Over the past year and a half, TrekCore has spent loads of time reporting on the wonderful Next Generation and Enterprise Blu-rays, the Original Series and Deep Space Nine soundtrack releases, and even books about the Animated Series – but there’s one area that hasn’t gotten much attention… Voyager fans, your time has come!


We’ve heard your requests for more Voyager stories, and we’re making up for lost time with next week’s special Voyager Week – featuring five straight days of exclusive interview and video coverage straight out of the Delta Quadrant!

An exclusive interview with Robert Picardo, everyone’s favorite holographic doctor!
vgr_cg falseprofits
Senior CG Supervisor Robert Bonchune
tells us what it takes to build a computer-generated Intrepid-class starship – featuring new renders of the USS Voyager!
An interview with False Profits” writer George Brozak, along with personal behind the scenes photos, documents, and video footage from his private collection!
scimeth voyweek_rare
Our video series examining Trek’s Visual Effects continues with “Scientific Method! A collection of all-Voyager rare photos and videos from deep within our archives!

. . . . .

…and just because we’re sharing these features all in one week, don’t think that means we’re finished with Voyager! We have even more exclusive Voyager content coming in the near future:

beyer darkfrontier
We catch up with novelist Kirsten Beyer during her journey back towards the Delta Quadrant with the Voyager crew! We’ll take look inside the world of audio post-production, including rare pre-music/foley effects footage from “Dark Frontier“!


We hope you’re as excited to revisit Star Trek: Voyager as we are – sound off in the comments below if there’s anything else from Voyager you’d like to see us try to investigate in the future!

In the meantime, take a trip back through Delta Quadrant history back to 1994 as we present a special archival piece of video news footage going behind the scenes as the fresh crew filmed their first few episodes of the series.



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  • archer9234

    This will be fun.

  • James

    There’s coffee in that nebula

  • Allen Williams

    For a second I thought a Voyager restoration got greenlit before DS9. In some ways it does make sense. I don’t think Voyager has as many effects shots as DS9 does. Anyway I want ALL star trek on either blu-ray or whatever replacement 4K technology that comes to replace blu-ray.

    • Voyager has a MUCH larger number of CG shots than what was used during DS9’s production.

      • trekcore

        Exactly – don’t forget the sheer amount of stuff in Astrometrics!

        • archer9234

          Year of hell would be just that for the remastering team.

          • Matt_Cardiff_UK

            Hahaha – so true and well put – but ooooohhhh wouldn’t it just be amazing!!? 🙂

        • Allen Williams

          I didn’t think about Astrometrics.

      • Guest

        Yeah, Voyager got into dogfights with other ships literally every episode. I don’t think any other Trek show comes close in terms of over all action and special effects used throughout the series. Hopefully the VFX people that worked on Voyager still have the original CG assets as they do with DS9. If so, then I suppose it be more a matter of touching up the CG effects rather than building and recreating everything from scratch. The mere thought of “Scorpion” or “Year of Hell” in glorious HD gives me goosebumps.

    • archer9234

      The shows all CGI after season 3. 4 years of everything needing to be touched up, if they find the CGI files. Or completely redone from scratch. A lot more than DS9’s last two seasons.

      • Allen Williams

        I was thinking DS9 had 3 years of all CGI not 2. I do know its far more complex than VGR, however a lot of it is recycled. VGR on the other hand a lot of it was stock footage dating back to the first episode. I can’t really think of many complex shots except for an asteroid field or the race episode. I would like DS9’s battle footage to at least look different in every episode. Maybe not a new scene, but change the camera position and rerender. This would make the scenes look different without being recycled in each episode.

  • Roelof Jan

    Voyager was the first Star Trek series i watched. It was the reason i became a fan. I started watching in ’99 i think. After that i watched Enterprise, and after that came TNG, DS9 and the last series i watched (not all episodes still) is the remastered version of TOS. But Voyager was the first, so i have a soft spot for this series!!

  • Allen Williams

    I can’t wait until we see the HD voyager renderings. I’m looking forward to that.

  • SFSeries&Movies

    Great initiative!

  • burty b

    Voyager had such a fantastic premise and i love the cast, I really hope it makes it to blu in the next 18 months or so. The show is, despite some sloppy characterisation and lazy plotting, seriously undervalued in the Trek canon and deserves some critical reappraisal. The show still looks good in SD, but a TNG style remaster would be brilliant. Imagine the awe inspiring title sequence in full HD.

  • Frank Turturici

    Voyager was my first Trek series, followed by the TNG movies, the TOS movies, then TNG, TOS, Enterprise and then DS9. I enjoy them all for different reasons, but I love the characters in Voyager. Hard to believe it’ll be 20 years in 2015!

  • Eros1405

    I’m so looking forward to this! Next to TNG, Voyager is my favorite series! I know it’ll be a huge undertaking but I’m hoping beyond hope that Voyager gets the Blu Ray treatment!

  • Jamie

    Fantastic, I’m really looking forward to hearing from Rob Bonchune and the Scientific Method vfx segment, I love that episode.

  • Jamie

    I forgot to say how cool it will be to get some behind the scenes on the sound mixing for Dark Frontier.
    Sound is the single most over looked area when it comes to behind the scenes.

    Trek core, please do more interviews with the sound designers from each of the series TNG – ENT, I would love to know how they created iconic sounds like Tricorder scans, various energy weapons, Scanners, Transporters etc

    Thank you

  • A week of Voyager? It doesn’t make any sense. I can’t understand it! I’m scared I’m losing my mind! It’s too much! I can’t! It’s too much!