Last week we brought you news of the new Music From The Star Trek Saga from BSX Records. Hot on the heels of that, we’ve received word of another very special release from BSX bringing together some of the most celebrated music from the world of Star Trek Gaming. Star Trek: Music from the Video Games features memorable music from the original scores of no less than 13 iconic Star Trek video games.

The bulk of the 29 track collection is handed over to the complete reproduction of the soundtrack from the classic Star Trek Borg game, originally released in 1996. Gaming fans won’t be disappointed however, as numerous other titles are represented including Star Trek Online, Birth of the Federation, Star Trek Armada II, Elite Force and Bridge Commander – to name but a few.

We’ve got the full track listing, previews of selected tracks (click the links) as well as a high-resolution look at the cover art for this release.

1. Star Trek: Online – Main Title
2. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy – Main Title
3. Star Trek: Starfleet Command – Main Title
4. Star Trek: Starfleet Command III – Main Title
5. Star Trek: Legacy – Main Title
6. Star Trek: Legacy – Kirk’s Theme
7. Star Trek: Aramada II – Main Title
8. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Birth of the Federation – Main Title
9. Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force – Main Title
10. Star Trek: Away Team – Introduction
11. Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard – Kelshar
12. Star Trek: Klingon – Warrior’s Poem
13. Star Trek: Bridge Commander – Main Title
14. Star Trek Borg – Main Title
15. Star Trek Borg – Legend of the Borg
16. Star Trek Borg – Battle at Wolf 359
17. Star Trek Borg – The Battle Rages
18. Star Trek Borg – Club Q
19. Star Trek Borg – I Am Berman of Borg
20. Star Trek Borg – Goldsmith Has Been Assimilated
21. Star Trek Borg – Welcome to the Collective, Cadet
22. Star Trek Borg – Searching the Borg Ship
23. Star Trek Borg – Time is Running Out
24. Star Trek Borg – Escape from the Borg Collective
25. Star Trek Borg – Borg Hell
26. Star Trek Borg – You Will be Assimilated. Have a Nice Day
27. Star Trek Borg – Resistance is Futile, My Ass!
28. Star Trek Borg – Finale
29. Star Trek Borg – End Title

TrekCore will be profiling this release in greater detail over the coming week and we’re hoping to bring you some words from BSX’s Ford Thaxton to get a bit more behind-the-scenes information about the music in this collection.

In the meantime, the music is available to buy now over at or or where you can purchase full individual tracks for $0.99 each or the whole album for just $8.99. Head to now to grab your copy, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

  • Mat Rowe

    Are these re-recordings again?

    • Silver83

      Which, in some cases, would be great. Elite Force for example had synthesized music and listening to it as a big orchestrated version would have some appeal to me.

      • Anna Kinn

        I’d say it could be hit or miss on some of them – Elite Force is a good example where this version will most likely sound better, but with other ones like Starfleet Academy I doubt they can match it. BSX’s own recordings are usually pretty low budget, meaning they usually use some real instruments, but most of it is synthesized. Btw, there are samples now up for all tracks on Amazon. I don’t know what’s the deal with Bridge Commander, though. The “Main Theme from TMP” sounds awefully slow, and it seems to be the exact track as it appeared on the “Music From The Star Trek Saga”-release. On there, it was advertised simply as Theme from TMP, and here it’s supposed to be the theme from Bridge Commander. I haven’t played it, so does this theme really appear there in the game in this slowmo-version?

  • Legolars

    The cover art is fugly!

    • trekcore

      It may be the case that using Trek imagery wasn’t allowed for this release (and the previous release) due to licensing…

      • Legolars

        I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what’s happened. Which is why these kinds of releases don’t appeal to me.

  • Pigeon

    Any music recorded by Dominik Hauser can be read as “made by some guy with a Yamaha keyboard”, also the entire album is already available here in the UK on Spotify, be sure to check your own localities…

    Pass on it. Awful…just awful…