Last month we reported on the upcoming release of Star Trek: Enterprise‘s third season on Blu-ray, currently scheduled to hit shelves on January 7, 2014 in the US.

In our original article, we drew attention to the rather bizarre choices that had gone into the cover art design. Rather than draw on the array of promotional media from season three, CBS had instead opted to feature a rather strange combination of two different Season One-era promotional photos:


Thankfully, today we can reveal that CBS have taken it upon themselves to make a couple of chronological corrections, replacing Jolene Blalock and Scott Bakula‘s photos with more season-appropriate shots of T’Pol and Archer.


The newly-used shot of T’Pol in her customary third-season uniform is from the standard Season 3 publicity stills collection, albeit blown-out and overexposed to fit in with the rest of the imagery. Meanwhile, the new image of Captain Archer appears to be a merging of Scott Bakula’s face from a group promotional shot combined with the original body shot from that Entertainment Weekly spread.

tpol archer
The original T’Pol photo, and part of the Archer source image.


So, what do you think about this updated artwork? Are you happy with the changes, or are you still hoping for another revision?

Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3 is released on Blu-ray on January 7, 2014 although if you’re in the United States you can already pre-order your set from now. The set comes loaded with brand-new bonus features including a host of newly recorded audio commentaries and an edge-of-the-seat documentary on the conception of the Xindi War. Certainly not to be missed, place your pre-order with Amazon below if you haven’t already!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 Blu-ray today!

Order Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3 Blu-ray today!

  • Mike C.

    Very happy.

  • Datshon

    They still didn’t fix Trip. He still has Reed’s right arm and rank. At least do a little more photoshopping and add one more pip for Trip.

  • ShaunKL

    They had two of the casts best photoshoots in season 3 and they choose not to use them. Whatever.

  • Jamie

    I’m glad they fixed Archer and T’Pol, but another 20 seconds with Photoshop and they could have given Trip the correct rank.
    Now we just need this to be on pre-order at for £21.75 as they did with Season 2 and I will put in my order at the speed of light.

    • trekcore

      Doubtful, Jamie. Season 2 was a pricing error by Amazon… I can’t see them repeating it!

      • Nige

        HMV was priced at £29.99 instore for the first few weeks of release

        • trekcore

          It may have been a Paramount pricing error then… in any event, when we contacted them to check they confirmed it was incorrect.

      • vincanss

        Was Sainsbury’s pre-order a pricing error too? That sucks if the case. Season 3 probably won’t be up for that price.

    • Allen Williams

      I thought Trip was a commander in all 3 seasons. I don’t recall that changing or him getting promoted or anything.

      • archer9234

        No, he means that they’re using Malcom’s body.

  • pittrek

    I don’t get it. Don’t tell me CBS doesn’t have a single promo photograph from season 3. Why do they have to create them from other existing photos? Jolene’s neck looks “unnatural” (or is it just the glowing light from the back?), Scott’s head is definitely pasted onto some else body, in an incorrect angle and it’s slightly bigger than it should be. Trip’s head is STILL pasted onto a different body and looks horribly misplaced, Hoshi’s body … is that actually a human body? Looks completely CG to me, with a real face glued on it. Malcolm looks as gay as never before, Travis has a creepy rapist look (but at least looks like a person) … The only person who looks normal is Phlox.

    The TNG covers are simple, but beautiful. The Enterprise covers look like done by a 10 years old kid who has just discovered Photoshop.

    • Mike C.

      I agree that the TNG covers are much better. The ENT covers they ‘asked’ fans to vote on were much more creative than what we’re getting. Since there is such a difference between TNG and ENT I wonder what DS9s will be.?.

  • archer9234

    It’s better than before. But why not use the old S3 desktop wallpapers. Each character was photographed separate. That be perfect for t’pol and archer. It’s probably the whole angle they want with them.

  • mjdavid

    I like the changes, they make it look more authentic as cover-art for the third season. I will say I’m surprised the ENT sets don’t have the same consistency when it comes to cover art that TNG displays. The only thing I would maybe have done differently is bring the remainder of the cast forward in the photo just a little bit.

  • vincanss

    Yeah, better. That’s T’Pol’s season 3 do, right there see!

  • Martin

    At least make it more colourfull with ultraviolet !

  • CaliburnCY

    It certainly is more Season 3 appropriate than the previous version. It’s nice that CBS is listening, and regardless of what else they do from here, at least they addressed the most egregious issues with Archer and T’Pol. I’m no artist, but if they were going to attempt one more tweak, I’d suggest replacing their current version of Trip with the individual pose shown below.

    That’s the version of Trip that TrekCore visitor James used in his quick alternative mockup last month (also shown below).

    Using that version of Trip would eliminate the need for the weird duplication of Malcom’s body onto Trip’s head. And it seems like this version of Trip could be made to blend in with the other characters about as well as what they have now.

    • James

      Yeah, I agree that my version of Phlox wasn’t that great. I decided to go with all season 3 promo images (Bar Malcolm which I believe is an S4 image).

      I honestly can’t understand why they took Archers head in the new version and put it on the old body when the S3 promotional shot I used is pretty much exactly the same except it doesn’t look photoshopped.

      Still, hopefully I’ll be receiving some sort of cheque from the CBS design team shortly (harr harr).

  • Donny Pearson

    One word: Cool!

  • Platitude

    Far from perfect, but certainly much better than before!

  • Matt Littledyke

    Does anyone know when it will be available for preorder in the UK as there is only a US link at the moment

  • Csere Mihaly

    I’m a little bit worried about the fact that there is still no pre-order in Europe …

  • Christopher Roberts

    Thank you CBS! Happy to see Archer and T’Pol Season 3 styles on the cover.

  • Neill Stringer

    Do you know when Season 3 will be available for pre order in the UK?

  • Frank Pepito

    Why did this need to be changed to begin with? I’ve been a designer for years. And I can’t believe the folks that produced the first layout failed – FAILED – to do their due diligence and research. Releasing the original layout makes Paramount’s marketing department look inept imo. Sorry to be harsh, but really, it’s not that hard to do research. It should be second nature. Or, if the case is that CBS keeps all their high res photo assets under lock and key from their marketing department, that’s a whole other matter entirely. Either way, it just makes me sad to see a corporation look this overtly ignorant. It’s great it’s been revised now, fwiw. But wow… Be as artsy-fartsy as you want, but please get someone who knows Star Trek better working on these covers or fix whatever internal infrastructure that hampers research there.

  • Nelson

    I’m glad to hear that CBS is listening to the fans all along with the cover art for the Enterprise Blu rays.

    That being said, I’m disappointed that there has not been a consistent theme to the design of the cover art. The DVD sets for Enterprise were terrific and nicely done molded boxes with a consistent design. These blu-rays are rather simple and generic. I realize that Enterprise seems to be the series with the least love from either the studio or the fans. I for one really liked the series.

    The TNG Blu-rays have been consistent with a design theme and I would have thought it would have been a simple matter to design a similar type of cover art with an image from Enterprise as an anchoring theme for each season. Perhaps the silhouette of the Enterprise itself as was done on the DVD sets and omitting the images of the cast.

    • James

      Honestly I’m surprised they just didn’t use the Enterprise patch logo that’s such a core part of the series.

  • TomR

    Since CBS is listening to us I hope they take note of the interest in a NEW SEASON OF ENTERPRISE. and I love the revised artwork.

  • Dr. Cheis

    This is the kind of thing that tells me they actually care.