CBS has just released the epic trailer for the third season of Star Trek: Enterprise – featuring the year-long Xindi arc – debuting on Blu-ray in January 2014!

The special release will come with its very own exclusive set of special features similar to the first seasons released in 2013, and as soon as we have more details about the contents, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Also featured in this trailer is the first look at the Blu-ray set’s cover art:


This cover art has the look of finality, but it is still subject to change as we approach the January release. It’s a fairly bizarre choice; a combination of two Season One promotional images: an overly-stylized group shot from the September 7, 2001 issue of Entertainment Weekly for the main cast, edited to replace Jolene Blalock with a separate photo taken with her more completed Season One makeup – though it would seem that one of the Season 3 photos featuring T’Pol in her more colorful civilian garb would have been more appropriate.

Looking closely, you can also see that after moving John Billingsley’s Phlox to a different position in the frame, the designers had to copy Dominic Keating’s arm and elbow so that Connor Trinneer would have a completed body at the back of the group… leaving Trip as a lieutentant!


We’ll also bring you full-resolution screencaps from the trailer, high-definition downloadable versions, and all the other usual goodies as soon as we have it ready – and we’ll have preorder links as soon as they’re available.

So what do you think of the trailer and the cover art? Sound off in the comments below!

If you’re in the United States you can already pre-order your set from now! We’ll let you know when other territories start to list the set.

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Order Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3 Blu-ray today!

  • DangerousDac


    Aside from that…looks pretty damned great. The Season 2 Blu Ray was a pleasant surprise when I got it, I may well pick up Season 3 too. I hope they have more cast commentaries this time out.

    • Chris915


      I’ve seen that 3D model somewhere… but yea, it’s not exactly accurate… should’ve just used the CG model from the show…

      • DangerousDac
        • Chris915

          Very nice. 😀

          I use Dek’s NX-01 model (not public), you can see I used it here:

          • DangerousDac

            Oh Man! You’re CJCA! I’ve watched your vids for years. And as for Dek’s NX-01, I remember watching it get built over on Sci Fi Meshes way back when.

            That NX in my clip though is my own. 🙂

          • Chris915

            haha, small world. 😛

            Yea, it’s hard to see exact details of yours, but it looks nice from what I can see.

          • archer9234

            I’m glad someone remembered to keep the saucer impulse engines off lol.

          • Chris915


    • OphidianJaguar

      Personally I am looking forward to the improvements in visual quality in season 3 & 4. 1 & 2 didn’t impress me when it came to visual quality, TOS and TNG look way better on blu-ray than Enterprise season 1 & 2. But I believe it was season 4 (maybe season 3) when they started to film the show digitally and in HD.

      • pittrek

        Well it’s because they have only upscaled the CGI scenes from 720i to 1080p for the Bluray, and you definitely see that they’re upscaled. Season 3 was shot on 35mm, they started to shoot it digitally in 1080i from season 4

        • Allen Williams

          I thought it was shot in 1080p in season 4.

          • archer9234

            Early shows shot in 1080i. To save on bandwidth and cost. The storage cards they would need when recording on digital HD are really expensive. My pro camera needs a class 10 SDHC card to jsut allow 1080p recording. You need that speed.

          • Allen Williams

            wiki says 1080p. Remember the cost of developing a huge amount of film is also expensive and slows the production schedule. I don’t see any reason why a couple of $100 cards would slow them down.

          • archer9234

            It’s just to save money. Early CSI shot in 1080i. And HD Doctor Who still shoots in 1080i.

          • Allen Williams

            Actually I have CSI Season 1 on blu-ray and its 1080p. However in fairness its shot on film like TNG. That’s the point though. It wasn’t shot in 1080i, 1080p or anything of the sort. It was shot on film. CSI was shot on film for a vary long time.

            I don’t think anyone in the professional industry would be dumb enough to shoot 1080i even though you can’t broadcast more than that. Remember if you shoot digital, you can’t ever fix it. The cost of shooting 1080p vs 1080i to a professional studio is negligible. Remember TNG costs $2 million/episode. I can’t imagine that all the dailies costs them even $1000/episode. I find it hard to believe they would sacrifice quality permanently to save a couple hundred dollars.

