La-La Land Records aren’t ones for slowing down. The groundbreaking release of Star Trek: The Original Series – The Complete Soundtrack has barely been out two months and the label are already preparing to delight Trekkie music fans once again with the release of a 4 Disc Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Soundtrack Collection. The set is scheduled for release on February 12 and should retail for $49.98. Our friends over at La-La Land sent us this first look at the cover art for the upcoming release:

Modern day Star Trek music has always been a tricky beast for soundtrack releases on account of the sheer volume of music out there. When we spoke to Lukas Kendall in December, he pointed to this as a hurdle for “complete” releases:

With modern day Star Trek series, there’s a much larger quantity of music that was recorded because they did an original score for each and every episode. In the case of the newer Star Trek series and the composers who did many more episodes than Ron [Jones] did, by necessity we have to excerpt their work.

To that end, this collection brings together some of the finest cues from a whole range of different episodes taken from all seven seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Previous releases from DS9 have been limited to the original pilot soundtrack album (Music from “Emissary”), released by GNP Crescendo Records in 1993 and music from two episodes of Season 4, “The Visitor” inThe Best of Star Trek Volume 1 and “The Way of the Warrior” in The Best of Star Trek Volume 2, also from GNP Crescendo. This makes La-La Land’s new set the largest collection of music from Deep Space Nine to date.

Similar to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection that the label put out last year, this set celebrates the different composers who worked on Deep Space Nine and is broadly divided into categories based on the composers:

  • Disc One features music by Dennis McCarthy including cues from episodes such as “Duet“, “The Circle“, “The Die is Cast“, “Far Beyond the Stars” and many more.
  • Disc Two features music by Jay Chattaway with cues from episodes including “The Search“, “Call to Arms“, “The Changing Face of Evil” and many more.
  • Disc Three features the huge array of guest composers who worked on Deep Space Nine, titled “New Recruits” and showcases the works of John Debney, Richard Bellis, David Bell, Gregory Smith and Paul Baillargeon.
  • Disc Four sports the intriguing title of “The Lost Album” and puts the spotlight on three episodes with a fuller selection of cues from these episodes. All will be revealed soon, but I will tell you that the first episode on the disc is “Our Man Bashir“!

As before, we’re working with our friends at La-La Land to bring you some great coverage of this release including (hopefully) interviews with set producers Mark Banning and Ford A. Thaxton, sample tracks and full track listings. Stay tuned!

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Collection is due for release on February 12, 2013 from La-La Land Records and will be priced at $49.98. The set can be ordered on release day at

  • Chris

    Sooo looking forward to this release and can’t believe it’s so close to release. Squee!

  • This is outstanding news. I see David Bell listed – I really hope his work on Favor the Bold and Sacrifice of Angels is included.

    • trekcore

      I’ve always loved Bell’s work on “Sacrifice of Angels” … I think we won’t be disappointed, Mike!

    • Legolars

      Favor The Bold was composed by Jay Chattaway…

  • Quinn

    This is AMAZING! I’m so happy to see this kind of love given to DS9… I’m not even a huge soundtrack fan, but this feels like a day-one purchase to me!

    I just hope that there’s some of the Vic’s Lounge music stuff in the works, the music from “Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang” gets stuck in my head even 10+ years after the airing!

  • archer923

    Three letters: OMG. It’s a start at least. I just need complete scores from Voyager episodes. And I’ll be happy. Still mad Caretaker was incomplete. As long as every score is released, at some point. I don’t care if these are collection sets. It be nice to get a TAS score someday.

  • As I’ve said on Facebook earlier today, I am seriously excited about this! Some of the music in DS9 is outstanding, some of it short but memorable such as when the Defiant joins the fleet at the end of “Call to Arms” or during her final battle in “The Changing Face of Evil” (both of which I hope is on here!). While I live in the UK, I will be doing everything I can to order this. Thanks Trekcore for this exclusive and thanks to LaLa Land Records for releasing it.

  • Neill Stringer

    Defintely buying this one.

  • I am in some deep trouble with all these new collections.

  • Muldfeld

    Very happy about this. I’ve been dying for the music from the last few episodes of the series since the show ended in 1999 and all I found in the store in 2000 were the aforementioned releases.

  • James

    Holding out for the Voyager soundtrack. I’ve been waiting for the David Bell ‘Dark Frontier’ theme for a long long time.

    I hope they release these in the UK

  • Chris

    This is great news. “Sacrifice of Angels” is the big one, but I’m hoping the scores from “Shattered MIrror” (the Defiant and Birds of Prey zipping around the pylons and the Defiant taking on the giant cruiser) and “Tears of the Prophets” (the big space battle for the Chin’toka system) are included as well. “A Time to Stand” and “Rocks and Shoals” also had nice scores if I remember correctly.

    I picked up the TNG collection from LaLa after reading this news, as their collection covers the stuff that the massive official TNG boxset was missing. Can’t wait for the DS9 one. I’m hoping they cover Voyager as well at some point. While it did seem to riff on DS9’s cues as time went on, I’d purchase it just for the “Scorpion” score. That was epic, and up there with “The Best of Both Worlds” in terms of being an integral part in making the two-parter so good. Some of Voyager’s action scores were really flat and one-dimensional, whereas “Scorpion” and “Dark Frontier” really added to the atmosphere and pace.

  • I love the music of DS9, and this looks awesome, but I hope the Blu-rays are next. They could start season 1 of DS9 remastered with season 6 of TNG Remastered. Once TNG is done, they could start Voyager. It would be just like how they aired on TV, but with two seasons per year rather than one.
    Ultimately, I hope this generates enough interest to get another Star Trek show off the ground, preferably set in the prime universe. Or even two TV shows (1 prime, 1 Abrams) would be cool.
    Sorry about the rant. I’m sick of Paramount/CBS sitting on their butts when it comes to new Trek other than the Abrams films.

  • SFSeries&Movies

    Just ordered it! 😉

  • Arrived today, listening to it as we speak! 😉 Thanks TrekCore for posting this, otherwise I’d probably would hear of it far too late!

    • trekcore

      Snap! Our review copy just landed at TrekCore HQ! Glad to hear you got yours too. Watch out for a great interview with the producer of the set we have coming out soon, plus our full review!

      • TrekCore is one of the pages I check out daily so that won’t be a problem! 😉