Several of our readers have inquired about a native German release of “The Best of Both Worlds” theatrical-length Blu-ray – and while we initially believed that there were no plans for such a release, it seems that a few savvy shoppers have discovered that the disc is available in Deutschland after all!

While all the North American and United Kingdom releases of this set include both German audio and subtitle tracks, it appears that the only way to find a set with German-language packaging is through a few select supermarkets – including Real MarktEdeka, and Kaufland – at a price of €9.99.

BOBW_Blu-ray_cover_(German)Photo posted by MR ( forum)

We’re pleased that German fans have the opportunity to pick up a copy of “Angriffsziel Erde” – or “Earth Assault” – in their home territory, but for those German speakers who don’t have access to a local Real Markt location, we recommend purchasing the disc from or


Have any of you been able to track down a copy of this release in a Real Markt store near you? Let us know in the comments below!

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