Ronny Cox as Jellico in TNG's "Chain of Command"We’re thrilled to reveal that actor Ronny Cox – famous for his portrayal of Captain Edward Jellico in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season Six two-parter “Chain of Command” – will be featured in upcoming bonus features on the TNG Blu-ray releases. Cox’s Jellico famously took command of the Enterprise during Captain Picard’s covert mission to Celtris III in the Cardassian-themed double episode.

The news was confirmed by Roger Lay, Jr. via twitter today. Roger also tweeted a great photo showing Ronny in front of the cameras being interviewed.

Ronny Cox being interviewed for future TNG Blu-ray VAM

A release of “Chain of Command” may be some time away, but Roger and Robert Meyer Burnett have made it clear that they are continuing to make every effort to interview guest actors such as Ronny whenever their schedules permit. Cox was not featured on the DVD release of Next Gen in 2002, so it will be a pleasure to hear his thoughts as part of the new Blu-ray documentaries!

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  • Always glad to see another memorable guest star before the camera!

    (I’m glad he’s not sitting at a 80% recline and checking his cell phone Brannon Braga, though!)

  • archer9234

    Yes. More of the extra characters. We need to hear their stories the most.

  • Joseph

    A Panasonic HVX 200! How is that camera working out for your interviews? What other types of cameras do you use for these projects?

    • archer9234

      I know I saw them using a HMC-150 before. My personal favorite.

  • Wish the Jellico character could’ve made another appearance or two in Trek. I think he could’ve fit really well into DS9 what with the Cardassians and the Dominion War. Ah well…

    • Scott

      Wish he could have been the Captain of the Odyseey that got blown to smitherines in The Jem Hadar

  • Ishimura

    I love that small red recording button on such a huge camera.

    • archer9234

      Yeah. P2 cameras are huge cause of those ridiculously big (and expensive as hell) memory cards.

  • I rather enjoyed seeing Ronny Cox’s Capt. Jellico. He was much less of a diplomat (compared to Picard), and definitely a no-nonsense kind of Starfleet Captain.

  • William Kirk

    Memorable guest star and a very good character. It´s a pity
    he wasn´t in any DS9 episodes.

  • Mike

    He was such a polarizing character, a tribute to the actor that he was able to do that in just two episodes. I love that they’re making every attempt to get as many guest stars as possible. I would love to see some “lost interviews” with Majel. I also hope they make every attempt to sit down with Michelle Forbes. I would love to hear her insights into the character of Ro Laren and why she turned down “Deep Space Nine.”