          • archer9234

            So you got CSI Season 1 in 1080p. While I know my blu-ray box shows 1080i on the back. You sure your TV isn’t just deinteracing it. I know the files are in 1080i. Because DVDfab tells me the way they’re encoded on the disc.

        • Justin Olson

          There’s no such thing as 720i, I’m sure you meant 720p… but regardless, most of the CG material in Seasons 1 & 2 were actually rendered at 480p, recorded onto 29.97fps D1 tape with 3:2 pulldown added and then up-converted to 1080p/24 format and inserted into the show before broadcast. Also, DP Marvin Rush used Panavised Sony CineAlta HDW-F900/3 cameras and 1080p/24 HDCAM SR tape in Season 4.

      • Allen Williams

        Keep in mind Enterprise we saw on blu-ray was originally from material 100% produced in 2001 & 2002. TOS was produced in 2006 and TNG was produced in 2012 where it wasn’t models filmed in 1987. That’s your difference in quality there. However that trailer looked like 1080p for a number of shots of the enterprise. This was especially the case when the zindi were attacking the crap out of it. I was finally like YES that’s what this show is supposed to look like.

  • archer9234

    I lvoe this cover art. I always wanted them to feature the whole cast. Since the crew is the main focus of the box art. Now we get to see the cast in cool poses. Even though Archer and Tpol are from Season 1.

  • Huffy

    Really hope the cover changes and has season 3 promo images. Needs a more serious Archer and not a goofy looking T’Pol from season 1.

    • OphidianJaguar

      Exactly! Season 3 turned Archer into ‘Space Bauer’. There was no combover on Archer in Season 3

  • TJ

    put startrek back on TV cbs

  • OphidianJaguar

    Good eye, little bit of one handed photoshop. Agreed that it is an odd choice for cover art. I like the TOS and TNG box art much better, I would have preferred a starfleet delta shield or a starship over a crew photo. And why they are using a season 1-2 image of T-pol rather than her more pleasing look in season 3-4 is odd. Regardless, I cant wait! I just want TNG and ENT to be done with so we can get DS9 remastered.


  • OphidianJaguar

    No combover for Archer in season 3, he’s gotta be space Bauer, and T-Pol, Lets just say T-Pol season 3-4 = nerd boner.

  • Jamie

    Nice to see Phlox not relegated to the background, I like the cover art but T’pol’s picture should reflect her change of style as seen in Season 3 not her Season 1 photo.
    Looking forward to seeing what bonus content is on the set this time.

    Trekcore, please get us another bargain pre-release price link to like you did for Season 2. I was so pleased to get my Season 2 set for £21.95, I’m counting on you guys.

    Keep up the great work.


  • adamclark83

    Could Linda Park do a commentary on “Exile” and “Countdown”?

  • Martin

    It should have the third season cast on the bringe with a ultraviolet colour

  • Christopher Roberts

    I hope they change the cover art from what they’re advertising, like they did with Season 2. T’Pol and Archer had a great look in those later seasons. Sexier than the bowl wig and side parting anyhow. If the arrangement has to be kept, update those characters on the right at least.

  • EnterprisingMen

    AWESOME trailer, but terrible cover art. WHY would CBS use Season 1 images on a Season 3 set?? The look of the cast (especially T’Pol and Archer) is completely different from S3…

    • Porthos Food

      Agreed. Bad choice of cover art. Season 3 was a new start for the show, but the cover makes it look just like the early years.

  • Darian

    Why would the artwork designer go to the trouble of replacing T’Pol, but then use a season ONE image of her?? Makes no sense. But yes, I agree it should be changed. Like you say in the article trekcore – the season 3 publicity images are far better. why didn’t they just use those?????

  • Matt Littledyke

    Excellent can’t wait season 3 was where the show started getting better it’s a shame it never passed season 4 it really had potential I would have loved to have seen another mirror universe story.

