Cover Art for On Board the USS EnterpriseWe recently announced the upcoming release of the new book by Star Trek stalwarts Mike & Denise Okuda titled “On Board the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D”, an inside look at one of Star Trek‘s most recognizable ships. The book comes with a special CD-ROM featuring an interactive tour of some of the more familiar locations on the ship, recreated using the latest computer-generated wizardry.

The “Okuda” name always brings a lot of anticipation with non-fiction Star Trek titles, and this is no exception. As part of our ongoing coverage of the release, we’ve got some new images from inside the book as well as some exclusive stills of the interactive tour featured on the bonus CD-ROM.

A number of people have asked about system requirements for the CD-ROM. The tour is presented as a browser-based package and can be viewed in any “suitable web browser”, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. We’ve included a photo of the system requirements and instructions for those worried about compatibility issues.

On Board the USS Enterprise CD ROM

The following images are stills from the interactive guide developed with the skills of CG guru Tobias Richter. The guide profiles a number of popular locations on the ship using brand new high resolution CG recreations of the sets.

“On Board the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D” is published by Barrons Educational in North America and Carlton Books in Europe. It is scheduled for release on March 14, although we’re told Amazon has already started early shipping! Order your copy today:

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