While fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Star Trek: The Next GenerationSeason Three on Blu-ray next week, CBS are already prepping Season Four for release and are well underway with the remastering of Season Five at CBS Digital.

Due to time constraints, CBS were unable to include the trailer for Season Four on the Season Three Blu-ray set however TrekCore can confirm that it will be shown at the upcoming NCM Fathom theater screening of “The Best of Both Worlds” tomorrow.

As the majority of our readers will be aware, when the Star Trek: The Next Generation remastering project first started, it was decided that the workload would be shared between CBS’s in-house VFX company, CBS Digital and independent post-house HTV Illuminate. CBS Digital were to kick off with Season One, while HTV would take Season Two with plans in place to alternate responsibility throughout the show’s seven seasons. After the release of Season Two in December, there was disquiet from a large number of fans who were upset at the differing standards of restoration between CBS Digital and HTV, something well covered in our review of Season Two on Blu-ray.

Prior to Season Two’s release in November last year, TrekCore revealed that HTV would not be involved in the remastering of Season Four and that responsibility for the VFX had shifted to another independent post-house, with the conform being handled by CBS Digital.

We can now confirm some further information about the upcoming release of Star Trek: The Next Generation – Season Four on Blu-ray.

  • Season Four is scheduled for release on July 30 2013. You can pre-order the set from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk
  • Remastering of Season Four was carried out by post-production house Modern Video. We understand CBS Digital was close at hand to help Modern reach a more balanced and consistent look.
  • Max Gabl – the artist responsible for creating new planets for CBS Digital (Seasons 1 and 3) – also lent his talents to the planets in Season 4.
  • The set will carry another bumper collection of VAM including a brand new multi-part documentary, gag reel sourced from the original 35mm camera negative, audio commentaries on multiple episodes, deleted scenes (see our original report on these) and a special Art Department reunion featuring Herman Zimmerman, Doug Drexler, Mike & Denise Okuda, Rick Sternbach and Dan Curry.

We can also confirm that there are plans in place to release TNG’s 100th episode and Season 4 cliffhanger “Redemption” as a special feature-length movie in a single-disc release, taking on the same style as “The Best of Both Worlds“. Both parts of “Redemption” appear to have been handled by CBS Digital to make the finished product seamless in its presentation. We expect a release of “Redemption” to coincide with Season Four and anticipate it’s highly likely that an array of exclusive VAM will be produced for the disc.

UPDATED: Finally, we have an initial low-resolution a high resolution look at the cover art for Season Four. The box takes on a sea green color and features Picard, Riker and Guinan. As always, we should point out that cover art is subject to change.

Switching to commentary mode, I must say that from my first impressions of Season Four the look is far closer to that of CBS Digital. Many of the grievances we received from readers relating to Season Two referenced poor compositing and a “flat” look to the image. This certainly doesn’t seem to be the case with Season Four. We hope to be able to bring you the S4 trailer soon so you will be able to judge for yourself! Kudos to CBS for their efforts with Season Four – keeping Max Gabl on the planets and involving CBS-D more in the remastering effort is a welcome move, and one that seems to have paid off. Stay tuned to TrekCore for all the latest news about Season Four as we get it!

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  • Wes

    The color art for Season 4 of TNG-R looks similar to the Blu-ray sampler! It kind of sucks we cannot get a taste for Season 4 on the Season 3 set. But at least HTV-Illuminate is not remastering and this time the second source is being overseen by CBS Digital. That’s probably why HTV-Illuminate came up with such a mediocre product because it wasn’t supervised. I bet that HTV probably screwed it up was because maybe HTV (which Dan Curry, who worked on the modern day ST shows, works from now) weren’t too thrilled about the TNG-R project in the first place, and so they set out to make an inferior product so people wouldn’t buy TNG-R anymore and the project would die. But no, that did not happen.

    • Yes that’s good news and now there is going to be a single release of Redemption the more the better

    • MattR

      I kinda doubt that since it makes them look bad for any future projects. That’s not really the best way to run a business since they lost two big projects (TNG S4 and S6, presumably).

    • M. Wright

      I always figured HTV was supervised less because of Dan Curry, I think CBS figured (like most of us) that one of the original VFX supervisors could be trusted to do it right… sadly that was a mistake.

    • hypnotoad72

      On some forum, somebody mentioned HTV-I screwed up on the “Patton” Blu-Ray as well.

      I doubt there’s any sabotage as you’re claiming; HTV-I was just being lazy — OR unfairly rushed for time. Not enough evidence to fully incriminate or exonerate either option right now…

      • James

        They screwed up on many, many Blu-ray releases. They must come really cheap to continue getting work.

        • ebinrock

          Lowest bidder syndrome…

  • I’m looking forward to the trailer, I wish thatr CBS-D could remaster all of the seasons. I hope that DS9 and Voyager are handled better (CBS-D being much more involved as it seems like they were in season 4). I hope that CBS-D goes all out for seasons 6 and 7, especially 7 as it’s my favorite season.

    • If CBS-D keeps the leash short enough, and we can’t tell the difference between 3 & 4’s quality (or if its extremely minor), then I’m ok with it being done this way. The good news is the planets are being done by the same person for both. So that’s good news at least.

  • Nice to see Guinan making the cover!

  • M. Wright

    Yes such good news all around! So glad CBS-D is keeping a closer watch on their partners this time around. So glad hear Max Gabl is contributing his skills to Season 4. Also awesome to hear that once again the cliff-hanger for season is being treated as one episode and being done by CBS-D internally.

