is beautifully battle-scarred, yet when the Enterprise-D gets absolutely hammered at the end, it’s completely clean (despite the interior Bridge being on fire and the warp-core about to breach!). It would be nice to see a few battle scars and possibly explosions on the outside as the two remaining birds-of-prey close in for the kill. Similarly, in “The Best Of Both Worlds Part 1” early on the Borg use a cutting-beam to slice across the side of the ship, yet it doesn’t leave any sort of mark! Finally, in the awesome ending to “Booby Trap”, we see a nice little thruster jet coming out the side of the ship when Picard fires one of the thrusters to avoid the first asteroid. Yet when he fires the thruster on the other side to turn back the same way, there’s no jet, despite using the exact same model shot (it’d also be nice to see a jet when Picard does his ultra-cool slingshot around the final asteroid).

    Whether any of this is possible with some CGI or not, I just thought I’d suggest it. Whatever happens, I know this is going to be the best-looking season yet!

    • trekker670

      Those would all be nice corrections/adjustments to make, but, unfortunately, due to their strict philosophy of recreating the original, I doubt they’ll happen.

    • $38633853

      I think to add much of this, they’d have to motion track the shot, for example I used Boujou… and I get promising results even with the SD versions of shots, so with the sources they have, it’d most likely be perfect… here’s the video I threw together months ago…


    • archer923

      It would break what was done in all the star trek shows and movies. Rarely do we ever see battle damage on the ships. St 2/3, ENT C, ENT Season 3, Generations, and year of hell are really the few times they showed them. Even though in most episodes they are blasted to hell and back. Nero blasted the ENT in 09. And it was in tip top shape.

      • Matt_Cardiff_UK

        I agree with that – it annoyed me (and still does) that we rarely get to see battle damage that lasts more than 44 minutes. The beginning to ST:III and Voyager’s ‘Year of Hell’ were the best examples I could think of where it adds drama.

    • Ashley Williams

      I don’t think it can be done unless its a CGI replacement. They said they will not replace anything they have all the film for. I think they made an exception for the borg interior because you could see the brush strokes. Personally I would LOVE to see the enterprise get beat up by the borg and the klingons in season 3, but I don’t expect it to happen.

  • Sky

    I’m looking forward to every little peace of this season in HD!!! And I want Season 2 VFX to be re-remastered!!!

    • Ashley Williams

      Unfortunately from what I saw other than the planets, most issues in season 2 were just from bad original shots. The 2ft model made WAY to many appearances and was used for things it wasn’t intended for.

      • archer923

        The 2ft model was used in season 1. Don’t always blame its poor appearance for HTV’s crappy shots.

        • Bjoernar Dohm

          In season 1, the 2-foot model was used for distant shots. It was never intended to be seen up close. Back in the 80s, when the effects team needed to shoot additional material they probably thought that standard definition wouldn’t betray the serious limitations of such tiny and less detailed model, but it certainly shows in high definition. (Actually, I think it shows even in sd).

          • archer923

            I know that. But CBS-D knows how to make it look as best as possible. HTV made it look even worse in shots, it didn’t need to be.

          • Ashley Williams

            The only way they could fix the 2ft model is to replace it with CG. Unfortunately they said that if they have the footage they won’t do that. Personally I would have preferred a full CGI restoration for consistency.

          • archer923

            That would make one season take a whole year. I don’t complain about its bad look because it’s a bad model. I complain about the poor job they did with compositing.

    • New Horizon

      There is a lot more going on than bad original shots. The compositing is pretty horrid in a lot of scenes, matte lines, blurry halos around heads and bodies in front of view screens, the overuse of DNR, mis-aligned lighting passes, distorted film elements. It’s passable, but compared to Season 1 it’s an absolute mess.

      Yes, CBS-Digital, please redo Season 2. Please, please, please.

      • hypnotoad72

        Absolutely seconded!!!

