Star Trek: The Next Generation – “Unification”
Release Date: November 19, 2013
Blu-Ray Disc • 1 Disc
CBS Home Entertainment

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CBS’s latest single-disc release of Star Trek: The Next Generation takes us on a mission to Romulus, reuniting both halves of the memorable season five two-parter “Unification” which famously marked the return of Leonard Nimoy as Spock. The episode was originally slated to coincide with Star Trek‘s 25th Anniversary and turned into one of the franchise’s most memorable crossover stories. Factor in Mark Lenard’s final appearance as Sarek, more fun from Denise Crosby’s alter ego Sela and some hilarious scenes with a fat Ferengi, and “Unification” still remains one of TNG’s best two-parters.

These standalone reissues of TNG’s two-parters have quickly become a mainstay of CBS’s release schedule, accompanying the more expensive full-season sets on each release date. However, while the last two (“The Best of Both Worlds” and “Redemption“) allowed collectors of the seasons to avoid waiting for the conclusion of the traditional end-of-season cliffhanger, both parts of “Unification” are already included in the Season 5 set. For the casual fan, this makes the decision of whether or not to pick this title up dependent on the exclusive bonus material bundled with the disc. More on that later.

Leonard Nimoy reprises his iconic role as Spock and joins the crew of the Enterprise in this fan-favorite double episode! When the Federation calls for help in locating an ambassador suspected of defecting, Captain Picard is troubled to learn that Spock is the one who has vanished. Seeking information from Spock’s ailing father, Sarek, and unlikely help from the Klingons, Picard and his crew find the ambassador pursuing a personal mission on Romulus: a Vulcan/Romuluan reunification. But though the Romulans claim to support the same goal, their motives are not what they seem.

Both parts of the episode are edited together via a standard fade-to-black in this presentation. Despite the fact that a “seamless” edit implies that both parts of the episode should be bridged as smoothly as possible, I don’t have as much of an issue with the style used here compared to what we saw in “Redemption”. Interestingly, the disc’s bonus feature documentary also includes a clip of the transition between both episodes, but personally edited together by Robert Meyer Burnett. This certainly plays back more seamlessly than in the actual episode, although arguments could be made for using both types of transition. Which do you think works best?

A final point about the disc in general, there’s no Ultraviolet digital download option here – so those of you who were hoping to add to your “Best of Both Worlds” and “Redemption” digital copies will be left disappointed.

Remastering Quality

Those of you who have already read my review of Season 5 will be well aware of how highly I rate CBS Digital’s remastering efforts for these episodes. The quality on display here is virtually flawless in every regard. Do yourself a favor and go back to see how “Unification” looked on DVD: the dimly lit atmospheric scenes in the Romulan caves and on the Klingon bridge lacked so much detail that at times they just descended into a blurred indistinguishable mess (especially when the camera had to move). The newly scanned 35mm film looks terrific, with original film grain making these scenes pop just the right amount.

As I mentioned in the review of the full season, CBS-D proudly unveiled their new CG model of the Enterprise in “Unification”, with the mother of all hull-scraper shots to put it through its paces. The CG model effortlessly merges the sleek shape of the original 6-foot Enterprise physical model with just the right amount of relief on the hull to give it a hint of the 4-foot model’s bumpy surface.

CBS-D also got the opportunity to act on hindsight and correct a couple of continuity errors that crept into the original SD broadcast of the episodes. The inhospitable Galorndon Core was returned to it’s ominous blue-color that we first saw in Season 3’s “The Enemy“, after accidentally being turned a cream-color in the SD “Unification”. Meanwhile, the famous reflection of sound technician Bill Gocke which was briefly visible in a crystal sat on Proconsul Neral’s desk has been painted out.

The newly rendered CG Enterprise in a stunning hull-scraper shot from “Unification”

What more can I say? The episode sparkles, just like the rest of the fifth season. Thankfully CBS Digital have been assigned both the sixth and seventh seasons, so we can expect more of the same high quality with the last two releases.

Bonus Material

The single disc Blu-ray of “Unification” comes with a nice extra helping of bonus material created exclusively for this release and not found on the 5th Season set. A cute little 15 minute documentary accompany’s the ultimate audio commentary featuring writer/producer Jeri Taylor along with a newly unearthed deleted scene.