  • I wonder what they will do with the non cliff hanger 2 parters. TNG has one. I can’t remember what its called, but Worf finds a klingon colony in romulan space. That was mids season. Will that be combined as VAM or will it be seperate as well?

    • VAM is Value-Added Material, i.e., bonus features.

      TNG actually has three non-cliffhanger two-parters, in order: Chain of Command, Birthright (the one you were describing) and Gambit.

      • Wow How did I miss chain of command and gambit? However I just remembered Unification (the spock episode) is a 2 parter as well. But these would still be VAM because that’s what the extended version of “Measure of a Man” was considered.

        • You are correct! I omitted Unification! I feel like a fool… Wow, TNG had quite a few two-parters, at least in comparison to the other Treks…

          The extended cut of “measure of a man” was different from the aired cut, which is why it was considered a bonus feature. BOBW is an independent release and therefore not VAM (though it does *have* VAM on the disc). I don’t see how feature cuts of two-parters, assuming they don’t have deleted scenes re-inserted into them, could be considered VAM…

    • Frequent Guest


  • archer9234

    Redemption as a separate release. I’ll pass on that. That finale was never amazing to me. Unless they stick in something really worth it.

    • As much as we all hate the retailer-exclusive VAM, the content we know about so far hasn’t been “yanked out” of the sets. Best Buy commissioned and paid for that exclusive content to be produced for their stores.

      • archer9234

        I know and I don’t care one bit. I rather it not exist. Than have a company make fans get pissed off. It helps no one.

  • SpaceCadet

    Exciting news but is Redemption really worthy of the integrated episode treatment? Sure it was entertaining but it is no The Best of Both Worlds. Sounds like trying to milk Trek fans of more of their hard earned money.

    • hypnotoad72

      Especially as Redemption pt II was nowhere near as effective as pt 1… 🙁

  • If there’s good VAM, then I doubt I’d pass on any feature-length releases of TNG. Though I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of “Time’s Arrow”.

    I take it that Voyager will also receive a similar treatment with its season cliffhangers. I’ll happily take a feature-length version of “Scorpion” – Voyager’s best outing in my opinion.

    DS9 didn’t really have any two-parters spread over two seasons. A season finale in DS9 was usually related to the next season’s opening episode(s) but they weren’t immediate follow-ups like “Best of Both Worlds”. It’ll be interesting to see whether they do down that route or not. I’ll throw my money at them if they did a feature-length release of some of the non-two-parters like “Way of the Warrior” and “Improbable Cause/The Die is Cast”.

  • Pablo

    Dissapointing that Season 4 trailer won’t be on the Season 3 blu ray. I hope they include the S 4 trailer on the S 4 set somewhere!!!

  • padh

    http://www.mvfinc.com/press/index.htm looks like they’re the post producers. The client list is…impressive to say the least. Massive background on sci fi releases. Looks like the powers that be have realized how important this project is to a lot of people.

    • BrianRoskamp

      It’s interesting to note that they actually worked on “Dailies Transfer, Online Edit and Titling, Tape-to-Tape, Color Correction, Sound and/or Visual Effects” for TNG, DS9 and VOY

  • burtyb73

    redemption is a great episode and, apart from all good things, is the two-parter most worthy of
    a separate release after bobw.

  • burtyb73

    oh, and another thing, why does nobody appear to hold cbs responsible for not effectively supervising the season 2 remaster. it seems like a case of gross missmanagement of a sub-contractor to me.

  • Chris2027
  • Frequent Guest
  • Rob

    i would much rather see a 4th season release event in the season-overview style of the 1st and 2nd season events than a theatrical version of “redemption.” there are many 4th-year shows far more deserving of the big-screen treatment than “redemption.” please, CBS, don’t get lazy with these things. the season 2 event was spectacular. just because an episode was a two-parter doesn’t necessarily mean it merits a big-screen showing.

  • Mike

    I wonder if “Redemption” was chosen because part one is the 100th episode of the series? If they do the same thing with Season Five it will likely be “Unification” rather than “Time’s Arrow” that’s chosen as the two-parter released to the big screen.

    • Kurt

      I would Like to see a theatrical version of Unification rather the Time’s Arrow. We could get

      Leonard Nimoy to do the commentary. it’s to bad that we have already lost: Graham Jarvis (Klim Dokachin), Malachi Throne (Senator Pardek) and Mark Lenard (Ambassador Sarek).

  • Mike

    Also, the article mentions they are “well underway” in prepping Season Five. With only two solid months between the release of Season Three and Season Four, we could have Season Six by year’s end if they keep up this pace. Maybe we’ll get a DS9 sampler disc by the end of the year …

    • trekcore

      Season Five this winter, Season Six and Seven next year

      • Michael Davidson

        So Season Five around Christmas? Seems kind of weird to release four and five so close together and then wait … unless the rest of the year will be a focus on Enterprise until Christmas.

  • ebinrock

    Good to see that CBS Digital is starting to reign in quality control on these Blu-Rays. Any word on whether CBS will redo/fix Season 2?

    • trekcore

      Not going to happen.

  • Adam

    Now available to pre-order at Amazon.co.uk for only £49.43!
    I believe this is the lowest Amazon “first price” for a season yet.


    • Alex

      This is actually at this minute just over £41, which is great!

  • Vinsu

    Is there any chance of the feature-length BOBW being included as an extra feature on S4, or is it strictly exclusive to the standalone release?

    • trekcore

      Strictly standalone. The feature length episode will not be included anywhere else, and the Bonus Features are also exclusive to the disc.

  • smashing

    I’m assuming the set won’t have a green cover in the UK given that season 3 was green?

    • trekcore

      It’s not quite the same shade, but yes it will be the same in the UK.