Since 1972, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror Films have been honor the the best actors and productions in genre works with the Saturn Award – past acting winners include William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew, Jeri Ryan, Jolene Blalock;  production winners include Star Trek VI, Star Trek: The Next Generation (twice!), and the 2004 DVD release of The Original Series.


Today, the Academy announced that the Blu-ray releases of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Seasons 1 & 2) have been nominated for this year’s award for best television DVD/Blu-ray release!

Congratulations to the team at CBS Home Entertainment and to everyone else who has worked so hard to bring this series back to life in high definition!

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  • nicrog

    Thought you would post the DS9 soundtrack interview at the end of last week and now it’s still not posted 🙁

    • trekcore

      Not really the place to post, nicrog – but our interview with Ford Thaxton for the DS9 Soundtrack is still with Ford for checking. It should be out this week if his schedule isn’t too heavy.

  • MattR

    Looking at the other nominees, I can’t really see TNG losing this award.

  • archer9234

    They definitly need to win this. The CBS-D team has gone above in quality any other company has done with remastering a show/movie.

    • hypnotoad72

      The only other possible contender is the BBC for their top-notch practices for 26 years’ worth of “Doctor Who” episodes… or all the episodes that exist, and then taking audio tracks and cleaning them and getting an animation company to do animated artwork for the missing episodes of certain stories…

      For seasons 1 and 3 (and likely every other season they do in-house), CBS-D has indeed gone far above and beyond anyone’s expectations with quality — and even when season 1 was released with a few goofs, CBS’s response was really a massive classy class-act that only made me feel more considered as a customer. In general, one doesn’t often get that these days… But the time to not only reassemble all the f/x film elements (and correctly), and occasionally add subtle enhancements that add to but do not detract from the intended experience (e.g. 11001001, TBOBW)… you bet CBS deserves, on top of other things, awards for their work.

      I am so looking forward to season 7 as well… the three-nacelled Enterprise refit will look utterly stunning in 1080p…

      • archer9234

        I’d agree with Dr. Who. But they didn’t bother, so far, with releasing the show in HD. I know not all the episodes could be done. That’s what gave ST a leg up for me.

        • ShaunKL

          Only one story was shot completely on film. Everything else is completely video or has video elements. That film story (Spearhead from Space) is being released on Blu-ray. We’re blessed to have that.
          (Even NuWho wasn’t shot in HD until the end of Tennant’s run.

          • archer9234

            You’re telling me every Dr. Who in the 60’s has no surviving film master at all. Wow UK really boned the show. I knew about the newer ones. I wasn’t expecting those. I was expecting at least the 60’s early 70’s ones.

          • Roger Shore

            60’s Dr Who was shot on 425 line videotape and then 625 videotape from 1967 and then in colour video tape from 1970. Sadly none of the 60s videotapes survive and all surviving episodes from the 60’s are on film because overseas sales required film so the tapes were transferred to film for that purpose. The video tapes were wiped and reused for other shows. This policy stopped in the early 70’s but by then the damage had been done and a huge clunk of TV history from the 60’s had been destroyed. American TV thankfully went down the film route which is why a lot more American shows survive or we wouldn’t be enjoying the current Star Trek NG blu-rays.

          • archer9234

            Oh for god sakes. I didn’t know the UK only used tape from the get go. That’s why I got confused when I heard about the film. Just tape to film copies… That was really foolish. Well at least I can freely buy the DVD sets now, lol.

          • Roger Shore

            The BBC had a policy of mixing video tape with 16mm tape and then doing the final mix on video tape. A policy which continued until the mid 90’s. Some shows were totally done on film but unlike the ITV networks which did a lot of shows on film (Sharpe, The Sweeney, The Avengers etc) the BBC were videotape nuts. It’s only since 2007 that the BBC have changed over to HD videotape and Dr Who only went HD from the special Planet of the Dead in 2009. Hope this quick potted history helps.

  • hypnotoad72

    For Season 1, absolutely!

    Season 2 is about as pedestrian and dilettante as it gets.

  • pittrek

    To be absolutely serious, the TNG sets are the BEST set I have EVER bought in my life