“From One Generation to the Next” gave the VAM team more than their fair share of headaches in its conception. With Leonard Nimoy turning down interview requests and Jeri Taylor exclusively contributing to the audio commentary, the number of players left in the race were few and far between. Luckily, Burnett and Lay decided on a slightly different approach and came at “Unification” somewhat obliquely by revisiting TNG’s earlier crossover episode, “Sarek“. Writer Marc Cushman discusses the joy he felt at having his original crossover concept approved by Gene Roddenberry while Rick Berman talks about the resistance to making any sort of reference to TOS. Sprinkle in some contributions from Denise Crosby, Gates McFadden, Michael Dorn and the gang and you have a nice piece which is a lot of fun to watch. I’m glad the VAM team stuck to 15 minutes here, they’d have been stretching things otherwise. Just enough!

Marc Cushman (Writer, “Sarek“) interviewed for the “Unification” documentary

Audio Commentary: Without a doubt, the strongest motivation to pick this release up is the newly recorded audio commentary featuring writer and producer Jeri Taylor (accompanied by Mike & Denise Okuda). Jeri retired from Star Trek mid-way through Star Trek: Voyager and in doing so stepped back from public life almost entirely to spend time with family. Through a lot of wrangling and persuading, she eventually agreed to record this 90-minute track which is so more than just a commentary on “Unification”: In essence, this is the Jeri Taylor story. From her first (disastrous) convention appearance to the dramatic departure of Genevieve Bujold from Star Trek: Voyager, no details are spared here. Taylor reveals how, out of all her TNG contributions, she remains most proud of “The Outcast“, while she viewed Star Trek as a very “human drama” which fueled her love for character-writing in installments such as “I, Borg“. Listen out for her hilarious “snowball” metaphor when talking about the production department. Easily the best audio commentary to date, you’re certain to leave it with a new found appreciation for such a remarkable (and under-appreciated) woman.

Deleted Scene: In a scene cut from the original episode, Captain Picard welcomes Sarek’s wife Perrin aboard, and the two have a quick walk-and-talk where Perrin reveals the extent of the Ambassador’s deteriorating health. As usual, it’s such a treat to see these treasures from the vault – moments not seen for over 22 years.

Picard walks with Perrin in a deleted scene from “Unification”

While CBS’s decision to make the audio commentary and documentary exclusive to this disc is understandable, the same logic shouldn’t have been extended to the deleted scene. When fans are shelling out for the full fifth season set, it’s a bit much to exclude a deleted scene on the basis of creating a two-tiered market: those who can (and are able to) pick up this single-disc release and those who aren’t, but are nevertheless paying for the full 6-disc set.

The Bottom Line

“Unification” marks yet another solid single-disc feature release from Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s collection of two-part episodes. This two-parter remains a seminal TNG moment and still resonates well today. Throw in a terrific audio commentary from Jeri Taylor, a sweet little documentary and a deleted scene and you have a sure-fire winner.

As TNG’s remastering project nears its conclusion, I look forward to future single disc releases accompanying the season sets (strong Cardassian urges for Season 6, folks) along with the continued high standards that go into the production of the exclusive bonus material.

– Written for by Adam Walker, November 21, 2013

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 Blu-ray today!

Order TNG - "Unification" Feature Blu-Ray today!

Order Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 Blu-ray today!

Order TNG - "Unification" Feature Blu-Ray today!

  • Wes

    I enjoyed looking at the CG Enterprise… It is amazing how they were able to recreate it so detailed… Oh and BTW, I kind of figured that the next single disc release will probably be Chain of Command, since Birthright and Descent are in no way fan favorites, and hopefully Burnett and Lay, Jr. can find a way to get David Warner to talk about his experience on TNG (maybe about STV and STVI too). I’m already looking forward to season six and whatever will be the single-disc feature.

    • James G.

      Chain of Command for 6, All Good Things for 7, count on it.

      And if they do AGT as a separate release, does that mean that the emphasis on TNG’s end gets moved over to the separate release? I hope they include the Journey’s End documentary..

      I’d love to hear a Moore/Braga commentary for AGT where they can further discuss the difficulty in writing that and Generations are around the same time.

      • Wes

        Maybe James they can do two separate ones. One with the cast’s reaction on the S7 blus and do one with the production crew’s on the AGT one. I would certainly hope Moore and Braga do a commentary on AGT. And hopefully a guest star reunion on the S7 set, which following release dates, put in summer 2014.

    • Chain of Command has some amazing potential. Here’s hoping for a great release!

  • James G.

    I watched the featurette before the episode. I really liked the edit between the two parts as shown there The music from the cliffhanger and dialogue of the followup meshed well. But then I watched the episode and found it was just slapped together.

    • James G.

      Now that I think about it – shouldn’t it be no different than a commercial break? Those fade to black too. While it’s nice to make it look like a movie, it’s still a TV show with musical stingers at the end of each segment.

