As we reported last week, a standalone disc of “Redemption” – the two-part episode bridging the fourth and fifth seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation – will be released along side the TNG Season Four Blu-ray set this summer… and we’ve got a look at the cover art to go with the just-announced release dates!


The special release will come with its very own exclusive set of Klingon-themed special features, including a new documentary entitled Survive and Succeed: An Empire at War, featuring interviews with writer Ronald D. Moore, actors Michael Dorn, Robert O’Reilly (Gowron) and Gwynyth Walsh (B’Etor), as well as a feature-length audio commentary by Moore and Michael and Denise Okuda.

Fans in the US & Canada should expect a release date of July 30 for this disc, while fans in the UK can get their copy one day early, as we’re expecting a July 29 release date.

We’ll bring you pre-order information for both markets as soon as it’s available, but with announced retail prices of $28.28 in the U.S. and $32.00 in Canada, we expect release-day prices to be quite similar to the “Best of Both Worlds” single-disc release.

We’ll have all the latest developments, including official press releases from CBS, as and when they are issued!

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  • Really digging the retro art style. Feels like it could be released in 1990!

    • Oh that makes me feel old. (1990’s is retro)

      • Haha! Well, that *was* 23 years ago, you know.

        It could be worse; it could be VINTAGE! 🙂

  • benbess

    Yeah, the art looks good. But $28 mrsp. That’s way too high imho. These should be more like 19.95. But, if it fuels the restoration of not just Next Gen but also DS9 and Voyager then I guess I’m all for these stand alone “movie” releases. Like a lot of other fans, I rate many of these 2-parters more highly than some of the real theatrical movies anyway.

    • James

      MSRP is always a joke, ignore it. It will be $15 or less upon release, just like BOBW. MSRP on the season sets are $130, but it’s for sale at $60.

      • benbess

        Good point. Even $15 seems a bit steep to me. But the Target deal of this week of getting the BOBW movie for $5 on blu is great! Maybe they’ll do something like that again.

        • Mike

          The Target deal only applies (at least in my store in downtown Minneapolis) if you purchase it along with TNG Season3. I purchased Season 3 from Amazon (who emailed me and said my CC would be refunded the price difference from $59.99 and the $79 or so I pre-ordered it from. At least in my Target store if you purchase BOBW by itself you will pay $14.99.

    • It will probably be the same price as BOBW is on tuesday. (It keeps dropping so we’ll see)

  • I certainly like this artwork MUCH more than the “Best of Both Worlds” design. This looks like it could almost be a Drew Struzan movie poster!

    • Yeah I really like this one, even though I’m not a huge fan of the episodes. I’m looking forward to the later cliff hangers though. Time’s Arrow especially.

    • archer9234

      Yes the box is way better than BOBW. Don’t make pop out covers anymore. All they do is make it harder to stick on your shelf.

      • Realbladerunner

        First World Problems 😀 … The BOBW box was lightyears better than the regular Season Boxes.

  • Very cool. Although I don’t recall a bird-of-prey attacking the Enterprise. lol

  • Sky

    Great quality cover design, looks like cinema movie!! Thats the way TNG is treated right!!! Keep on going like that!!!!

  • Geoff

    TNG Season 4 should be out on the same day, right?

    • Presumably, but we don’t know for sure yet.

    • trekcore

      Yes, July 30 in the US

  • benbess

    Yeah, S4 will be out on the same day. I’ve consciously avoided watching Redemption and other S3 and later episodes so that I can “see them again for the first time” on blu-ray. But without giving away plot points (like that darn making of did at the theatrical of BOBW) can some you say how you would rate Redemption. In other words, if BOBW, Chain of Command (which I did rewatch recently) and All Good Things are more of less “As” on a ABC grading scale, how would you personally grade Redemption? Good enough to buy stand-alone? Thanks.

    • MS

      I’d give part 1 an A, part 2 a B-. However, as an edited together movie, I don’t think Redemption works. It’s not a two part story in the same way BOBW or CoC are. The two episodes are quite different, and the start of part 2 contradicts the end of part 1 almost immediately.

