Major retailers have been fast to announce a series of special pre-order offers for the release of Star Trek Into Darkness on Blu-ray later this year. Star Trek Into Darkness has been given a release date of September 10 and fans are already able to order the movie in a number of different formats ranging from the standard disc to special gift packs with authentic props! We’ve got full information on all the different formats available in the United States, UK and Germany – so choose your country below:

Amazon (US) is offering a number of different purchase options for fans, some of which we’ve already highlighted on the main page.

If you’re ordering either the DVD (for $16.99, down from $29.99), the Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack (for $19.99, down from $39.99) or the 3D Blu-ray/Standard Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy combo pack (for $24.99, down from $54.99) then you’ll receive a free copy of the Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness Comic Book! You can pre-order your format of choice from Amazon using the links below:

If that’s not enough, have a very special Limited Edition Gift Set which combines the 3D Blu-ray combo set with a very snazzy screen authentic Phaser replica from the talented craftsmen at Quantum Mechanix. The stunt version of the pistol features a manual spinner that uses magnets to lock the barrel into position.  You can pre-order the gift set for the discounted price of $79.99, down from $99.99.


The release of Star Trek Into Darkness on Blu-ray is sure to be full of new bonus features and we’ll update this article as soon as information on any special features is announced!

BestBuy (US)

BestBuy contacted TrekCore to alert fans to a super movie bundle they have available from May 19 to June 1. Fans are able to pre-order the movie on 2D or 3D Blu-ray combo pack and receive a $8 coupon towards an adult admission at participating theaters nationwide, gain access to exclusive content from Star Trek: Into Darkness on CinemaNow and lastly, the ability to watch Star Trek Into Darkness via CinemaNow approximately 2-3 weeks before the movie is available in-stores. Head on over to BestBuy’s site to take advantage of the offer.

Amazon (UK) offer three different formats for fans wanting to pick up Star Trek Into Darkness. You can pre-order the standard DVD for just £12.50, the Blu-ray for £18.50 or the 3D Blu-ray/Standard Blu-ray combo pack for £20.50. Unfortunately the phaser gift-set isn’t available, so UK fans after that collectible will have to order through the American Amazon.

Amazon (Germany)

Amazon’s German outlet also has three format options available for Star Trek Into Darkness pre-orders. Sporting different cover art, German fans can order the standard DVD for EUR 14,99, the Blu-ray for EUR 21,99 and the 3D Blu-ray/Standard Blu-ray/DVD combo pack for EUR 25,99.


We’ll be keeping you up to date with all the various releases of Star Trek Into Darkness so stay tuned to TrekCore for all the latest information with our customary breakdown and analysis!

  • archer9234

    More money hatting I see from Best Buy.

  • John Wells

    It sucks us lot in the UK are getting shafted again, but at least we’re getting that “London’s Burning” cover.

    • Mitchz95

      You guys got the movie in theaters weeks before the US did.

      • Minor Film boffin

        Only because it’s a British co-production film funded by a US conglomerate but being marketed as a purely British film, however you guys are able to get a replica Phaser I mean come on guys A MOTHER-F**KING PHASER!

  • Scott

    That was quick….

    • archer9234

      You’d be surprised. BR/DVD’s are completed before a movie comes out in theaters. Many commentaries I’ve listen to confirmed this.

      • Grammar Nazi

        “DVDs”, not “DVD’s”

  • Patrick

    Any idea what kind of digital copy this is? Most of the time the digital copy is included on a disc to transfer an SD version into iTunes, but recently a few have been just an iTunes code and I’ve been able download the 1080p version.

  • wolfheart


  • Lonewriter

    Anyone know the blu ray release date? I preordered the blu ray version with the phaser!

  • gisabun

    Canadian Blu-ray edition at Best Buy Canada has a bonus disc. no idea what is on it. Prefer the Europian covers.