TrekCore traveled to the 2013 Chicago Official Star Trek Convention at the beginning of this month – hosted May 30-June 1 by Creation Entertainment – and we wanted to take time to showcase the wide variety of fan-designed costumes we enjoyed in person at the event!

One of the best things about any Star Trek convention is the dedication and creativity fans put into their costume creations – some try to match costumes seen on screen, while others take a more speculative route, putting their own twists on classic wardrobe designs.


Star Trek Chicago 2013: The Costumes


This year’s convention featured a whole range of creative costumes, from a life-sized Tribble to a visitors from the Borg Collective, covering common and rarely-seen outfits all of the television series and most of the Trek films. Click any of our images below to see full views of each fan’s costume!

The most impressive example – and the winner of the weekend’s costume contest – came from this young woman, dressed as Data in his 19th Century naval uniform, from Star Trek Generations. We learned that it putting the costume together took her nearly 18 months, as she build it all from scratch.

We also saw some men willing to bare their fair share of skin to make an impression on the crowds – these two represented the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation by wearing outfits from the Edo civilization and the rarely-seen “skant” Starfleet uniform on the convention floor.


There were also some unexpected surprises – this couple came as intricately-dressed Barkonians from the seventh-season TNG episode “Thine Own Self”.


Stay tuned to TrekCore for more exclusive features and interviews coming soon!


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  • Steve Tweed

    Hey! That was a great contest and great article with Cool pictures! Especially the guy in the TMP Admiral uniform… lol

  • John

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing TrekCore

  • mythme

    The only problem with costume contests is that the deserving entries rarely win. Showing some skin or a few blinky lights seems to garnish more applause than the more labor-intensive, creative or screen-accurate ones. At the last convention I was at there were a couple dresses as the two Dosi from “Rules of Acquisition”, complete with bottles of Tulaberry wine. They looked fabulous but the crowd seemed perplexed as to who/what they were. Its very frustrating. I think sometimes the “experts” hosting the conventions should narrow the contests down THEN let the audience decide. I was considering making monochromatic costumes of Dr. Chaotica and Queen Arachnia for my gal and myself, but I’m afraid of being met with blank stares.

    • hypnotoad72

      Popularity contests and populism in general, which is not quite the same as ‘democracy’, often rule the day.

      From shows like “American Idol” to politicians that openly state they would reinstate slavery if the bulk of the population were to agree, people don’t often care to think… and then blame everyone else. But there is the other issue, the no-win scenario – which has more to do with real life than “Star Trek”…

  • Darmok63

    In this contest, the one who put the most work into it DID win, not the ones showing the skin.