      • benbess

        Thanks. Good capsule review. ++

  • hypnotoad72

    I vaguely recall the episode, esp part 2 – was the Enterprise fired upon?

    Otherwise it really IS a fantastic packaging layout.
    The extras make me tempted, and that’s good because, while part 1 was great, part 2 (especially the Data subplot), was a letdown.

    Any fan of Klingon lore will absolutely want this set for them. It’d be cool if they had extra scenes put into the story during re-editing, but that might muck up the incidental music (and other issues)…

  • Mike

    I really wish the packaging for the Next Gen Blu Ray season sets were this awesome. My only complaint about the season sets for TNG is the artwork. The extras sound great, I’m stoked they were able to get interviews with Robert O’Reilly and Gwyneth Walsh. While I don’t think “Time’s Arrow” would make a good single disc release, “Unification” would be perfect as a companion to the Season Five release. Think about how cool it would be to have interviews with Leonard Nimoy and Denise Crosby on that.

    • James

      Agreed, the artwork on the blu-ray box sets is rather dull. One great thing about the old Voyager VHS releases was the groovy artwork on each box. I rather like the 90’s feel that this montage gives.

  • ListerofSmeg89

    Can’t Wait, If Your a Fan Like me you cannot wait for months on end for Part 2 (I Waited a Whole Year to find wether or not Captain Archer got back to 2152 in Enterprise’s ‘Shockwave, Part II’ – Bloody Channel 4) and some Star Trek 2-Part Finales make great movies (like TNG’s ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ and ‘Descent’, VOY’s ‘Basics’ & ‘Scorpion’ and ‘ENT’s ‘Shockwave’ – though the last was never edited to movie length, sadly)

    • Yeah not a big fan of cliff hangers. One of the worst ENT ones wasn’t even a season fanale. It was “Azati Prime”. They had a month or so break before showing “Damage”. I was convinced we were going to see some sort of timeline reset or something, but nope. The poor ship kept limping by for the rest of the season.

    • More like you waited a year to see how the hack writers weaseled themselves out of the situation. With some copper wire and a spoon… 😛

  • Chris

    So then when does Enterprise season 2 come out?

    • trekcore

      Around August 19

  • New Horizon

    Are CBS planning to use this episode for the Season 4 special event? Will they consider our opinions? I would much rather see something like Family and the Nth Degree. Just off the top of my head. Redemption just doesn’t feel like a strong episode, especially since the two episodes don’t bridge together as neatly as BOBW did.

    • Frequent Guest


    • trekcore

      A Season 4 event hasn’t been green lit yet, but if it is – it will be Redemption.

      • New Horizon

        Is there any chance you could ask CBS-D if the fans could perhaps vote on what episodes they would like to see most at the Season 4 screening? Season 4 is really Modern Video’s season and it seems a bit wrong to be showcasing the two episodes CBS-D did for the season, rather than showcase episodes representative of the entire body of work. Personally, I want to know whether the quality will be close enough to CBS-D’s to warrant a purchase. What I’ve seen from the trailer looks like it might be close enough, but I would really like to see how it holds up on the big screen. Redemption doesn’t really have the drawing power for me. So many other great episodes to choose from.

        Anyway, if you are able to ask them to at least consider letting the fans offer some opinions that would be great. 🙂

        • trekcore

          CBS-D do not control the screenings, they just do the remastering. These things are all locked down by NCM Fathom/CBS in advance.

          Regarding Season 4, from everything I’ve seen the remastering is FAR better than Season 2. I agree it’s not *exactly* the same as CBS-D, but it is damned close. I wouldn’t hesitate ordering the set, and if you don’t like it just ship it back for a refund.

          • New Horizon

            Would be nice if whoever is in charge would consider letting the fans voice their opinions. Never hurts to ask. 🙂

  • Xavier

    Cool. I hope they will release all the two parters as feature lengh blu rays.

  • Garth of I

    That cover is very misleading….. Never in that two part episode of Redemption does a Klingon Bird of Prey or any other Klingon ship attack the Enterprise.