As we announced yesterday, a standalone disc of “Unification” – the two-part fifth-season episode which brought Spock to Star Trek: The Next Generation – will be released along side the TNG Season Five Blu-ray set this November… and we’ve got a look at the cover art to go with the just-announced release dates! Click on the artwork below to see a super-high resolution copy:


The cover art comes from the end of “Unification II” – the memorable mind-meld between Ambassador Spock and Jean-Luc Picard – and is likely the biggest reason this release was chosen to accompany the Season Five Blu-ray: Leonard Nimoy’s return to television (coinciding nicely with the release of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country) drew incredibly high ratings for the syndicated series, and served as the show’s celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Star Trek franchise. The blue theme also matches nicely with the Season Five cover art.

The special release will come with its very own exclusive set of special features, including a new documentary entitled From One Generation To the Next (not to be confused with the similarly-titled 1988 documentary) and feature-length commentary. Fans in the US & Canada should expect a release date of November 19 for this disc.

UPDATE: We’ve confirmed with Paramount that “Unification” will not be released in the UK. Like “Redemption“, UK fans can order “Unification” from the US through and it will play fine in your UK player and should avoid any import duties due to the low price. Order at Amazon here.

Of the three standalone features so far, “Unification” is perhaps the easiest to watch in a combined form, as the two halves are able to be edited together rather seamlessly. There’s no massive, iconic cliffhanger (like in “The Best of Both Worlds“), and there’s no time jump or change in location (like in “Redemption“).

PART I — PICARD: “I’m looking for Ambassador Spock.”

SPOCK: “Indeed. You have found him, Captain Picard.”

PART II — SPOCK: “What are you doing on Romulus?” 

We’ll have all the latest developments, including official press releases with full breakdowns of the disc’s special features as they surface. In the meantime, lock in your preorders below!


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