Just when you thought we were all done with Star Trek Into Darkness, it’s time to cover the last piece of bonus content: the long-rumored, unannounced, basically forgotten deleted scenes!

Like most of the other bonus features produced for the twelfth Trek film, this cut footage — along with several other video clips and visual effects breakdowns — has been relegated to a single retailer. It’s not a store-exclusive DVD or Blu-ray release; it’s not even an iTunes download like the film’s feature commentary track.

This rare footage is found in the Xbox SmartGlass second-screen app, which only works with digital copies of Into Darkness purchased through the Xbox video store. That’s it; no other source includes the cut scenes.

It’s taken us a while, but we’ve finally gotten our hands on a copy of the Xbox SmartGlass content… and now, we can begin to share it with all of you. Due to copyright issues, we’re not able to post the video from the scenes — nor can we provide copies, so please don’t ask! — but we will present detailed descriptions and transcriptions of each scene.



Pike’s Office, Original Ending (1:52)

This original version of the meeting in Pike’s office underwent several rounds of reshoots as the filmmaking team worked to find just the right tone and balance for Kirk’s relationship to the Admiral.

In the final version of the film, the sentiments expressed in this scene were split into two longer, separate acts, with the ‘kind’ Pike making an appearance in a San Francisco bar before the two men are called in to Starfleet Headquarters.

Original dialogue in white; cut dialogue in orange.

Spock has just been dismissed. Kirk is alone with the Admiral.

You have any idea what a pain in the ass you are?

(Nods) I think so, sir.

So tell me what you did wrong.
What’s the lesson to be learned here?

Never trust a Vulcan.

See, you can’t even answer the question! You lied on an official report — you lied! You think the rules don’t apply to you because you disagree with them!

With all due respect, sir, I thought that’s why you talked me into signing up in the first place. It’s why you gave me your ship.

And now it’s the reason I’m taking her back.

Kirk, shocked, turns to face Pike.

Effective immediately, I’m reinstating myself as captain of the Enterprise.

What was I supposed to to, let Spock die?

It’s not about Spock.

Then what is it about?
You’re punishing me for saving someone’s life, Admiral!

No! I’m teaching you, like I should have done a long time ago.
I’m transferring Spock; you’ll be my first officer.

Kirk falls silent as he takes in the news. Slowly, he moves to sit in one of the office’s chairs; Pike sits as well, facing him.

You think you’re infallible. That you can’t make mistakes. But the moment is gonna come when you’ll realize that you were wrong about that… and you’re gonna get yourself and everyone under your command killed.

Kirk looks the Admiral in the eye, listening to his every word.

There’s greatness in you, Jim, but there’s not an ounce of humility. You want that chair back? You’re gonna have to show me you respect it.

Pike pauses, making sure Kirk understands what he’s being told.


Into Darkness editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey discuss the recutting of this conversation in the iTunes commentary track:

Mary Jo Markey: “There was a need to reestablish the father/son [relationship between Pike and Kirk], so we had to create dialogue between them and a dynamic between them where you felt like Pike was stern and still his admiral, but he also believes in this young captain, and he’s terribly disappointed that [Kirk] chose to break the Prime Directive.

Pike takes the ship away, but he also needs to give Kirk hope that he will personally take him under his wing — and he still believes in him. It wasn’t until we landed on actually having an additional scene that didn’t take place in the office; it really needed a breather to land. And in the original scene, he took the ship away from Kirk — we changed it so that Starfleet took it away and that Pike couldn’t do anything about it.”

Maryann Brandon: “We tried to do this thing where Pike took the ship away, and then he tried to be sort of fatherly to Kirk. Finally we just gave up and realized that it had to be two separate scenes.”

. . .


Carol’s Accent Explained (0:22)

Everybody asked why Carol Marcus turned out British in this alternate universe; here’s the explanatory conversation cut from the film.

Captain Kirk has Carol Marcus by the arm, escorting her through the corridors of the Enterprise.

Are the torpedoes in the weapons bay?

Loaded and ready to fire. What are they?

I don’t know, that’s why I thought I might transfer on to your ship to find out.

Carol turns, stopping the walk-and-talk.

Why, I do apologize for that. By the way, if I caused you any problems, I am sorry. I’m Carol Marcus.

James Kirk.

(Remembering) Torpedos.

She spins around, racing away, heading for the shuttlebay. As the pair travel through the ship, they have to traverse the catwalks running through the engine room.

The torpedo bay’s in the other direction.

Yes, I’m well aware.

Kirk is tired of her deception.

Look, you can drop the accent, all right?

No, that’s real. My father was stationed in London when I was born, and my mother raised me there.

So, these torpedoes — they’re your father’s? Are you investigating your own father?

The pair arrive in the shuttlebay.

When I joined Starfleet, I had access to every program he oversaw. I heard he was developing these prototype torpedoes — when I went to confront him about it, he wouldn’t even see me. That’s when I discovered the torpedoes had disappeared from all official records.