      • Alex

        I thought the fade to black was better as the music just didn’t sit right with the edited version.

        • Justin Olson

          I have to agree. While well-intentioned and an interesting experiment, Burnett’s edit ultimately doesn’t work due to the musical crescendo that now plays over Picard’s dialogue. Burnett tries to tone it down by lowering the dB level on the music somewhat, but it doesn’t quite work. What it needed was a single sustaining string chord slowly fading out once it cuts to the over-the-shoulder angle, not a continuing musical phrase that builds and builds. They could have asked Dennis McCarthy to create something for them that would have worked better, but of course they’d have to pay him.

          When I saw Burnett’s edit in the doc I said to myself, “I hope that’s not how they edited it!” And when I checked the feature I was definitely relieved they went with a straight forward fade out and fade in. There’s really nothing better that could have been done without new music.

          • All the advertising says the episodes have been “seamlessly edited” into a single piece. LOL, far from it. Redemption and Unification both leave something to be desired with the edits.

            Oh well, still good eps and the remastering has been going better than I originally anticipated. Can you imagine what a horrible job old Paramount would’ve done? Their releases in the 90s and 2000s were rubbish.

    • Neelix’s Soup

      I really like Rob Burnett’s edit in the bonus featurette. It worked much better than the edit CBS did in the episode. Hopefully they read this and take more care with the next one.

  • BeatleJWOL

    The issue with the transition is for these feature-length releases is that they’d ideally have to eliminate all the commercial breaks, not just the split in the middle. Since they’re leaving the commercial breaks alone, I have far less of a problem with the transition point.

    • I really wish for the Redemption Blu-ray they’d have put in a title saying “x months later…” Instead we just got an immediate jump to the space battle.

      Unification is a bit more seamless but it’s kind of odd to have the music going and slowly fade out while Picard and Spock are talking.

  • Tomh, Esq.

    Why no digital copy?

    “Best of Both Worlds” and “Redemption” both included one, so I was disappointed to see that a digital copy “was not” included with “Unification.”

    That would seem to be an easy giveaway for Paramount/CBS.

    • The DRM on those digital copies is so annoying, I never even redeem them unless it’s exclusive content or something I can use in iTunes.

      • hypnotoad72

        After finding out I couldn’t make a copy of “The Enemy of the World” I’d bought via iTunes to watch on my proper TV, I’m no longer buying from iTunes. So if you hate other forms of digital DRM, why support the equally restrictive iTunes? Because I had to spend $200 on an AppleTV plastic thing when a $0.50 DVD disc wouldn’t suffice?

        • All DRM sucks to be sure but at least iTunes stuff works on all my devices (MBP, iPhone, Airplay). Like I said earlier CinemaNow rarely works.

    • Dr. Cheis

      Yeah I wish I realized that before I ordered mine. Half the appeal was being able to play it on the go, since I’d already be buying the season blu-ray set.

  • milojthatch

    I’m increasing loosing more respect for Mr. Nimoy. As if his appearances in the horrid JJ-Trek films were not bad enough, now he refuses to have a short interview for his last true turn as Spock? I don’t get it. What a jerk!

    • Maybe he wanted too much money?

      • milojthatch

        All the more reason to lose respect for the man in my book!

        • James

          Judging by his comments at the time, I don’t think Nimoy was pleased with the episode. Also, the guy has other commitments and doesn’t owe the fans anything.

    • kclark

      Mr. Nimoy and Mr. Abrams probably know how to spell “losing” properly.
      No matter how many insults intolerant “fans” lob at them, STAR TREK (2009) and INTO DARKNESS (2013) are true TREK films and legitimate appearances by Nimoy’s Spock.

      • Sykes

        I’m not really sure what point you’re trying to make. Milo didn’t say the JJ movies weren’t “true” Trek, he just opined that they weren’t good. And he did it without making fun of a spelling error.

      • milojthatch

        You never hear of a typo? I wasn’t talking about my feeling of JJ-Trek (getting tired of repeating myself on that issue) but rather my displeasure with Mr. Nimoy.

      • hypnotoad72

        The quality of writing descends into fan video territory, and – during the original run when the brands made a statement instead of inanely cashing in on it via wanking nostalgia wax – I don’t recall Trek needing car companies, cell phone companies, beer companies, a beer brewery (unlike that “Overdrawn at the Memory Bank” or half the cheezy sci-fi trash that borrowed f/x from “Battlestar Galactica” in the early 1980s…)

        And, really, if you need an example, “Into Darkness” holds up often enough, but the scene where Kirk and Khan are heading to the USS Vengeance (really, “USS Vengeance”??) and everyone speaking to them like chums seriously reeked of the sort of hacked-up drivel I wrote in high school creative writing class… and that was well over two decades ago…

        • James

          “Really, USS Vengeance?”

