Just like “The Best of Both Worlds” and “Redemption,” German audiences can now pick up a copy of “Unification” on Blu-ray — with German-language packaging — through select local supermarkets priced at €9.99. The single-disc set includes the same foldout slipcover included with the North American release.

german-unificationImage from the CineFacts.de forum

We’re pleased that German fans have the opportunity to pick up a copy of “Wiedervereinigung?” (or, “Reunification?”) in their home territory, but for those German speakers who don’t have access to a local store, we recommend purchasing the disc from Amazon.com.


Have any of you been able to track down a copy of this release in a market near you? Let us know in the comments below!

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Order TNG - "Unification" Feature Blu-Ray today!

  • Nforcer

    If it´s “Wiedervereinigung” i am going to give a feedback tomorrow, when my collection has been upgraded with this disc 🙂

  • Ric

    I got my copy of the blu ray 2 days ago at REAL.

  • Silver83

    Thanks for the info. I’ll get my copy tomorrow as well.

  • Drunk Garak

    Just curious, how are English-language audio commentary tracks handled for German releases? Are they dubbed or subtitled in German, or just left in English?

    • molari

      They are left in english. I dont know if there are any subtitles for commentaries. If there are, they are optional.

    • danielcw

      The discs are the same, they should have the same content down to the last bit,
      so you can check it on your own disc.

      If CBS TV shows have commentaries in Europe, they are usually not subtitled.
      Paramount movies had German (& English) subtitles for all commentaries, so far, at least on all the ST movies I own.

      Special features usually have subtitles.

  • data

    Trekcore, do you have information if the other two parters will be released as feature lenght blu rays too? Will buy it all!!

    • trekcore

      “Chain of Command” will be released with S6 later this year.

      No plans for “Time’s Arrow”, “Birthright” or “Descent” yet

      • data

        But even of VHS it’s available and for this huge blu ray project they may do not release it?? I desperately hope they will!!

  • Data

    I recently been watching “desaster” from season 5. I do not understand why the great make up team couldn’t get the scene right when datas head was placed in engineering. The connection from the artificial throat to spiners real head is so much visible! On worfs mask and anywhere else the on the show the connections are so seamless and just perfect. The throat didn’t even had the correct color like the real data make up. The whole scene don’t looks like the high standard of tng – WHY?? Does someone has information or an explanation of this?

  • Data

    Got it :))))

  • bytes

    What happened to all the stories of from the HD team? It’s been some time since hearing of any news about the challenges they have been facing.

    • trekcore

      They’re coming! We’re just working on articles for the Season 6 trailer at the moment, then we have a very special series of updates looking at the work of the HD team @ CBS Digital!

      • bytes

        Sounds great! I know there is only so much to get and it’s hard to always have some news each week. trekcore.com is by far, the best place that has brought us closest to behind the scenes.

        • trekcore

          Thanks for such nice comments! Makes it all the more worthwhile.

          There’s a LOT more behind the scenes stuff to come… so I don’t think you’ll be disappointed 😉 I’m literally working on S6 this very second, and even though I’ve seen it a million times already, I’m CRAZY about the new S6 trailer that’s coming out shortly… I can’t see anybody being disappointed by the shots that will be shown!