To celebrate the launch of Amazon’s new Star Trek Collectible store featuring a range of autographed memorabilia, TrekCore has teamed up with Amazon’s Entertainment Collectibles store to bring our readers a special competition.

The lucky winner will be able to pick from a choice of a very special signed photo featuring either Leonard Nimoy (Spock) or Zachary Quinto (New Spock).

Count the Spocks!

To be in with a chance of winning your own certified autographed photo:

  • Count the number of times you see Spock’s face (Nimoy and Quinto) on the new Amazon Star Trek Collectibles Page
  • Fill in the entry form below with your Name, Email and Answer
  • This competition is only for entrants from the United States
  • Only one entry per person
  • Competition closes on Sunday, July 7

Thanks to everyone who entered. We received over 1,500 entries.
Congratulations to STEFAN from CULVER CITY, CA who correctly answered 16 SPOCKS and was chosen at random as our winner.

  • Dipling

    Ahhh, USA only…

    • trekcore

      We hope to have a worldwide competition soon! 🙂

      • ParisMayfield

        for UK
        with nimoy prize?

  • Jon

    Sorry to be a downer, but I would NEVER want a picture of Mr. Spock holding a firearm in this forceful, “I’m gonna get you!” manner (it doesn’t even look like a futuristic type of firearm!) like Mr. Quinto is in this picture, signed or otherwise. Completely antithetical to a) what the “Spock” character is supposed to represent, and b) what “Star Trek” is supposed to be about. It’s one thing to carry a phaser in a mostly defensive posture (such as in this classic photo (, but this picture is simply not Star Trek as the show was, is, and should be envisioned (IMHO).

    Take this vision out, and the product that one is left with will be ultimately forgettable.

    • hypnotoad72

      Didn’t Nimoy create the Vulcan nerve pinch because he didn’t want Spock to shoot people with guns? (my memory is admittedly hazy…)

  • Guest

    When will the email get sent out?