          Star Trek’s often been ‘on the nose’ with naming of characters and ships. Here are some other examples:

          Scotty (just in case you didn’t know he was scottish!)
          Data (just in case you didn’t know he was an android)
          Chekhov (just in case you didn’t know he was a Russian)
          USS Titan (a big ship)

    • Chris915

      It’s his prerogative what he wants to do with his time…

      • milojthatch

        Just like it’s my prerogative to like him or not. Look, frankly after all the money and time fans have given him for the last five decade, the least he could do is appear on a blu-ray and talk about memories from his time on TNG. That is not really asking so much.

        • Chris915

          Yea, he could’ve, but he didn’t, time to move on.

        • hypnotoad72

          “Gave” him, really? I had no idea he was on welfare, corporate welfare, or anything else.

          Let’s recap our free market at work: Nimoy, like the others, work for a living. The company dictates their value. Nobody gives you anything. Nobody owes you anything. You’re free to be a slave if need be. These people worked hard and made these companies a LOT MORE MONEY. So why should or must these workers come back to do more work for zero pay? And, again, we – you and I – gave nothing. Maybe the company should be a little more respectful off Nimoy. Not the customers, hmm?

      • hypnotoad72

        Anybody voting your post down may as well support slavery.

    • hypnotoad72

      He has the right to dictate his own value in a free market.

      What would Nimoy say? “Well, Abrams told me to stop by and if anyone asks say that I’m just visiting and being a happy cheerleader.” It wasn’t a big scene…

      And it’s not Nimoy’s fault the Abrams movies are shallow imitations of Trek, even if “Into Darkness” was the better of the two and managed to recapture the feel (by and large, only a hack would have Kirk and Khan teaming up and having everyone do that horrible dialogue… and, as a writer, I know it’s not easy to do, so I shouldn’t be so harsh.)
      It would have been super-cool if he did commentary work for “Unifcation”, since there’d be much more meat to offer… but, again, if people are doing all of this for free and even being at the top of the totem Nimoy is pretty much typecast as Spock, I’d be looking for some bread as well…

  • mjdavid

    I’m not going to speculate on Nimoy’s refusal to participate. Perhaps it was a money thing, perhaps he really wasn’t a fan of “Unification” after it was finished, who knows? It’s likely he was paid very well even for his small cameo in ‘Into Darkness.’

    I enjoyed the documentary but I agree with what’s in the review, 15 minutes was perfect. I don’t really like that this was Denise Crosby’s last appearance as Sela; she was a much more interesting character than Tasha Yar, and they could have found some use for her somewhere in Season 6 or Season 7. Crosby notes in the documentary that she enjoyed coming back as Sela because that was the character work she wanted to do from the very beginning. It was also interesting to hear Gates McFadden talk about a non-Trek awareness of Nimoy.

    I respect Jeri Taylor’s decision to step away from Star Trek and talking about Star Trek, but that’s going to pose a problem when the ‘Voyager’ HD project eventually goes into production. It would be really sad to have everyone’s point-of-view but hers, considering she was so instrumental in the development of that series.

    As per the speculation on the next two standalone releases … I think releasing “… All Good Things” as a standalone would be like cheating UNLESS they really pack it with newly-recorded/released VAM. So far the standalones have featured one small documentary, an audio commentary and a deleted scene or two. The series finale was originally aired as a tele-movie and it appeared on the DVDs that way. I can’t imagine they would break it up for the Blu-Ray release. On the other hand think of all the extra VAM we could get, newly recorded interviews with the creative staff, every cast member, Colm Meaney, Denise Crosby, John deLancie … that way the two-part documentary on the Season Seven set could focus on things other than the finale itself. … For Season Six my mind immediately goes to “Time’s Arrow” or “Chain of Command.” “Descent” was a pretty good episode, I just don’t see it being one they could produce quality VAM for. “Time’s Arrow” has Whoopi Goldberg returning as Guinan, you’ve got the characters Mark Twain and Jack London featured. There’s also the period piece aspect of the episode, the costumes, the unique set, the historical aspect. Those things make me think they will pick “Time’s Arrow” over “Chain of Command.” However, “Chain of Command” had some quality acting, strongly features the Cardassians, I just don’t think the VAM would be as interesting for “Chain…” as it would be for “Time’s Arrow.”

