Star Trek: Enterprise co-creator and executive producer Brannon Braga revealed today that the Season Four Blu-ray set (due out in 2014) will include another “In Conversation”-style roundtable reunion — similar to the Enterprise cast reunion found on Season Two — with the writing staff of the four-season show.


Most of the already-released roundtable discussions found on the Enterprise and Next Generation Blu-ray sets have been fascinating pieces to watch, and this one will sure to be another winner… though it’s a bit disappointing not to see writer and Season Four executive producer Manny Coto with the rest of the staff.

ent_writers_thumbL-R: Andre Bormanis, Chris Black, Phyllis Strong, David A. Goodman,
Brannon Braga, Mike Sussman, Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens

We’ll have more information on this feature — and the other new material produced for the Season Four Blu-rays — as soon as it is made available.


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  • Gilbetron

    I’m excited about this… but also very disappointed not to see Manny Coto there. That’s a huge shame, especially since this is appearing on the fourth season set, the year he was showrunner. Hopefully there’s at least a lot of interview material with him on the season documentary.

    • mjdavid

      100% agree with you … Wasn’t it Manny Coto who had all the ideas about story arcs for the fifth season had the show not been canceled? It would be fascinating to hear him discuss what COULD HAVE been. Perhaps there’s a separate interview with him …

      • Mike C.

        One of the writers on another site posted the following:
        David A. Goodman – December 18, 2013
        Manny had a last minute problem at “24″ and couldn’t make it. Brannon and the writers who worked with him on Season 4 (Mike, Andre, Judy and Gar) spent a lot of time talking about his positive influence on the show.
        I say… Hey, Manny – SKYPE!

  • archer9234

    Can’t wait for this piece. Anything with the Reeves-Stevens is great. Sucks Many Coto and even Rick Berman aren’t there. I’d really like to hear it from both of them on what there personal thoughts about the final, and some of the arc episodes.

  • pittrek

    Sounds great, I love this “In conversation” “series”

  • Jamie

    Fantastic, I cant wait to watch that.

    I wish CBS would speak to the sound editors and designers they created such a rich soundscape for Star Trek; the Tricorders, Phasers, Communicators, Computer beeps/interface.
    Those people are NEVER interviewed and they gave so much.

    • BrianRoskamp

      As an amateur audio engineer, I endorse this comment 🙂

  • So this show had writers, huh?

    • Mike C.

      Yeah, and fans too!