Last month Yahoo TV posted an exclusive preview of the 3-part documentary “To Boldly Go – Launching Enterprise”. Unfortunately, the video was restricted to fans in the United States only. Thankfully CBS have now released the video through YouTube so fans worldwide can watch.

The clip features executive producer Brannon Braga and actor Scott Bakula talking about the character of Captain Jonathan Archer. Bakula recalls how initially he wasn’t interested in the role of Captain Archer under the assumption that the character would follow on from Kate Mulgrew’s Janeway. When producers told him that their intention was to place the character 100 years before Kirk and Spock, Bakula was more than happy to sign on the dotted line.

In addition to the three-part documentary chronicling Enterprise‘s conception, the Blu-Ray set features a candid conversation piece between producers Rick Berman and Brannon Braga, a never-before-seen exposé on the filming of an Enterprise episode in “On the Set” and a whole raft of new audio commentaries in addition to the original collection of bonus material from the DVD release.

Fans worldwide can lock in a pre-order for Season 1 of Star Trek: Enterprise below.

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  • Mike C.

    Not afraid to say that I will buy this ASAP. Can’t wait to watch on my 60″.

  • archer923


  • This will definitely be a rental for me, I’m interested solely in the bonus features especially if they are truly “candid”. This series is unfortunately 75% rubbish with only a few glimmers of good storytelling. I was very excited prior to the series debut, but it only took 2 or 3 episodes for Enterprise to drive me away.