    • archer9234

      To sell the finale (to me at least) as a side disc, they have to get the entire cast to do commentary on it. Seriously, why is it so hard to get some of the actors to sit in for episodes. Keating and Trinnner are the only main cast members to do one for Trek.

      • Justin Olson

        Why is it so hard? Well, for one, they aren’t being paid. Pretty much everyone appearing on camera or having their voice recorded is expected to contribute their time essentially free of charge. Interviews and commentary take hours and hours just to record or shoot. Its amazing how many actors and crew Lay Jr. and Burnett have gotten together for these blu-rays when a lot of these people are very busy with other projects of their own.

        • archer9234

          Yes, I know that. But at this point, it’s become sad. David Tannet (Doctor Who) did 20+ commentaries out of his 50+ episodes. Mostly on days were he just finished filming. And still did them. Then a ton of primary actors did them on other episodes. Even some guest actors came.

          • Mike C.

            They do get paid. If they contribute to the VAM is would boost sales, and then they would get more $$$.

        • hypnotoad72

          They are NOT being paid?!! Holy moly… I can see why they would not want to contribute. Being there recollecting memories and feelings is something akin to work, especially as they did the work to make the episodes (and it is not an easy process to do).

          Serious kudos to everyone that has taken time to volunteer to do these commentaries and extras. Kudos either way, but if you’re doing it for free then – wow – we are VERY grateful!

      • Lava_Lander

        John Billingsley did a commentary for “Regeneration” on the Enterprise S2 Blu-rays.

        • archer9234

          Which I forgot. Since I don’t own it yet. And it’s still 3 to 0 every other series.

    • milojthatch

      Whatever the reason, Mr. Nimoy’s refusal to appear of the extras here is still very disappointing.

  • Sykes

    So the 4-footer gets replaced in more than one shot, which is awesome. I thought it was just the hull-scraper, but it’s also replaced in the “let’s hide here” shot seen in the caps above. Always glad to see one less shot of Dumpy 4ft. 😉

    • Chris915

      The CG model is only there because the original elements were either not found or were unusable…

      • Sykes

        I know, thanks.

      • hypnotoad72

        I agree. CGI takes a while to render… a cost analysis between making new CGI or cleaning up the film is in order, on a per-episode basis. Some episodes have more elements than other. Obviously that will have been done and some time ago, hence the decision to replace film with CGI only when absolutely necessary. The TNG CGI looks awesome, almost photorealistic for season 5… but rendering time is something I really don’t want to think about right now, even with the server rendering farms they must have at their disposal…

        • Chris915

          These simple shots shouldn’t take that long… of course, with the way they’re approaching it, it could take over day or 2 to render and composite each shot…

    • Esmeralda

      I agree.

      I wish that they replace all 4-foother shots with CGI Enterprise.
      That would be awesome.

  • Kevin Koster

    There’s a spectacularly odd moment during the commentary, when Jeri Taylor is asked about the script for “The Offspring”…

  • Bjoernar Dohm

    I’m a bit surprised: Some of those blurry warp shots of the four-footer remain (even in “Unfification”).

    • Chris915

      Yea, I noticed that too…

      • archer9234

        My guess. Those episodes that have it where done before the CGI model was completed.

  • Matt_Cardiff_UK

    Thank you for the review TrekCore – the screenshot of the Enterprise hanging ‘dead’ in space is beautiful – “Save As” – “Set as Desktop” 🙂 Not seen the new season yet – not had the opportunity.

  • Bjoernar Dohm

    I wished they’d replace all matte paintings. Granted, they are beautiful, but they were never meant to be seen at anything but blurry ntsc video resolution, and even then, some weren’t entirely convincing. At hd resolution, it is all the more apparent that they are painted (even to the point of seeing brush strokes).
    I like it though how cbs digital manipulated the clouds to make them moving slightly. (Those cloud movements weren’t part of the original, or were they?)

    • Esmeralda

      I agree. I hate that they use the same fake looking matte paintings.

      I like what they did in TOS-R with matte paintings. It is shame that they did not do the same with TNG-R.

    • New Horizin

      The purpose of TNG R is to restore the original episodes in HD, not reimagine the original episodes in HD. With the original series all of the original filmed FX passes were long gone and disposed of, with TNG pretty much everything that was put to film still exists, with the exception of some missing or lost bits that have to be recreated in CG. The matte paintings look fine, even if they do show brush strokes. It’s more important to maintain the original work than it is to indulge in revisionism.

