tngs4_smallWhile Star Trek The Next Generation – Season Four is just weeks away from release in North America, the UK and Australia, German fans have been left wondering when the set will be officially in Germany. Today we have the answer courtesy of Paramount Germany. The six-disc Blu-ray set will hit shelves on September 5, 2013. Strangely, Paramount Germany have decided to release Star Trek Enterprise – Season Two on the same day, so if you’re hoping to pick up both sets then you’re going to be spoilt for choice which to watch first.

You can now pre-order Season 4 of TNG and Season 2 of Enterprise at for the pre-order price of EUR 64,99.

A brief note about the Star Trek The Next Generation – Redemption feature which is being released alongside Season Four in some territories. As we mentioned previously, this special single disc release is only being made available in selected markets. Luckily, Germany will be one of those markets (and the only one in Europe). Unfortunately our information from Paramount Germany made no reference to a “full” release for this disc, making it likely that the Blu-ray will be issued as another supermarket exclusive (similar to “The Best of Both Worlds”)

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Into Darkness: September 12

Just in case two new high definition seasons of Star Trek aren’t enough for you, if you wait a week then Paramount Germany will release the brand new 2013 film Star Trek Into Darkness – scheduled for a release date of September 12, 2013.

Amazon’s German outlet has three format options available for Star Trek Into Darkness pre-orders. Sporting different cover art, German fans can order the standard DVD for EUR 14,99, the Blu-ray for EUR 21,99 and the 3D Blu-ray/Standard Blu-ray/DVD combo pack for EUR 25,99.

All sets are scheduled for a release date of September 12, 2013.

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4 Blu-ray today!

Order TNG - "Redemption" Feature Blu-Ray today!

  • archer9234

    That’s a serious delay for Germany. I really don’t get it. The bluray’s have a ton of dub/sub tracks. And they still need to make German fans wait?

    • Ensignricky

      Release date in the Netherlands is 24th of July!

    • trekcore

      No idea! The dub/sub tracks are already done. The decision to wait is purely marketing – and seems so strange to me!

  • ussgalaxie

    Preorder now available on

    • trekcore

      Thanks for the information, ussgalaxie! We’ve updated our articles!

  • Matthias Currat

    Just wundering: Is the “Best of Both Worlds” full length Blu-Ray available in Germany already? If not, when will it be released? I’m in Switzerland, and I haven’t seen it in the shelves yet. I only saw Seasons 1 through 3 and I’ll wait until all 7 seasons are out and then a fat discount will come for the full set, I’m sure (like in pay 6, get 7). The only thing I would buy in advance is the “BOBW” full length BR and purrhaps also the “Redemption” one, Data as captain rocks. 😛