While the feature-length standalone release of Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s “Redemption” hits shelves in the United States on July 30, it seems it will not be available in all territories.

This mostly affects fans in Europe, with the majority of countries not carrying the single-disc “Redemption” Blu-ray. We’ve compiled a list of countries that are releasing the disc and will endeavor to update this article as and when we receive further information from distributors.

We’ve confirmed that the disc will not be releaed in most European countries, however we’ve been unable to confirm the situation in Germany. Paramount Germany released “The Best of Both Worlds” as a retailer exclusive to a series of supermarkets and may well adopt the same strategy with “Redemption”, however at the time of publication we haven’t been able to ascertain any further information.

Fans in the UK and other affected countries can still import the disc from Amazon.com, who ship internationally. If your country is releasing “Redemption” and it isn’t listed here, please let us know in the comments!

UPDATE: For clarification, the Blu-rays sold by Amazon.com are REGION FREE so you should be able to play them in your machine wherever you are.

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  • I guess it’s a sign that they realise Redemption isn’t as marketable as Best of Both Worlds?

    Still, given that Redemption has exclusive content, it seems rather unfair on those who would be quite willing to pay for the seperate release, but can’t. Importing it is, I suppose :/

    • archer9234

      Yeah it’s unfair. But in this case, I actually agree with the stores. There’s not much worth of bonus to really get them. BOBW was over like that for me. And I was like “I payed 15 for this. Not doing it again.” Especially if you didn’t care for the actual episodes that much.

    • hypnotoad72

      In which case, why release it in the first place if it’s not seen as “marketable”? It’s not being done out of altruism…

  • Jay

    Maybe New Zealand?

    • trekcore

      I know you have JB Hi Fi in NZ… but I’m not sure if it carries the same stock as Aus? If not, perhaps you can order from JB Hi Fi in Aus?

  • tom_k35

    I think the TNG blu-rays are region free, so they should play everywhere regardless of where purchased

    Although I’m not certain, but isn’t the BOBW exclusive content included on the Season 4?

    • trekcore

      The BOBW content is exclusive to the BOBW disc and won’t be on Season 4. Likewise with the content on the Redemption disc.

  • pittrek

    Damned. So I have to buy it from the USA ? Will it play in Europe ?

    • archer9234

      The US discs are region free. So it doesn’t matter where you buy it.

      • pittrek

        Thanks. Pre-ordered already 🙂

  • this sucks. plain and simply. going to have to pay additional shipping costs from US just to have the episode complete a few months early. In today’s global world I simply do not understand the territory limitations. I guess the disc will be region coded too, right?

    • archer9234

      It’s not a territory limitation since the discs are region free to begin with. It’s a store limitation. And they think they won’t sell enough. Which I agree on. I have no intention of buying Redemption. BOBW was not really amazing either. Since we’ve seen the eps a billion times. The bonus doesn’t make you satisfied you had to buy the eps twice. For me, at least.

    • hypnotoad72

      If globalization were real, there would be hard drive factories across the world – so when floods konk out all the Asian factories, other factories would ensure no loss in global productivity… ditto for the gain of employment in one country at the expense of another, the imbalance of prices and wages ($80k for college to get a job elsewhere that pays $2/hr makes no sense but the company wants the college degree)…

      I could go on forever, but to sum it up simply: Today’s “global world” only suits the companies that manipulated the market to where it stands today. Anything approaching real globalization would likely have the manipulators “suffering” the most (meaning their wages would go down to 1980 levels, that of being only 40x that their worker instead of the 400x+ they enjoy today, while we see our wages continue to stagnate because of “globalization” where other countries’ workforces see their $10/hr getting them far more than what $10/hr would allow in the US…

  • Dave

    Shame on you CBS. It’s bad enough putting new material solely on the single disc release, but then not making it widely available….

    • Per the TrekCore Facebook page: “CBS has nothing to do with it. It’s the regional markets that decide… ‘Redemption’ holds far less interest than BOBW. That’s going to play a role in any regional decision-making.”

    • hypnotoad72

      CBS has to give market incentive to buy.

      This is a ‘free market’ after all… vote with your wallet and stop buying until the company sees that what it is doing is driving away customers. Then it might turn itself around.

      Or that’s how one of its theories goes, so we are told…

  • Xavier

    A shame… since TNG is the most popular incarnation here in Europe. In Germany the 4 TNG films had more attendance at the box office than the 2009 reboot!!!

  • burtyb

    does this mean that the redemption special features will be available on the season 4 release in the uk / europe? if not, this is just another reason to suggest that it is a really stupid and harsh decision not to release redemption in these markets. not that im trying to justify a financial outlay, lol, its just that for reasons that i partially gave in a post to yesterdays trekcore entry, this seems like an enormous marketing mistake to me. a redemption trailer will inevitably be made and used on season four. (in particpating markets at least) just plop it at the start of the into darkness blu, and watch the sales grow. and hey, both parts of redemption are great!

  • Robert

    Hi. The Best of Both Worlds is released in Germany by Supermarket called “Real” for just 9,99 €! I think their will be selling Redemption too. Amazon.de does not list neither The Best of both Worlds nor Redemption, because its Exclusive for “Real”

    • Xavier

      Agreed. And they are almost completely sold out… raising the value on ebay and second hand amazon.de sales… I am glad I picked up 2 copies.

  • StalwartUK

    Maybe they saw the sales for BOBW and didn’t like what they saw.

    we won’t be seeing further single-disc releases at least outside a few
    countries. Can’t think any of the subsequent two parters are as
    “marketable” as BOBW.

    • George

      Selling the special edition of BOBW separately was a mistake, and a lot of people didnt buy it, mostly non star trek fans, but they think “im not going to buy another version of an episode if the blu ray already got one”. So, with redemption will be worst i presume.

  • Even if it won’t be released in Germany, will there at least be a german audio track?

    • trekcore

      Yes, it has a German 2.0 audio track.

  • Well not great news but at least the discs are region free and we’ll be able to get them from amazon.com

    • Björn Ehrby

      Ehm, no? They say on Amazon that they are region A.

      • Bjorn, all the TNG and TOS Blu-rays released in the United States are Region-Free releases. Amazon often has incorrectly-labelled region coding on their listings.

        • Björn Ehrby

          Well, that’s confusing. But thanks for the reply!

  • George

    Seriously?? Only 4 zones??? at first, i thought this was a joke or something, but now i feel really bad. I dunno wat could be the problem on releasing it on other eurpean countries (almost all of em, i dunno y the title says “in a lot of european countries”).

  • Matt Littledyke

    It does seem unfair but I suppose if that is what the market thinks then who are we to argue with them. I will just stick with the 2 part version. For me The Best Of Both Worlds will be a one off.

  • Jackie

    Is Redemption going to be played in theaters like the standalone releases for seasons 1, 2 and 3?

  • smithy1982

    so is there defo not going to be released in the uk

  • Cazzo

    Worse still that they don’t remove the advertising for the stand alone discs on the season box sets, or that the documentary says it is continued on the stand alone discs