      • Bjoernar Dohm

        And the purpose of visual effects is to convince, not to advertise that they are effects.
        As for the original effects of classic Trek, they weren’t lost or disposed of, and you can watch them on Blu-ray. But it seems CBS found them wanting (which I completely understand) and gave the audience the choice which edit to watch: the old effects or the new ones.

        • Esmeralda

          I agree.

        • archer9234

          Matte paintings and trans lights are visible in older movies too. They’re still visible today. Go watch House MD. The front entrance is blatantly a backdrop. It was the limitation of the time. TV sets just covered it up. Things shouldn’t be changed for the sake of making things more convincing. Then you’re just becoming George Lucas.

        • archer9234

          He means as elements. TOS only has completed episodes. None of the raw material. And TOS was finalized on film. They had the extra time to make new CGI effects. TNG has to be reassembled from scratch. Doing a updated version like Star Wars special edition would double the time to each season. And is more complicated. Since TNG’s effects are much more modern.

  • ussgalaxie

    Anybody know the releasedate for Germany?

  • Iceycold

    It’s getting very, very difficult to justify to myself buying the TNG blu rays. After the debacle of season 2’s lower standard and the odd disappointing visual FX shot from season 4, we’re now in a position where bonus content isincreasingly withheld from the box sets in favour of forcing fans to “double-dip”. Other than the good news that seasons 6&7 will also be done in-house, everything else I hear makes me sad that CBS are acting in such a cynical, exploitative manner. Being a fan of TNG growing up, I was desperately excited for the Blu Rays; yet I haven’t bought a single set…and see no reason to line CBS’ pockets by doing so.

    • Well then wait a couple of years and buy the complete bundle that they’ll inevitably release.

      In the meantime I’m enjoy everything I’ve purchased separately. It’s all still MUCH cheaper than the old DVDs when they originally released!

      • archer9234

        Yes. $124 my ass to those DVD sets. Paramount was horribly abusive back than.

        • Trekkie313

          I too am holding off on buying the season sets and have only gotten the two-parters and the preview disc when they were marked down.

        • hypnotoad72

          I was lucky to get my DVD sets on sale for $38 each, a few years ago, and not thinking any remastering would or could be done…

          DS9 and Voyager are a long way off, if at all and CBS is going to be skeptical of letting outside vendors do the work – the fact it’s brought back in season 6, going against the original attempt to source out the even-numbered seasons, speaks volumes that – contrary to what cynics are saying – CBS does legitimately care.

          • archer9234

            I never ever found the old DVD sets on sale. Which is why I only ended up owning season 1 of each ST show. And nothing past that. I paid $117 for ENT S1. And I went WTF am I doing this.

    • archer9234

      Wait to buy the side bluray’s when they’re cheap. At some point they’ll be 5$ for some sale.

      • hypnotoad72

        Well, I suppose five decades goes by more quickly for some than for others… even today, few DVD show seasons are selling for less than $10/new, and – of course – bit rot and degradation of the physical media… entropy is so cool! And obsolescence, I would only envision $5 per set if there was no market demand because nobody had blu-ray players anymore… so economics can be almost as cool as entropy! 🙂

        Blu-ray is comparatively recent, the TNG releases even more so… $5 is a long, long way off. Especially as this is “Star Trek” and not some little-known show, where getting it at $18 on DVD for one season is still deemed “a steal of a price”.

        • archer9234

          I was talking about the SIDE bluray’s (BOBW, Redeption, Unification). Not the season sets.

    • mjdavid

      I would say watch the prices on Amazon. I have collected each of the Blu-Rays so far, and I’ve not paid any higher than $59.00 for any set. When you consider the amount of work going into these that’s not an unreasonable price. For example if you check Amazon right now, Season Five has gone back up to $77 from its release-week price of $57. However, Seasons One, Two, and Three are $43, $48, and $48 respectively. Now is the time to purchase. Season Four is sitting at $57. As we get closer to Black Friday keep an eye on these.

      • hypnotoad72

        I’ve always bought on day 1 and have had no regrets. $60 isn’t bad considering the MSRP, and to say nothing of the work being put into improving the video and sound quality, and the timing of the reassembled scenes is virtually perfect.

        It literally is watching a new show… even on commentaries where the writers say “it’s too beige!” should be re-watching the videotaped masters as opposed to the remastered film editions! Now THAT was beige! 😀

        • mjdavid

          Oh I agree with you … I have always pre-ordered and been reimbursed down to the release day price. I think they are perfectly reasonable.

