In little under a week’s time, Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s finest episodes will be beaming into theaters across the United States and Canada as NCM Fathom & CBS debut the feature-length cut of “The Best of Both Worlds”. The Season Three theatrical celebration will go live on Thursday April 25th. As if that wasn’t enough, CBS will be previewing the special behind-the-scenes documentary “Regeneration: Engaging the Borg” – produced exclusively for the single disc Blu-ray release of “The Best of Both Worlds”.

Tickets are on-sale now but are selling out fast due to the high demand associated with such a popular episode hitting the big screen. You can search for your nearest cinema over at the NCM Fathom website.

NCM Fathom issued the following write-up for this special event:

Fathom Events and CBS Home Entertainment are coming together again to celebrate Season 3 of the iconic series Star Trek: The Next Generation® in a special one night big screen event. For the first time ever, The Best of Both Worlds will be shown bigger and better as a full-length presentation only on Thursday, April 25th at 7:00 PM (local time) in select cinemas nationwide.

This not to be missed movie theater event will feature one of the most memorable moments in TV history and exclusive clips about the making of The Best of Both Worlds and Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3.

Set in the 24th century, The Next Generation was created by Gene Roddenberry over 20 years after the original Star Trek series. The Next Generation became the longest running series of the Star Trek franchise, consisting of 178 episodes over 7 seasons. Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Best of Both Worlds is the first opportunity to see The Best of Both Worlds, one of the greatest TV episodes of all time, as a gloriously remastered full-length feature in select movie theaters nationwide on Thursday, April 25th at 7:00 PM (local time).

Resistance is futile so buy your tickets today!

At the recent Wondercon convention in Anaheim, California, the Trek HD panel talked a bit about the upcoming theatrical screening. TrekCore‘s Tom Bateman was at the scene to capture the following snippet:

TNG’s remastering consultant Mike Okuda mentions that CBS’s Ken Ross actually pushed “The Best of Both Worlds” forward in the remastering project to ensure that the team had enough time to restore the episode. He also recalls a nice story about the restoration of the starship graveyard scene:

I was always afraid of restoring “The Best of Both Worlds” and the reason is the graveyard scene where the Enterprise flies through all the dead ships. All these ships with forgotten designs. Finally, Sarah Paul – the person at CBS Digital who is responsible for finding all the film – she said “We have found all of the original model elements.” So when the Enterprise flies through that graveyard, not only do you see it better than it ever was before, it is in fact all the original stuff that was shot by Rob Legato and Gary Hutzel back then.”

Bonus Content Producer Roger Lay, Jr. also reveals that some of the original passes for the graveyard scene will be featured in the single disc “Best of Both Worlds” documentary.

TrekCore has some special plans in place to bring you exclusive and exciting coverage from the premiere of “The Best of Both Worlds” in theaters. We’ll be reporting live from Century City in Los Angeles where a number of special guests will be in attendance, including Mike and Denise Okuda, Robert Meyer Burnett, Roger Lay, Jr. and an array of Trek alumni such as Elizabeth Dennehy (Shelby) and episode director Cliff Bole. Stay tuned for more details!

You will find the previously mentioned “Regeneration: Engaging the Borg” documentary included on the single disc Blu-ray release of “The Best of Both Worlds”. You can pre-order the disc below along with the third season of TNG, both of which will be released in just over one week’s time!

Order TNG - "The Best of Both Worlds" Feature Blu-Ray today!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 Blu-Ray today!

  • archer9234

    Too bad they didn’t mention if they would fix the connie secondary hull vanishing. Or keep it the way it was originally.

    • Based on what he said, I would imagine its a question of was it shot wrong? If it was shot right and edited wrong, you might see a fix. If it was just plain shot wrong they can’t fix it without using CGI (which sounds like its not happening). I personally wasn’t even aware of this problem.

      • archer9234

        It’s a real classic goof. The connie hull is there before the commercial break. When we come back. It’s missing from the same shot.

        • It’s not a goof, the destroyed hulk simply drifted away during the commercial break 😛

          • archer9234

            I’d totally buy that excuse lol.

      • Chris2027

        Why would it require CGI, why not just use the elements again… since it is virtually the same shot…

    • hypnotoad72

      Are there any pics available to see?


  • Is it Thursday yet? and then… is it Tuesday yet? lol

  • outmywindow

    What a great time it is to be a Star Trek fan.

    I’ll be attending the San Francisco showing, but for once I have to admit that I wish I were in LA! Those special guests are going to be such a treat. I wonder if Elizabeth Dennehy will discuss her thoughts on the iconic (in my family at least) “Just an old man’s fantasies” line.

  • stephendaniels

    Great screening – a couple of odd moments on the Battle Bridge, with a Standard Def shot that lasted a couple of seconds, followed swiftly by a clearly dubbed line by Riker and Ops bloke that confirmed the same line. Looked fantastic though.