Just like “The Best of Both Worlds“, German audiences can now pick up a copy of “Redemption” on Blu-ray – with German-language packaging – through select supermarkets like Marktkauf, RealEdeka, and Kaufland, priced at €9.99. The single-disc set includes the same foldout slipcover included with the North American release.

redempt_german_thumbImage from the CineFacts.de forum

We’re pleased that German fans have the opportunity to pick up a copy of “Der Kampf um das Klingonische Reich” (or, “The Battle for the Klingon Empire”) in their home territory, but for those German speakers who don’t have access to a local store, we recommend purchasing the disc from Amazon.com.


Have any of you been able to track down a copy of this release in a market near you? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • q-tip

    The Redemption disc only has English, German, French and Japanese audio and subtitles. Best of both worlds has all the languages the season sets have. Looks like they never planned to release this anywhere else while they left all options open to release BOBW everywhere.

    • Gibbs

      Has the US version German audio?

      • q-tip

        I don’t know. I have the German version. But all other TNG and ENT seasons as well as BOBW are identical worldwide.

      • trekcore

        Yes, the US version of “Redemption” has German Audio. Order from Amazon here: http://amzn.to/YjPHJf

        • Picard

          I took a look at the amazon site and as I said before, at “Language” only english is listed. Is this a mistake from amazon? If it’s so someone maybe should tell it amazon cause it holds back A LOT of people from ordering worldwide!

          • trekcore

            Yes, Amazon is wrong – it often makes mistakes about this information, unfortunately.

            I have the US Redemption next to me here, and it offers German Mono audio.

          • Picard

            So Germany fans actually can buy ALL releases of TNG on the us store? Are all TNG blu ray releases are with german audio so far and region free too? The releasesbefore where all about the same time like in the us but for season four Germany have to wait very long now (until September 19) And the feature cut releases are taking long to.

          • trekcore

            Yes, German fans can get everything from Amazon.com – no trouble. They all have German audio and subtitles and are region free.

          • Picard

            That’s great 🙂 Tell me trekcore did you ever watched an episode in German language? If yes, how do you find the German voices, especially Picards and the overall quality of the synchronization?

  • Picard

    FINALLY, bye I have to go to the supermarket 🙂 I love TNG soo much man :))

    • Picard

      Oh man, it’s sold out everywhere 🙁 It’s really a shame that amazon Germany don’t sell it!!!!

      • Alexander

        Really, there are many copys my nearest Supermarkt

  • Picard

    If at least the US blu ray would have german language (and others). Than all countries could at least order it from amazon usa.

    • trekcore

      Yes, the US releases all have German languages and subtitles and are region free. You can order through Amazon USA with no problems.

  • Ric

    Just got my copy at KAUFLAND….Thank god!

  • SIlver83

    Thanks for the info. I got mine from Real. Regarding Star Trek being german has its benefits 🙂

  • James

    According to the amazon.com (US) website the blu-ray is region A, meaning it wont work in Europe. Is this actually the case or is it region free?