announced today that all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be re-released in newly-designed packaging this April 16 as an exclusive. All previously-released DVD content is reported to be included – but the newly-produced Blu-ray documentaries, of course, will not.

The new packaging features silhouettes of Picard, Data, Crusher, Riker, La Forge, Troi, and Worf, along with an oddly-structured main title logo on each set. Strangely, the sets featuring Crusher has her in gold, wearing a Season One uniform… and the set featuring Troi has her wearing a red version of her ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ outfit, headband included!


While some may question the need for a new DVD release in this age of high definition Blu-rays, keep in mind that these sets have a suggested retail price of $47.99 (though will likely sell for less) – a much more budget-friendly starting price than the Blu-Ray releases, appealing to those who aren’t as fussed about the remastering (although really – after seeing the Blu-Rays, we could never turn back!)

If you’re still looking to purchase the show on DVD, now is a good time to buy, as these prices are the some of lowest ever offered for the series sets.

  • archer9234

    An interesting design. Though why not make them for a DVD remastered version? Like TOS did.

    • Mike Jones

      Most likely to get rid of the stock of the original DVD’s which they undoubtedly have amassed somewhere. I know how they feel, my 75 quid each Next Gen DVD’s have since become redundant too.

      • archer9234

        Well, to be fair. The TNG DVD sets should be kept. Along with DS9 and VGR. The remasters aren’t 100% identical the the SD masters. like TOS/TAS/ENT/Movies are. Which is why I’m keeping mine.

        • hypnotoad72

          There are differences, and I’m keeping my season 2 DVD set for obvious reasons ( 🙁 ), but all in all the blu-rays do a spectacular job with scene cut/music timing and matching up to the originals… And, for example, I never want to look at the SD of “The Arsenal of Freedom” again, where half the f/x shots are mired by a ginormous NTSC color test pattern bleeding into the outer space background! The blu-ray remastering is nothing less than “utterly phenomenal”, even if there are one or two minor hiccups between scene cuts or something.

          Even the 2 seconds of upscaled SD film for “We’ll Always Have Paris” is virtually unnoticeable, mostly because of the composition and limited time it’s shown. (the color regrading to get Riker’s visage to match up to the remastered film elements was nicely done, might I add…)

          • archer9234

            I wasn’t really referring to that. Yes the original masters are bad. But I’m keeping them more-so for the SD only effects (the planets etc) and lost model footage that couldn’t be found. This is what makes it not 100% identical.

  • hypnotoad72

    I may be a blu-ray convert, but those box designs are wonderfully innovative artwork.