        Everything you’ve said is true, though TBH the excess DNR wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. But the recomposition of layers was often out of order, the uneven color timing turning so much blue into teal, the Enterprise looking squished…

        Even the live action shots with the blue halo around the viewscreen, especially and frequently in “Where Silence Has Lease”.

        Keep in mind, a number of scenes did use that ghastly 2′ model, but that does not cover the color timing issues (even the Borg episode has an overly-bright Borg cube and the Enterprise with turquoise nacelles…)

        Surprisingly, the thing I had the least issue with was the lackluster CGI planets, which often did a decent job! Everything else surrounding those was very variable, though, and it’s shocking.

        It is, ultimately, passable, but “mess” doesn’t begin to describe season 2’s handling, and not all of it was due to somebody using the “we used a chisel and potato peeler to carve out” 2′ model with…

        Heck, I would even pay $30 to see CBS do it right.

        To be fair, comparing SD and HD, the HD version has the Borg cube coloring more subdued and less tacky. And in SEVERAL shots the improvement was noted and much appreciated. It’s not been a total blunder, but how much was rushed through is pretty obvious as well, and all that does is make the whole thing feel less than it’s worth.

        Thankfully season 3 is being done by CBS, with everything looking far better already.

        • New Horizon

          I would pay extra to have CBS-D remake Season 2. I honestly would. Having it done right means that much to me. As it stands, I refuse to buy Season 2. The only way I might buy it is ‘used’ for around 15 or 20 dollars…even then, I’m doubtful.

          • falkan

            I am right there with you on this one. If CBS-D can fix Season 2, they’ll have my money. I am actually more exited about the new remastered TNG seasons than I am about the new movie! But I can’t buy Season 2 as it is now. Hideous.

    • trekcore

      Let’s keep Season 2 talk to Season 2 articles please. I’m not having every comments thread turned into a critique on the second season.

      • $38633853


  • $38633853

    I think this sums up most of what I’m wanting to see. 🙂

  • Nathan Manro

    Season 3 was the best of all TNG seasons followed closely by Season 5. The best episodes? Best of Both Worlds. Yesterdays Enterprise. The Most Toys. Who Watches the Watchers? I refused to buy Seasons 1 and 2 but can’t wait for the season that made TNG a classic! I agree with two on your list but not really excited about the others so much.

    • James

      Have to strongly disagree. Season 6 was the best. In the behind the scenes interviews with the writers, even they admit it was the best season.

  • archer923

    Tin man’s shockwave was a use of the ST TMP shockwave from VGER. They don’t need to use CGI.

    • $38633853

      They might still use CGI to give it some extra subtle oomph! ya know?

      • archer923

        I already checked them. The animations are the same. I guess they could tweek the wide shot of the shockwave that knocks them away. That one was more like Praxis blowing up.

  • SFSeries&Movies

    Really looking forward to this!

  • Matt Littledyke

    I also can’t wait to see the final battle in yesterday’s enterprise and the arrival of the Borg in the best of both worlds

  • Christopher Letch

    all i want is s3’s release date uk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hypnotoad72

    Will “Booby Trap” have the original climactic music as well? “The Ron Jones Project” soundtrack set having the original music piece could make it a viable option, though the original (partial rehash of “Where Silence Has Lease”‘s climactic piece) worked well, too…

    • trekcore

      Don’t expect music to change from the original broadcast version!

    • archer923

      The original score cue doesn’t cut in with the scene. I’ve tried timing it up. It’s about a minute short.

  • Jack

    Yesterday’s enterprise was the best episode in the whole series! In fact, I belive that it was the best episode in all of Star Trek!

    • $38633853

      I would say the best battle in Season 3, and in general of TNG, since there wasn’t that many battles in TNG… but I think the Mutara Battle in TWoK was the best in all of Star Trek.

  • pittrek

    Sorry if it’s a stupid question but was the release date of season 3 announced already ?

    • archer923

      No confirmed date has been announced.