    • hypnotoad72

      CBS did up the ante over season 1 and fixed the mistakes on that set, putting out free updates – which set a high level of pro-customer service and responsibility I still applaud. Seasons 2 and 4 should have fixes from the companies responsible for those (esp. season 2 and its mistakes), but that’s not going to happen. Which is why I’d double-dip, to get the renowned quality from CBS’ in-house staff are showing the world. They will undoubtedly get much work due to their time and effort, which clearly shows MUCH value. Period.

      Yes, I would double-dip if CBS re-did seasons 2 and 4. They deserved better restoration treatment, CBS did not know the extent that the seasons would be given, and rapid deadlines did not always help matters. Heck, for those that didn’t order would have a new incentive to do so, and existing owners could be treated to a rebate if they turned in the proof of purchase for those season sets. I’m dreaming, but I’d rather think positively for a change…

      The fact CBS is now doing season 6 in-house is more than enough to make me buy the set, and I am definitely drooling over season 7.

      CBS, do this for us and we’ll do it for you! You guys rock, and your restoration and archivist teams have pulled off absolute miracles. The industry will definitely see you with the respect and accolades you deserve, as will customers.

      Also, CBS is clearly skeptical of letting outside vendors do the work – the fact it’s brought back in season 6, going against the original attempt to source out the even-numbered seasons, speaks volumes that – contrary to what people are claiming – CBS does legitimately care. CBS is NOT acting in a cynical matter. Look, again, at how they treated season 1’s customers. And they only sourced out the work for seasons 2 and 4. CBS is not to blame for the problems with those.

      Again, CBS – your teams doing this work are top-notch. Thank you for bringing back season 6 in-house.

      • Matt_Cardiff_UK

        I’d definitely buy S2 again if CBS-D redid it.

    • Chris915

      I think Season 2 is the only season to turn out absolutely horrendous, Season 4 was much better than Season 2… and Season’s 1, 3 and 5 have been phenomenal… and I expect 6 and 7 to be the same.

  • Trekbilly

    I didn’t appreciate Taylor’s ridiculous comparisons of the Borg to Al Qaeda or the Taliban. Liberal lunacy at it’s finest…or worst.

    • Chris915


      I believe, in the second part of the Voyager episode “The Killing Game,” Tom said the Nazi’s were the Borg of their day…

      I would venture to say that Al Qaeda and the Taliban are worse than the Borg… but I can see the similarities… they want to essentially take over and make everyone conform to their way of life or die as dictated by the Qur’an… granted, the Borg have no divine motivations… but the goals are basically the same…

    • Stefan Haynes

      Can anyone translate this comment into “non-idiotic?” I have absolutely no idea what Trekbilly is even trying to say.

  • Trekbilly

    Free thought is deleted here, I see. More commie liberal BS!

    • hypnotoad72

      I’d love to read your posts, to see how they violated any terms – if any… But as you’re accusing anyone you don’t agree with as being commie liberal BS, I suspect your entries may have been deleted for valid reasons. 🙁

    • trekcore

      Man, you’re paranoid. The comment system takes a few minutes to log new comments. Your “free thought” on Jeri Taylor’s “ridiculous comparisons” is posted for all to see

  • hypnotoad72

    That CG Enterprise is gorgeous. As is the restoration; season 5 is the best yet in terms of workmanship put in to the much-valued efforts the restoration team is doing.

    The “Unification” story itself still has content-level flaws, especially part 2 with the confrontation between Sela, Picard, Data, and Spock (Spock using a weapon, really? Didn’t Leonard Nimoy in 1991 remind people of why Leonard Nimoy was against phasers in 1966?) Some of the comedy was out of character as well and I really don’t want to re-watch it just to write down every detail… or when they piggyback the carrier wave when it would have been more dramatic for Picard to note that the transmission was about to end and cut off in mid-sentence, rather than the neat and polished perfect presentation… Spock seemed under-used… the bar scenes were grating and I’ve yet to mention Worf and, naturally, the Ferengi (Riker was good, though)… nice ending with the mind-meld, though.

    Season 5 had many classics, and many clunkers too, but “Unification” gets the “worst episode” award because – unlike other turkeys – it actually had much promise and blew it in favor of frivolity and fanwank.

  • bgoo2

    I swear I’m not trolling…. but my honest opinion on this release… which I bought for $20 and watched last night… is pure disappointment as a standalone release.

    It was an error on my part as a hardcore TNG fan. This was better left to watch as part of the series discs.

    This was a truly “lazy” release…. “phoned in”.

