As the Enterprise NX-01 prepares to depart orbital dry-dock tomorrow with the release of Star Trek: Enterprise Season One on Blu-ray, we’re taking a special look at the trailer for Season Two which is included on the first disc of the new set (along with the trailer to the much-anticipated release of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “The Best of Both Worlds” on Blu-Ray.)

We’re presenting the video here in full high-definition (don’t forget to choose 1080p if you’re watching on YouTube) with download options below at varying resolutions.

Download480p (43 MB) • 720p (105 MB) • 1080p (262 MB)

The trailer highlights some of the more celebrated episodes from the second season including the Borg-themed “Regeneration” (which we recently discussed in our exclusive interview with Brannon Braga) as well as “Future Tense“, “First Flight” and “Carbon Creek“. The set will feature the continuation of the newly created documentary series produced by Roger Lay, Jr. and the trailer has a few brief clips from Roger’s interviews with Scott Bakula, Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating.

As an introduction, “They are the pioneers of a new frontier” sets the tone beautifully for Enterprise‘s second season and manages to induce a decent amount of excitement for this show which, for me, has been missing for a long time. These new Star Trek Blu-ray trailers continue to be very well composed and serve as great pieces to whet the appetite in the time between releases.

We’ll be posting a more detailed analysis of the trailer in the coming weeks as well as a rundown of everything we know so far about this release. In the meantime, be sure to secure your order for Season One using the links below!

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  • DangerousDac

    They still havent fixed that Enterprise Mesh – At the end when the CG-Animated Enterprise flies toward the camera for the title shot of the packaging it looks really bad.

    • You really want them to spend a ton of money on a trailer? I would rather that money gets used in getting us the rest of TNG, DS9, and VGR in HD some day. (Didn’t say 1080p, because its in the process of being replaced)

      • DangerousDac

        They spent money on a crappy model – theres no difference in cost between what they have and what it could be.

        I’m not just saying this to be pedantic either – it sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s noticeably different.

    • As far as I understand it, they are not “fixing” any meshes at all. They are not re-rendering the visual effects, but upscaling them (from 720p up to 1080p). They can run different filters over the 720p content, I suppose, use different scaling algorithms, but that is about it.

      • DangerousDac

        No, nothing in the show – its purely the promotional shot at the end of the Enterprise flying toward camera. The Mesh they’ve used is grossly inaccurate.

        • trekcore

          Actually it’s very similar to the original test render done by Doug Drexler that you will see in the S1 Bonus features. It may be this model … supplied by DD to CBS.

          • DangerousDac

            It’s just the saucer is like 3x thicker than it should be, if it were shown from the top it wouldnt matter but the fact it flies straight at the camera is why its so jarring.

            Of course, the only reason I bring this up is the rest of it is so perfect and awesome this is the only glaring error I can point out 😛

          • James

            It’s the low poly version of the ship mesh that they use for promotional material because it doesn’t take long.

            TNG has a similar quality Enterprise D on the DVD menus.

          • DangerousDac

            Still doesn’t explain why the shape is wrong. Here’s a REALLY low poly version of the NX I have, only 1400 polygons, yet it doesn’t have double whopper thick saucer.

          • New Horizon

            Yeah, just looked at that. It doesn’t look like the NX-01 at all. It looks like an inflatable balloon from a parade.

          • DangerousDac

            For what its worth, here’s my version of the same shot:

  • archer9234

    I like how the trailers improve over time. Season 1 lacked that punch. S2 finally got it.

    • I suspect that in 1 year they got better computers. They got the process down better. Better rendering programs. Here’s hoping that season 3 or 4 might have some 1080p effects. Since a lot of the shots of the enterprise were recycled, I know all of them couldn’t be.

      • archer9234

        I assume all new footage, in s4, is 1080p by default.

      • M. Wright

        That raises a question I’ve been wondering, since it’s been confirmed most of the rendering was done at 480p (at least for Season 1), when was the show able to switch to 720p rendering for all VFX, or were they ever able to completely upgrade to HD VFX?

  • I haven’t seen season 2 in a while. I forgot just how good this is. Huge improvement over an already good first season. I hope coming soon means in a few months.

    • Matt_Cardiff_UK

      Me too – that’s a fair comment. I might finally give Enterprise a try. I just hope all the best bits weren’t in the trailer! lol

  • I have the first season pre-ordered and I’ll be picking this one up as well. I have to be honest in saying that Enterprise has always been my least favourite of the Trek shows. I don’t think the characters were fleshed out as well as the other crews, I cringed at the times when they tried gratuitous sex appeal (not that I always need my Trek to be high-brow) and frankly the “Starship explores space” had been done to death by this point (I think both Voyager and Enterprise ultimately failed to put a new spin on the TNG formula; sadly, Enterprise was just going in an interesting direction with the creation of the Federation when it got cancelled). But the show did have some very good episodes, and there’s probably some gems in the early seasons that I either missed or forgot about. That’s what I love about these blu-ray releases – the chance the rediscover the shows again.

