bobw_fathomWe can officially report that the upcoming Season 3 theatrical celebration of Star Trek: The Next Generation has been scheduled for Thursday, April 25… and will feature the much-anticipated movie-length edit of “The Best of Both Worlds” on the big screen!

Tickets are on sale now!

Along with the ninety-minute, completely remastered screening of the episodes, the CBS/Fathom event will also feature a look at the disc-exclusive documentary featurette, entitled “Regeneration: Engaging the Borg”. If we’re lucky, we may also get a glimpse at the all-new “Best of Both Worlds” gag reel, which will also be included with the Blu-ray when it’s released on April 30.

Currently, the only theaters scheduled to show the event are in the United States, and like Season 2, it doesn’t look like the event will extend to Canadian theaters. Here is the official write-up for the event from Fathom:

Fathom Events and CBS Home Entertainment are coming together again to celebrate Season 3 of the iconic series Star Trek: The Next Generation® in a special one night big screen event. For the first time ever, The Best of Both Worlds will be shown bigger and better as a full-length presentation only on Thursday, April 25th at 7:00 PM (local time) in select cinemas nationwide.

This not to be missed movie theater event will feature one of the most memorable moments in TV history and exclusive clips about the making of The Best of Both Worlds and Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3.

Set in the 24th century, The Next Generation was created by Gene Roddenberry over 20 years after the original Star Trek series. The Next Generation became the longest running series of the Star Trek franchise, consisting of 178 episodes over 7 seasons. Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Best of Both Worlds is the first opportunity to see The Best of Both Worlds, one of the greatest TV episodes of all time, as a gloriously remastered full-length feature in select movie theaters nationwide on Thursday, April 25th at 7:00 PM (local time).

Resistance is futile so buy your tickets today!

While you’re counting down the days until April, lock in your pre-order for the both the Season 3 and the Best of Both Worlds remastered Blu-Ray sets below!

Order TNG - "The Best of Both Worlds" Feature Blu-Ray today!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Blu-Ray today!

  • DangerousDac

    WHAT THE HELLL!??! Missing Season 1 and 2 in the UK killed me, missing this is going to be fucking unbearable!

    • While I’m happy that people enjoy these presentations and in principle I appreciate that CBS is willing to shell out some money to put these episodes in theaters as an extra treat for the fans, the technical quality unfortunately leaves much to be desired. You are probably better off watching this at home.

      NCM Fathom typically uses sub-2K advertising projectors to present all their events (and most have poor lumen output as well for the size image they are required to project) and the content (at least in my experience) is shown off of a run-of-the-mill satellite DVR set top box and likewise compressed to make that kind of presentation possible. The Blu-rays will almost certainly look superior and have a higher bit rate.

      I was hoping that CBS would, just this one time, pay a bit extra to have a professional 2K DCP (Digital Cinema Package) created so “The Best of Both Worlds” could be shown in theaters in the best quality possible on their primary 2K cinema projectors. But the fact that they are still going with NCM Fathom means that this is sadly not the case.

      Again, I hope most fans enjoy the show (really, I do), but don’t worry DangerousDac, missing this will not kill you and hopefully armed with the above knowledge it will be just a tiny bit more bearable. 🙂

      • hypnotoad72

        On the plus side, poor quality or not, it gets people out and join into cool social events.

        It’s sad that the equipment being used is sub-par, though…

  • Guest

    I second that

    • Guest

      Why did they do season 1 in Australia but not this or S2?

  • New Horizon

    You’ve got to be kidding me…no event in Canada again? This is just depressing. I’ve been looking forward to this one. Come on, get the event extended to Canada CBS.

  • archer9234

    They really should house events around the world too. It’s not really fair to foreign fans. Nice site update Trekcore.

    • trekcore

      We’ve asked a number of times, unfortunately it seems like they will stay U.S.-only events. Hope the update is ok with everyone.

      • hypnotoad72

        Love the site update!

        And it’s a shame these events are now US-only… 🙁

        • trekcore

          Thanks hypnotoad! It was a lot of work!

  • George

    Omg, BOBW on the big screen :p, lets see those damn borgs in all its detail!.

    It will not be played on my country, i know that for sure, but if i were in USA i will watch it asap.



  • Nothing for the UK? why? many would buy tickets.

  • New Horizon

    Out of curiosity…aren’t these presentations streamed? If so, why is it such a big deal to deliver them worldwide, especially to the USA’s neighbor to the north, Canada? There is still plenty of time to make this happen CBS, bring Best of Both Worlds to the big screen in Canada! Please, please, please!

    • In my single experience with the S2 event, the 3-hour-plus program was downloaded onto a Dish Network DVR before the show and the file was played (and also paused, and rewound, and fast forwarded due to technical issues) just as one would do at home with on-demand content.

      • New Horizon

        Yeah, that’s what I thought. I know that’s what they did for the TOS R event a few years ago with The Menagerie. It was awesome seeing that on the big screen.

        I simply don’t understand why they wouldn’t bring this to Canada. Best of Both Worlds is a MUST to see on the big screen now that it has been restored.

        I’ve been trying to get in touch with the distributor of the Season 1 event here in Canada, perhaps more people could do that? The address is . Maybe if more people inquire they will attempt to get it.

  • The first event for season one was in all cineplex theatres in Canada, then season 2 and now Season 3 are USA only? Good to know fathom and CBS think that highly of the Canadian fans.