Cover Art for On Board the USS EnterpriseWe recently announced the upcoming release of the new book by Star Trek stalwarts Mike & Denise Okuda titled “On Board the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D”, an inside look at one of Star Trek‘s most recognizable ships. The book comes with a special CD-ROM featuring an interactive tour of some of the more familiar locations on the ship, recreated using the latest computer-generated wizardry.

The “Okuda” name always brings a lot of anticipation with non-fiction Star Trek titles, and this is no exception. As part of our ongoing coverage of the release, we’ve got some new images from inside the book as well as some exclusive stills of the interactive tour featured on the bonus CD-ROM.

A number of people have asked about system requirements for the CD-ROM. The tour is presented as a browser-based package and can be viewed in any “suitable web browser”, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. We’ve included a photo of the system requirements and instructions for those worried about compatibility issues.

On Board the USS Enterprise CD ROM

The following images are stills from the interactive guide developed with the skills of CG guru Tobias Richter. The guide profiles a number of popular locations on the ship using brand new high resolution CG recreations of the sets.

“On Board the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D” is published by Barrons Educational in North America and Carlton Books in Europe. It is scheduled for release on March 14, although we’re told Amazon has already started early shipping! Order your copy today:

Order On Board the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

  • archer9234

    Tobias, the man knows his work. *dies from all the small details*.

    • Sky

      Ja, großartige Arbeit Tobias!!!!

    • ShaunKL

      How can you tell?

      • archer9234

        Tobias used the jefferies tube access door in Main Engineering. VS. the turbo Lift from eailer seasons.

        • Sky

          …And the transporter platform is the latest one!!

          • archer9234

            Ah yeah. I forgot they added the pentagon pattern to the floor pads. And the tweaked wall graphic.

  • Bart

    Great book, preordered mine already. But… why a CD? I just got a new iMac which has no CD drive anymore. I’ll copy the CD from another mac, no problem, but there are other ways of distributing content. Providing a download link would have been a good option.

  • Guest

    Disc’s are just easier. Dumb that your PC doesn’t have a drive. They haven’t reached floppy disk uselessness yet.

    • Mickey

      Sure they have, and so have books. The whole thing should be digital. I can appreciate them doing it for the novelty/nostalgia aspect, though. I almost expect to buy this at Software Etc.

      • archer9234

        If they were. The ST soundtracks wouldn’t be coming out on CD still. You may like digital only. But people like me still like physical. It just needs to be avilaibe as both.

    • M. Wright

      Since the content is only ~102MB and HTML based, I’d bet you could copy the files right off the CD and on to a USB flash drive instead. So as long as you have access to a CD-ROM drive from someone I’d think you’d be fine.

  • Mickey

    Books that come with “interactive CD-ROMs?” Hah, the 90s return!

  • Bart

    Besides from the great release this will be, how will the quality be when it comes on a CD? How can they fit high quality content within 700Mb?

    • trekcore

      The content is only 102Mb actually.

  • Clearly what needs to be done with these great 3D recreations is to make it into GTA-type console game where the ENTIRE interior layout of the Enterprise-D is represented (most of it is repetitive anyway). You can exit your quarters, walk into the nearest turbolift, go to different decks, screw with crewmembers, disrupt their work, shoot phasers at them, steal a shuttle, cause general mayhem, play out different episode scenarios, etc.

    • So, the Virtual Voyager mode in the Elite Force 1 expansion?

    • Sky


    • ‘Cause that’s what being in Starfleet is all about, right?

      • Well, in my defense, there were several episodes where the crew (for one reason or another) acted out of character and mayhem ensued… so it would be very much in keeping with what we saw on the show itself. Episodes like “The Naked Now,” “The Schizoid Man,” “Sarek,” “Brothers,” “Night Terrors,” “The Mind’s Eye,” “The Game,” and “Power Play” come to mind.

        Basically, what I’m talking about would be a video game version of the kind of stuff Barclay was doing in the holodeck during the teaser of “Hollow Pursuits” when he pushes his superior officers around… or to take a page from Voyager, it’s like what Paris does in “Worst Case Scenario.”

        You wouldn’t find that even the slightest bit entertaining or amusing?

  • daf

    most people still prefer books cause people want to have something in
    their hands, same goes with CD’s. The hell with digital, it sucks…
    Take for instance a mix album by some DJ. If you want it digital it
    doesn’t even have cue points so no way to skip in it except fast
    forwarding and no way to know where each track begins.

  • Sky

    THAT IS WHAT I WAS ALWAYS LOOKING FOR AND DREAMING OF!!!!!! Me interactive on my beloved enterprise-d!!!!! Maybe they will do a video game with the amazing cg of tobias richters enterprise-d – that would shoot it all!!!!

  • Matt_Cardiff_UK

    The new screen shots are insanely beautiful. I love Tobias’ work.

  • AD

    Breathtaking. Imagine what a TNG animated series with the original cast doing voice overs would be like.

    • Sky

      At todays cgi it could almost look photo realistic!!! Nice idea!! I also would love to have a “real life” video game with this fabulous graphic!!! I really hope they will do it!!!

  • Eric


  • NCC-73515

    The 3D interior looks very much like

  • Got the book. Not too crazy about it. It makes for a nice picture book, but no new/interesting/detailed info to be found.

    The thing about this book I was most looking forward to is what I’m most disappointed in: the “360” tour. You can obviously tell from the book – with wire-frames and full rendered images – there was some decent interior 3D modeling put into this project. The problem is, they way the tour is presented, you can’t experience it.

    The tour is designed I believe in xml to run in any browser, but all it does is merge a series of 2D images of the renders (the files of which you can easily find on the CD) to give the appearance that you’re actually in the 3D model. Also, for as detailed and accurate as models can be, there’s several layout issues and typos. Some of the layout inaccuracies are the ready room (couch is on the wrong wall), Engineering office (wall across from the window is inaccurate), and CMO office(for some reason there’s a door in the office itself). The typos I noticed were the Observation Lounge door on the Bridge being labeled “Turbolift,” the Master Situation Monitor (the big, side-view cut away of the ship in engineering) lists the ship as “NCC-1801-D” (this can also be seen in the book), and Picard’s book of the collected works of Shakespeare in his Ready Room has a picture of him in it instead of the bard.

    I’m glad I only paid $12 (on sale through Amazon) for it, but I feel that most could probably skip it.

  • buzzcut10

    The conference room door is labelled “turbolift”! Inspiring!