It won’t hit stores until April 2014 — and Season Three hasn’t even been released yet — but CBS has just published the trailer for the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise on Blu-ray!


The special release will come with its very own exclusive set of special features similar to the first two seasons released in 2013, including “Before Her Time: Decommissioning Enterprise,” a four-part documentary comprised of cast and crew interviews, and “In Conversation: Writing Star Trek Enterprise,” a 90-minute writing staff reunion. As soon as we have more details about the contents, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Also featured in this trailer is the first look at the Blu-ray set’s cover art:

Yikes. And we thought the Season Three artwork was rough.

There’s the recurring theme of making Scott Bakula out of puzzle pieces (in this case, he looks like he’s falling asleep); burying Connor Trinneer in the back of the cast when he and Jolene Blalock are the second leads on the show; the odd choice to cut off half the actors’ faces… even the title treatment is mishandled.

ents4_testThere’s no need to squish everyone together on the cover.

There’s no reason for the Star Trek: Enterprise logo to be rendered in black when all three previous season were done in white. Unless CBS Home Entertainment is planning to make an alternate Mirror Universe cover — the only time the show’s title was portrayed in black in the four seasons Enterprise was on the air — this is just a choice to mismatch the spines of the other Enterprise Blu-ray sets.

Those of you who are sticklers for uniformity may want to brace yourselves; let’s hope a few changes are made between now and the April release.

Anyway, as soon as we have them, we’ll bring you full-resolution screencaps from the trailer, high-definition downloadable versions, and all the other usual goodies.

In the meantime, you can pre-order Season Four today through Amazon at the link below! We’ll post UK and Germany order links when they are available.


Order Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3 Blu-ray today!

Order Star Trek: Enterprise Season 4 Blu-ray today!

  • Tuskin38

    Only season I own on DVD, will probably be the only season I own on Blu-Ray

  • Oddbox83

    I really like the art, it’s much more suited to this season than the early season 3 artwork. The one (big) fault is Trip in no way should be at the back. Swap him with Merryweather and it’ll be fine.

    • James

      Agreed. By far the best box-art out of the four seasons. That said, the standard set was quite low.

  • pittrek

    Why don’t they hire a professional graphic artist instead of the 5 years old child who is creating their covers now? This one is even more horrible than the 3rd season cover 🙁 Please people, STOP USING PHOTOSHOP WHEN YOU CAN’T WORK WITH IT CORRECTLY 🙁

    Anyway, looking forward to the boxset

  • Peter

    Wow, I didn’t remember that the switch to digital photography in season 4 was so apparent. Compared to season 2 which I’m watching on Blu-Ray right now, the colors really jump out of the screen in this trailer and everything seems a lot sharper. On the other hand it looks quite… well… digital. 🙂

    • Mike C.

      I’ll take it over the first few seasons dull/muted look.

  • mjdavid

    A three month gap in release dates for Enterprise is new compared to the gaps in release dates between Seasons One, Two, and Three. Perhaps (really crossing my fingers) CBS has plans for another Star Trek series on Blu-Ray in the latter half of 2014 and they see no reason for a six month gap for the final season of Enterprise.

    As for the cover art for Season Four … meh. Tripp should be towards the front and Scott Bakula does look like he’s asleep. Hopefully they’ll spruce it up a little as April approaches, it’s likely this photo release is a rough draft. They did alter Season Three’s cover art after releasing its first draft. I’m excited Season Four getting a four-part documentary; hopefully Season Seven of TNG will receive the same treatment although I’m guessing only three since there will likely be a stand alone release to accompany it.

  • Karla M

    Why does enterprise, arguably the most unliked Star trek series get blu ray but DS9 hasn’t had blu ray released yet?

    • Matt Littledyke

      i think the reason for this was is that enterprise had already been shot in HD and they would and probably will have to take a lot of time getting the later seasons of DS9 remarstered because of complicated special effects.

    • archer9234

      ENT is already done in HD. They just have to release it. DS9 and Voyager need to the same amount of work TNG needs.

    • mjdavid

      IF I remember correctly ENT was aired in 720, so converting that to 1080 is a lot easier (and cheaper) than DS9 would be. DS9 will take just as much remastering work as TNG. However, since there’s such a short time frame between the release dates for Seasons Three and Four perhaps CBS has one of the other shows ready to go in the latter half of 2014. Fingers crossed.