  • Looks great. I loved the continuity between “Minefield” & “Dead Stop”, where the ship was damaged and stayed that way, with no typical Star Trek reset button pressed. They’d have to survive an encounter with alien automated space station first. “The Expanse”, the season finale I’d imagine is one of the 10 best Enterprise episodes.

  • clearspira

    Any chance of some blu-ray episode screencaps upon release?

    • Oh yes… there will be screencaps.

      • clearspira


  • Mike

    I’m a lot more excited about Enterprise on Blu-Ray than I thought I’d be. At first I bummed out they didn’t decide to do DS9 first, but like TNG, DS9 will cost a lot of money to restore so from a business model it makes sense to do the least costly restoration next. I recently rewatched Enterprise on Netflix, and although I never cared much for it I feel like the series has grown on me. Much like Deep Space Nine, which was also under appreciated when it aired, Enterprise never received a fare shake. After watching Season Four I realized the potential for Seasons Five, Six and Seven had they been allowed to continue. Can’t wait for the Blu-Ray tomorrow for the documentaries!

  • Any chance there will be a commentary with Linda Park on “Vanishing Point”?

  • padh

    CGI already looks better than Season 1’s 480 upscales. Sky One always seemed to start its HD showings around the Carbon Creek point anyway, so I reckon that’s about where the better quality starts.

    • Mike C.

      Just got the S1 set – so much grain. I was not expecting this from a12 year old show. I am very bummed out.

      • New Horizon

        If it’s shot on film, which Enterprise was, there is going to be grain. The age of the show isn’t going to make much difference. Grain is not a bad thing.

        • trekcore

          Yes! Personally I love the grain on shows such as TNG… it adds a wonderful texture and detail to the show. Plus, if you remove that you get horrible DNR artefacts, not pleasant at all

          • Mike C.

            The DVDs didn’t seem to have this. I’ll get used to it.

          • Oh the old DVDs absolutely did; you just didn’t notice it because you were watching it in standard definion. Remember that the pilot (Broken Bow) looks significantly worse than the rest of the series because it was digitally zoomed and cropped from the original 4:3 shooting after Paramount at the last minute ordered the show be shown in 16:9 for broadcast.

  • DS9 DS9 DS9 DS9

  • Do you have any information on a release date?

  • Any chance that you guys could upload a short video of the Enterprise blu ray menus? I heard it looks quite cool. Thanks again for all the amazing coverage!

  • Gilbetron

    I guess this isn’t really the place for this comment, but bear with me. I just got finished watching the documentaries on the Enterprise Season 1 set. Wow. I was prepared for a high level of candor (because all the reviews said that’s what it was going to be), but it went beyond that. Watching Brannon Braga literally curse over how terrible some of those episodes were… it made me sad. That guy looks so beaten down. His dejection and frustration and disappointment with himself is sort of making me re-evaluate how I feel about the show. He really gets what went wrong — and feels it, deeply. In fact, I think he maybe feels it too much. At the end of the day, I honestly can’t bring myself to say he let down the Star Trek legacy, even if he feels that way on some level. I doubt I’ll be able to say a bad thing about him ever again after watching these docs. In my view, he has taken on too much blame for something that’s quite a bit better than it has ever been given credit for being. Enterprise, even at its worst, is still Star Trek, and it’s something I will always treasure. Anyway, that’s my two cents.

    • Jamie

      This was something I was worried about too, how hearing the very honest opinons may change my perception of the show, but ultimately I think Star Trek always has and always will continue to have a very favored position in my heart and I’m pretty certain nothing will change that.

      I have to also say that until these boxsets come down in price I won’t be buying them. Now that isn’t to say I don’t appreciate how much work people have put into these, loving genuine hardwork, but since I already bought most of TNG, all of DS9 and all of Voyager on VHS, and the all of TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and then ENT on DVD these boxsets are simply a luxury I can’t afford, hopefully CBS will realize that and eventually bring the price down.

      I really do love the coverage Trekcore has been giving of the BluRay projects.

      • Jami

        Thought he was dead wrong about the music, I’ve always loved the start. Overall I think it was a good season but I’m a fan so I may be biased.

  • Sherlocksmith

    Never could understand that as we are told, after 10 years the NX-01 is being recalled, as said in the finale, “These are the voyages…” how the character of Hoshi Sato after servig on the Enterprise NX-01 FOR 10 years …still is a mere Ensign??? Even Wesley Crusher made it to a Lieutenant in much less time!