    The episode as released on this single disc does not lend itself to a improved or “theatrical” experience. The edit between parts 1 and 2 were better in the goddamned “documentary” then in the actual “movie”.

    And the documentary was nothing more than a 50% clipshow of the episode I just watched, so what was the point?

    I know it’s only my singular opinion, but these 2-parter single disc releases would be a far better used as an opportunity to break away from the need to be “purist” to the episodes that the seasons-set release demand.

    It would be a great chance to present these single-disc releases in wide-screen format (YES…a combination of cropping and utilizing scenes that didn’t have equipment or crew in the frame) as well as inclusions of deleted scenes edited it.

    Doing this in a single-disc theatrical release gives fans a way to see the episode in a new and improved light while still preserving the original version of the episode in the full-season set.

    It is only logical.

    I’m sorry I can’t be a cheerleader for every Trek blu-ray project released. It’s not being honest.

    Have the producers of these releases acquired Bendii syndrome??

    • archer9234

      Well, in Season 4 and up. There is no remaining extra frame. The aperture they use on the lens in the remaining seasons was 4:3. No extra visible area is on the film. The film just sees the lens cover. All shots would be cropped. It’s a good question though. The WS versions are being made at the same time the FS versions are being made. They make them for the TV broadcasts. My guess. They’d sell even less. They lose the people who don’t want force cropping. I don’t buy these anymore since its not worth it. But I wouldn’t buy them WS at any price. Because, if there was a high interest. CBS would just release a WS set along the FS set.

      • bgoo2

        Where does this information come from? I never heard that. Plus, aperature is not the correct term. Lens aperature and length would change shot-to-shot. Aperature refers to the amount of light being let into the camera by the size of the pinhole and has no function of aspect ratio. Or are you referring to a lens framing matte?

        • archer9234

          Yes. And its confirmed if you look at set photos from TNG. And the S4 bloopers where Frakes’ is making funny faces. The operator zooms out and you see the lens frame cover is a 4:3 shape. Allowing nothing extra.

  • Picard

    One thing I don’t understand; They are painting out the lighting guy in the crystal (what I find good) but there’s a scene in “Who Watches The Watchers” in season 3 where the older woman in sickbay dies and you can see her breathing after she died by moving her hand thats laying on her belly. Does anyone knows which moment I mean? There would have been easy to correct this mistake by just cut the frame a little bit so that you don’t see her and below on the picture. WHY does they do not fix all the mistakes thats possible and easy to fix?! I want that!!

    • archer9234

      That’s re-framing the shot. They don’t normally do that. They do fixes that can be done quickly. VS things that people will yell at.

      • Picard

        But I think re-framing doesn’t take to long?! If yes, the could just paint it out to! The picture is standing still, so it’s easy!!

        • archer9234

          “Paint it out” is the hardest thing you can think of. Just because it’s still, it doesn’t mean it’s easy. The way they would do it is, they would freeze her. But then you’d have to deal with the film bounce, re-adding in film grain that moves. The other actor interacts with her.

          They have to double check shadows and other issues that might show up. And then two weeks have past. I’m not saying no to it. But they leave certain goofs in for this reason. Like the Bio Bed wires visible in Naked now. They have to recreate a section of the carpet. And make sure it matches. The crystal shot is a lot easier. It’s in the foreground. No actor passes in front of it. It’s a static object. And it only has a simple pan. Meaning a easier 2D tracking job. Plus, it was highly infamous.

          • Riker

            Ok for the painting. But re-framing should be relatively easy. Take a look at the Riker and Wesley picture in this:
            And there are many more like this.

          • archer9234

            A bag is one thing. A person is another. Cutting her off would be very weird.

          • Riker

            It seems you don’t know what scene I’m talking about. You don’t cut out a person but just a small hand right on the bottom of the picture. If you take a look at the scene you would see that is absolutely ok to reframe it!

          • archer9234

            This is how it would look like re-framed. It’s okay. But people went nuts when the overscan area was cut out in Sins Of The Father. Since this wasn’t a set mistake. They left it in as an original goof. Like I said before they are picky what they take out and leave in as a goof.

          • Riker

            Ah ok. I didn’t noticed this thing in “sotf”. Anyway I like it when they correct all mistakes possible!! Cause it takes me out of the feeling when I see mistakes. And it makes me NEGATIVELY goosebumps. Its strange when picard is talking about her was dieing for about one minute and she’s breathing very visible the whole time. I really see no reason to don’t correct it by reframing! …Thanks for the nice chat Archer:)

  • pittrek

    Funny, only now I realised that the feature length cut is called “Unification I” instead of “Unification”