Then he gave ’em to me.

. . .


Extended Klingon Conversation (1:18)

The original version of Uhura’s encounter with the cadre of Klingon warriors had a decidedly different tone than the tense conversation that made it into the final cut of the film.


(In Klingon) Who fired at my ship?

The Klingon commander silently approaches.

(In Klingon) I am here looking for someone.
Someone who stole from me.

The Klingon commander removes his helmet.
Inside the scout ship, Kirk, and Spock watch the encounter.

I don’t like this.

We return to the windy surface of Kronos.

(In Klingon) And this thief is a Klingon?

(In Klingon) Yes. He was my lover… and now he hides in this deserted city. A coward.

She smiles defiantly, looking forward to taking her revenge.

(In Klingon) I have come to find him and take back what’s mine.

The Klingon commander grabs Uhura by the neck.

(In Klingon) You lie!

Inside the ship, Kirk runs to the weapons locker.


I’m goin’ in!

Back outside, Uhura keeps up the act.

(In Klingon) Then kill me. At least I will die with honor!

As the Klingon looks her deep in the eyes, Kirk and company race out of the ship, firing at the rest of the warriors. Uhura twists around in surprise.

(In English) Shit.

Taking advantage of the distraction, Uhura grabs a knife from the Klingon’s belt and stabs him in the leg. The fight is on.


(In Klingon) I am here to help you.Inside the scout ship, Kirk arms the rest of the team.UHURA
(In Klingon) With respect. There is a criminal hiding in these ruins. He has killed many of our people.

The Klingon commander removes his helmet.

(In Klingon) Why should I care about a human killing humans?

(In Klingon) Because you care about honor — and this man has none. You and your people are in danger.

The Klingon commander grabs Uhura by the neck, and begins to draw a knife from his boot. From out of nowhere, a masked man begins shooting energy blasts at the Klingons. Taking advantage of the distraction, Uhura grabs the knife from the Klingon and stabs him in the leg as Kirk and company come out of their ship firing.

While the original version of this confrontation allows Uhura to come across as a stronger and a much more capable officer, but at the same time, it has Kirk screwing up the whole thing by misjudging the intentions of the Klingon commander.

The final version of the scene doesn’t give Uhura as much to do, but it allows the masked Khan to serve as the disruption rather than yet showcase yet another Kirk screw-up.

. . .


Kronos Fight Before Khan Arrives (0:43)

Carrying on from the cut Uhura sequence detailed above, the away team is put in a tough spot.

The fight is over, and two Klingons have Kirk on the ground. One of them puts a boot on Kirk’s neck and aims a rifle at his head.

The rest of the away team — Spock, Uhura, and a guard — come out of cover, surrendering to save their captain. The Klingon commander shouts to his subordinate, giving a shocking order.

(Shouting) NO!

The Starfleet security guard takes a rifle blast in the chest, falling to the ground. Kirk’s eyes go wide with surprise as Uhura violently struggles against her Klingon captor. The Klingon commander then gives the order to kill Kirk — when energy blasts fly out of the fog, killing the Klingons. Khan has arrived.

. . .

We hope you enjoyed this exclusive look at the first round of Star Trek Into Darkness deleted scenes — and we’ll be reviewing several more scenes in the next few days, so stick around!

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  • DangerousDac

    Excuse my Klingon – but this is fucking disgusting. Dividing up content for no reason like this.

    • archer9234

      There is a reason. Paramount got more money from companies VS just people sales. Total asshole maneuver.

  • SpaceCadet

    Man, Paramount really botched this home video release. I hope they learned ther lesson. But thanks TrekCore for the painstaking inventory of all of the supplements out there. The deleted/alternate scenes sound interesting.

    • archer9234

      They might. Into Darkness BD sold around 1.3 million. VS 09’s almost 4. Yes I know one has been out longer. But the selling numbers per month are lower. http://www.the-numbers.com/weekly-bluray-sales-chart

      • James

        Somehow, I think Paramount will be very very pleased with the performance of ST:ID’s blu-ray and DVD sales. As you note, ST09 sold more BD’s, but that is because digital downloads weren’t accounting for so much back then.

        According to Rentrak, STID came third in a list of the top ten purchased and rented movies for the year, per data collected from week ending Jan. 6 through Dec. 29, 2013


        Star Trek was #3 in 2013 for Rentals and Digital Purchases.

        According to iTunes, it was the #4 best selling film of 2013.

        • archer9234

          Yes. But by that logic. All the bonus features should only be in digital formats. But It’s spread across retail chains.

      • Kang the Unbalanced

        The 2009 film is far more rewatchable.

  • Dr. Cheis

    I guess it makes sense to reward the XBox Glass users with something fun, since that’s not really an experience that translates well to the disc format. I’d think it would be manageable on a tablet or phone though… regardless, deleted scenes are clearly a poor choice for what to reserve for that format.