  • dexterlicious

    Really? someone got paid to do that cover? poor, poor, poor. with all the publicity photos available, how can someone not notice they chose ones from the WRONG season?

  • Alex Oron

    wow someone really messed up on that front cover

    season 3 was enterprise’s second-coming, they redesigned everything … and the cast’s appearance was radically different. you certainly wouldn’t know that looking at the “artwork” CBS has slapped on the box.

  • Frequent Guest

    Enterprise was the worst Star Trek series of all but I hope we’ll get “These Are The Voyages” and “The Pegasus” combined into a feature-length episode (Like this: ), but with CGI to make Riker and Troi look younger.

    • Allen Williams

      After watching both, I don’t see how that’s possible. TATV doesn’t actually fit correctly into the Pegasus. Also Riker never tells Picard until Picard asks, so his “lesson” didn’t actually work. Even if you could CGI them to look younger, no it just doesn’t work at all. Besides TATV was a BAD episode. Enterprise was really good if you ask me, but TATV was the 2nd worst episode they had in their 4 years.

      • archer9234

        What do you consider their worst episode then? Mine is Regeneration. Phlox defeating the probes with radiation killed the episode for me.

        • Allen Williams

          I’ll admit it was a bit of a stretch, but I loved that episode regardless. It was a lot of fun.

          My worst is Daedalus. It was supposed to be this emotional story of how the inventor of the transporter lost his son, but from the fact that we’ve never met this guy its already difficult to make us feel for this guy(but not impossible), but they didn’t pull it off. It was also extremely boring. Both the worst episode of the season and the show.

        • Mike

          An excellent point! Phlox does mention the nano-probes have trouble with his body chemistry, but surely by the 24th century someone would have found a way to safely use radiation to stop the assimilation of Starfleet officers? I enjoyed “Regeneration” but I always thought Phlox’s victory there was a big dose of “okay we need to wrap this up quickly.”

    • matthew smith

      are you having a joke the worst episode in stat trek “These Are The Voyages”

  • Allen Williams

    From that trailer, it looked like the effects were finally done in 1080p. The Azati Prime footage where the Enterprise is getting blown to hell looked good for a change.

  • Platitude

    Will the blu-rays looks significantly better than watching it in HD on Netflix? Otherwise I don’t see why I would pick this up.

    Also that cover art is bad bad bad.

    • BrianRoskamp

      Yes, Netflix (and any streaming service) will be highly compressed and you’ll see digital artifacts. Currently, bluray is the way to go if you’re looking for the best quality IMO

      • Guest

        Netflix and other companies would have to stream at 25-30Mbps to match Bluray.

    • archer9234

      Netflix and other companies would have to stream at 25-30Mbps to match Bluray

  • James

    I can’t wait for this, but the cover art is terrible.

    I can’t see why they didn’t use the S3 ‘corridor’ promotional images, I did a mock up:

    Looks much more the part (although I do think that the old Phlox image worked better).

    • Christopher Roberts

      That’s more like it! 🙂

  • Mike

    I agree with other comments that T’Pol’s appearance should match her Season 3 appearance, but it’s nice to see Phlox get moved to the front since he didn’t even make the cover of the Season 1 set.

  • Mike

    Very good trailer, though.

  • vincanss

    It strikes me as odd to put so much effort into the ‘content’ of these sets, but then make the cover more as an after thought? I don’t think it looks terrible, but at the least they should go with actual season 3 character profiles. T’Pol’s look was a bit… erm, ‘sexier’ in season 3 maybe? Though even with a pudding basin do, she looked highly marketable. er..
    I wonder when the season 2 Blu review’s coming?

    • Christopher Roberts

      It’s actually worse than the original artwork. Looks like a crash helmet.

      Which leads me to another problem I have. Isn’t this mixing artistic interpretation and actual photos?

      • Bjoernar Dohm

        They used different wigs in different seasons.

  • Mike C.

    Hi TREKCORE, are you no longer doing reviews? Season 2 set did not get one posted.

  • matthew

    has this cover be definitely conformed