  • Matt Littledyke

    Wow does that mean this trailer will be on the season 3 set

  • JamesTrek

    The cover art is god awful. It looks like it’s been photoshopped by someone who has never used the program before. Just look at the way Archer covers half of T’Pol’s face!

    The trailer on the other hand – genius. Really, really well done.

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  • atexp80

    Terrible art. I knew as soon as they decided not to run with the fan chosen options that this would be a mess. The publicity photos for Enterprise were never consistent and now we’re seeing the results of that. Horrible Photoshop mashing of various images in a poor attempt to come up with something resembling cover art.

    If only they’d ran with the option below. They’d already come up with the design for the cover for the voting and it ticks all the boxes:

    1) Nice design
    2) Consistency across seasons
    3) Allows for variations in cast photos without varying the overall template
    4) Allows for the Enterprise logo to feature
    5) Enables each cast member to be featured
    6) Matches nicely with the TNG template – something new but a uniform approach across the Blu-ray releases

    What a mess these covers have been. Some cast on some but not on others, the ship on some but not on the others, no Enterprise logo and major Photoshop fails in an attempt to work in with the constrictive option they decided to create for season one after ignoring all the voting they got everyone to do on Facebook.

  • Martin

    Im guessing ds9 and voyager will be released back to back because there like brother and sister and made at the same time, hopefully should get a blu ray release late 2014 through 2016.

    • Mike C.

      I’m thinking they will do Voyager first. Think about it – more fans have clamored for DS9. Paramount jumped over DS9 & VOY because ENT was more HD friendly. VOY, at least the later seasons, are probably more HD friendly than DS9.
      My opinion. Hope I’m wrong.

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  • Guest

    These Enterprise blu-ray releases have been a lackluster endeavor from the start. These Enterprise blus have been lacking in pretty much every way, ranging from the odd alterations made to the color-timing, to the box art that looks like it was done by an intern who just learned how to use photoshop for the first time. It’s an obvious cash-grab, and and insult. Why is is that a show that was shot fairly recently, with modern equipment, and presumably in HD (at least for seasons 3 & 4 I would hope) should be put to shame by TNG, a show from the 80’s? I realize much more time, money and effort has been put into the restoration process for Next Gen given that the show is a fan favorite, and requires more attention anyway, but it’s as if virtually no work was put into Enterprise whatsoever. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say these Enterpise blu-rays are merely up-converted transfers taken from the DVDs and spruced up a bit.

    • archer9234

      The episodes were finalized in 2001. HD file formats, and film transferring was different 14 years ago. TNG looks great because they are using modern encoding, transfer machines, and modern CGI when needed. A simple example would be your digital camera from 2001. How was its file quality VS your camera from now.

    • Mike C.

      I have to agree that the picture quality is pretty dull. This is my favorite series and I am extremely disappointed that they did not do an updated transfer. However, I have NO DOUBT that in 5-7 years they will do another Blu-ray release. Hopefully they will retransfer then.
      Again, NO DOUBT they will re-release. Look at the track record. Look at how many times Halloween has been done. 🙂 Or said Terminator.

      • archer9234

        Except a new transfer wouldn’t do anything. The show was finalized in 1080p. And probably in a non-square aspect ratio. You lose clarity ’cause it’s really in 1440X1080 squished anamorphic. To do a re-transfer at maximum quality that TNG gives. They have to rescan all the film and then reassemble it. With old movies they’re finalized on film from the start.

        So they already have a 4k master by default. At best at what they could do is do a new color pass. Unless they actually spend to money to re-transfer everything. Then everyone will complain about the pricing.

        • Mike C.

          Whatever they can do to make it more crisp.

  • Platitude

    Not terrible but not great. I’m apathetic on this one.

  • StuUK

    I was very take it or leave it with the official artwork but there’s no denying that Trek Core’s reinterpretation is ten times better; I hope the powers that be are checking in…

  • Benji

    Tripp In The Back Come On Son!!!

  • Kirksdeadjim

    I just love it that Trekcore says ” Pre order your copy todaý! ” despite the fact that these ENT Blu ray sets are insanely overpriced considering what a shoddy job the transfers are and considering the fact that the first two seasons are..well…CRAP.

  • tomas

    Why the season 3 and 4 don´t have subtitles spanish?