    By the way, do you know if the Klingon was actually changed for the new dialogue? Maybe they kept it the same and changed the subtitles?

    • Yes, it’s different. Zoe Saldana’s on-camera speaking different Klingon dialogue.

      • klingonska

        Indeed, this meant Marc Okrand had to go back to doing what he first did for The Wrath of Khan, more than 30 years ago: Matching sounds to lip movements.

        This resulted in the creation of 17 new words.

        The most noticably altered line is probably:

        ‘ej Dojmey wID – vInDa’ma’ peq.
        “and he massacred multitudes – he slaughtered our compatriots.”
        Subtitle: “He has killed many of our people.”

        (this sentence includes four new words: Doj, wID, vInDa’ and peq)

        This probably started as:

        ‘ej DochmeywIj vItlhapqa’meH
        “and in order to retrieve my things”
        Subtitle: “and take back what’s mine”

        (this sentence included no new words)

        • Brian

          I believe on of the existing special features actually shows Okrand at the ADR session

  • adamclark83

    I really hope we won’t have to wait until 2016 for a proper extras-filled 2-Disc release of this.

    • hypnotoad72

      It’d be nice if, at the same time of release, movies 1, 3-6 were given a full restoration treatment and released on Blu first, with lesser amounts of DNR since some detail was lost in the current releases’ transfer process… and director’s cut of 2, the extended cut of 1 that was on laserdisc (or was it VHS?), etc…

      • Platitude

        The Director’s cut of I is on DVD

  • mjdavid

    Hopefully Paramount will LEARN from this experiment and not repeat this mistake.?.?

  • Thanks so much for sharing these with us! It’s crappy that Paramount chose to do this, but it’s great that Trek Core is undoing at least part of the damage!

  • Platitude

    I prefer all of the final versions of these scenes to the ones described here, JJ & co made the right choices. But its still terrible that Paramount didn’t give us a Blu-ray set with every special feature.

  • John Adcox

    That was great. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Martin

    The deleted scene with kirk and pike is heard in most of the trailers for the film, plus khan says in the trailers ‘you think your world is safe it is not’ I don’t think was in the film either.

  • BotanyCameos

    On one hand it’s a pity that it’s X-box only, but on another hand I had lost hope to ever see deleted scenes for STID at all, so I’m ecstatic that they actually exist instead of being abandoned forever. I hope so much that one day they might release it all on blu-ray or DVD. 😀

    You mentioned several more scenes, are the other ones already out also, and you’ll be writing about them later when time is available, or is it because have the others not been revealed yet? No rush, I was just wondering if you already knew all that is out or if not everything was revealed yet.

    Do you know if it includes the shower scene Khan takes inside the Enterprise brig after he’s captured on Kronos? (Women like to watch shower scenes as much as men do. lol)

    • We’ll be covering the rest of the scenes included in the Xbox package over the weekend. No sign of that shower sequence has surfaced outside of JJ Abrams’ appearance on CONAN last spring.

      • BotanyCameos

        Thank you for the super fast response! (I love this site btw, it’s always so wonderful!)

        Arrrgh! Paramount why?! Don’t they know women all over the world would have thrown money at them for a blu-ray version of that scene? Oh well, hopefully one day, who knows. 🙂

  • Shatoupee

    Paramount sucks. For this reason, I never bought the DVD or blu ray and won’t when they divide up the extras like this among different retailers/delivery channels.

  • mijan126

    Maybe someday, we’ll have script writers who are capable of writing a decent Star Trek movie again. The more modern special effects are great, but you can’t even call this Star Trek. They’ve got every resource they could possibly want: Excellent actors, big budget, the most modern special effects technology… and they’ve blown the whole thing with shallow, unoriginal writing, the need to almost destroy the Enterprise every single time, rapid-fire directing technique that doesn’t even allow scenes to fully develop, and a complete lack of understanding of what has made Star Trek last for nearly half of a century.

    I’m almost afraid to see what they’ll do next. All I know is that I could do a better job than Orci at crafting a Star Trek script, and there are plenty of other Trek writers who could do the same.

    • aaron33

      Thanks for helping to dispel the myth that Trekkies are all pants-shitting manchild crybabies, great job!

  • James

    Thanks for the article Trek Core!

    Honestly though, the barrage of entitled online outrage from fans over these extras, with people taking to forums to absolutely demand that they must get them as a matter of moral principle, completely ignoring the business logistics that have led Paramount to release the movie in the way that they did.

    Paramount absolutely did NOT botch this release – it’s about the bottom line and the fact is that Star Trek Into Darkness was #3 in 2013 for Rentals and Digital Purchases and according to iTunes, it was the #4 best selling film of 2013.

    The truth is that blu-ray and DVD sales are declining whilst digital downloads and VOD sales are increasing. This has led the studios to to encourage ownership in the digital world rather than having physical discs. Also, the margin is better on electronic sell through versus DVD and blu-ray. They have maximised the margins on the physical media by offering retailer exclusives.